Chapter 49 - Scandal

Chapter 49 of 50 chapters

After Ye Xin entered the locker room, Peng held up the phone in front of Yang Li and whispered, “Ms. Yang, look at this person. She looks familiar!”

Yang Li took the phone and glanced at it casually. When she saw the picture, her heart began to race wildly in her chest.

When Peng saw Yang Li staring at her, she said timidly, “I think she looks a little like Miss Ye Xin.”

There were two people in the photo: Mu Chen and a slender woman. They looked very close with their fingers intertwined. The woman tilted her head slightly as she smiled at Mu Chen while Mu Chen looked down at her. The photo was rather blurry so Mu Chen’s face was not very clear in the photo. Even then, it was not difficult to identify him due to his body and mannerism.

At a glance, the woman, indeed, resembled Ye Xin, but she was much more slender than Ye Xin. Her innocent smile really resembled Ye Xin. No, this person did not resemble Ye Xin. This person resembled Ning Xia.

Yang Li recalled the woman’s name was Song Ning, and she was 26 years old, according to the dossier of information that was sent to Ye Xin. She thought to herself, “Even their age matches up…’

Yang Li put the phone down and said to Peng, “Accompany Miss Ye later. I’m heading back to the company; something urgent has come up.”

Peng was stunned. “But… Ms. Yang Li, I… I don’t know how to fight. What should I do if a fight breaks out?”

Yang Li glanced at the locker room door before she said, “You must prevent her from getting into a fight. If she’s photographed fighting, her reputation will be ruined. Use this reason to persuade her. I’m sure she’ll listen if you say that.”

After Yang Li left, Peng paced around in circles, feeling frightened and anxious.

Meanwhile, Ye Xin did her makeup meticulously. She would not lose to an ugly doctorate student! When she was finally done, Yang Li had already been gone for a long time.

Peng stammered as she repeated Yang Li’s earlier words to Ye Xin.

To Peng’s surprise, Ye Xin did not kick up a fuss and was cooperative. She patted Peng’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into a fight with her. I just want to take a look at her. It’s so rare to see a female doctorate student after all. Aren’t you curious to meet her as well?” When she finished speaking, she laughed at her own remark.

Following that, Peng timidly followed Ye Xin out.

Meanwhile, Song Ning was busy as usual.

Jiahui placed a cup of Americano on Song Ning’s table before she tapped her fingers on the table. “Hey, can you raise your head and look at me?”

Meanwhile, Song Ning was busy as usual.

Song Ning raised her head and glanced at Jiahui as she remarked, “Your face is a little swollen…”

“Song Ning! Have you lost your mind?” Jiahui said through gritted teeth as she glared at Song Ning with her round eyes.

Song Ning smiled and picked up the cup of coffee before she patted Jiahui’s hand and asked, “What do you mean, Jiahui? Tell me.”

Jiahui pulled her chair closer to Song Ning and took a seat before she said, “Ning, you can’t continue working yourself to the bones like this. You’re now married. Can’t you take better care of yourself?”

“I’m fine.” Song Ning took a sip of coffee. After a pause, she added, “Mu Chen and Grandma are fine as well…”

“Hey!” Jiahui gritted her teeth. “Are you showing off?”

Song Ning looked at Jiahui’s face that was drawing closer to her and leaned backward before she pushed Jiahui away. “You were the one who brought up the topic…”

Jiahui pulled Song Ning’s chair closer to her and said indignantly, “You have no conscience, you ingrate!”

Song Ning smiled and averted her eyes. “What are you trying to say?”

Jiahui realized that she had gone off-topic.


Jiahui slammed her mobile phone down on the table. “Look at the news about you and Mu Chen. You’re now the most popular person on the Internet.

‘Bam’. She slammed her cell phone on the table. “You’re even more popular than Ye Xin, the ‘Little Ning Xia’.”

Song Ning’s smile faded as she looked at Jiahui’s phone. “What’s going on? Tell me in detail.”

Jiahui looked around warily.

Upon seeing this, Song Ning said, “Don’t worry. It’s just the two of us here.”

Jiahui was upset with how calm Song Ning was. This was not the point, but she could not be bothered to argue with Song Ning now. “Did you know there were rumors that Mu Chen has a girlfriend? It was Ye Xin, the popular celebrity. Ye Xin comes from a wealthy family so she really doesn’t need to work at all. However, she insisted on entering the entertainment industry. When she debuted, she was known for her resemblance to the mysterious actress, Ning Xia. Therefore, Ye Xin was known as ‘Little Ning Xia’. It’s said that she’ll achieve bigger success than Ning Xia in the future. She’s really popular.”

Song Ning nodded calmly.

“Huh? Do you still not understand?” Jiahui asked, furrowing her eyebrows.

“I understand, but I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make.” Song Ning took a sip of coffee.

Jiahui stared at Song Ning and gritted her teeth before she said, “My point is Mu Chen had a rumored girlfriend who’s very beautiful!”

“Oh.” Song Ning nodded, expressing she understood Jiahui.

The two looked at each other silently for a moment.



The two women asked in unison.

“Then what? I know about this. Mu Chen told me she’s not his ex-girlfriend. He said that he has no ex-girlfriends,” Song Ning said as she looked at Jiahui.