Chapter 50 - Looking for Trouble

Chapter 50 of 50 chapters

“Do you really believe everything he says?” Jiahui asked exasperatedly.

“Of course. Don’t tell me you think I should look for his rumored girlfriend and fight her? Why should I do something like that?” Song Ning asked.

Jiahui looked at Song Ning speechlessly, furious.

Song Ning patted Jiahui’s head and said. “Girl, remember to tell me when you fall in love someday. I hope you won’t get fooled. You easily get emotional….”

“Me? You’re talking about me?” An expression of disbelief appeared on Jiahui’s face as she pointed at her nose.

Song Ning moved her chair closer to her desk before she said, “When you get into a relationship, remember to focus on your partner instead of focusing on outsiders and rumors. You must trust your partner!”

Jiahui retorted, “You trusted Fu Le; look at what happened in the end. Weren’t you fooled by Fu Le as well?”

Song Ning’s expression darkened immediately.

Upon seeing this, Jiahui knew she had touched a sore spot. She hurriedly apologized. “I’m sorry, Ning.”

Song Ning shook her head slightly. “You’re right, Jiahui, but I have a clear conscience in regard to my actions and behavior when I was with Fu Le. Therefore, I chose to trust Mu Chen and give him the benefit of the doubt. If I discover he’s deceiving me in the future, I’ll just break things off with him.

Jiahui, I have a clear conscience for how I acted during my relationship with Fu Le. So similarly, I choose to believe Mu Chen. If he deceives me one day in the future, I’ll just break things off with him in time. No one can predict the future so there’s no point worrying about what might or might not happen. Do you understand?”

Jiahui looked at Song Ning blankly. At this moment, she could not help but feel concerned about Mu Chen. ‘Sir, I’m worried about your future.’

It was obvious Song Ning had been keeping her guard up. Jiahui wondered if Song Ning understood what it meant to fall in love? Did Song Ning know what love was? Song Ning was obviously an obtuse primitive woman!

Jiahui clicked her tongue, frustrated and speechless. ‘Mr. Mu, you still have a long way to go before you can win her heart!’

At this moment, a melodious female voice rang from outside the door.

“Is this the place?”

Song Ning and Jiahui looked up in unison.

A slender woman with a black mask covering the lower half of her face walked through the door. Apart from her eyes, she had covered herself up from head to toe.

Next to the woman, a girl dressed in plain clothes, who looked like she was still a student, nodded and replied, “Yes, this is the place.”

At the same time, two tall men wearing sunglasses and black suits stood behind them.

The masked woman looked around before she asked Song Ning and Jiahui, “Is Song Ning here?”

With a hint of charm, the woman’s voice was pleasing to the ears.

Song Ning stood up. “That’s me.”

The woman’s exposed eyes narrowed immediately as she sized Song Ning up. “You’re pretty good-looking…”

Jiahui stepped forward and stood in front of Song Ning. “Who are you? What do you want?”

At this time, most people have gone out for lunch. This was the office for the Chinese medicine students. It was isolated so it would not be easy for outsiders to find their way here.

Jiahui’s instincts told her these people were here to look for trouble.

The masked woman reached out and pushed Jiahui to the side as she said, “This is none of your business.” Then, she pointed at Song Ning before she continued to say, “I’m looking for her, not you. Stand aside.”

Jiahui stumbled slightly after she was pushed aside. She asked in annoyance, “Who are you? Are you here to cause trouble? I’m calling the police.”

Song Ning grabbed Jiahui and looked at the finger that was pointed at her before she calmly asked, “What’s the matter?”

The masked woman was stunned; she did not expect Song Ning to be so calm. When she recovered her senses, she asked, “Do you know Mu Chen?”

Realization dawned on Jiahui at this moment. “Are you that Ye Xin?”

Song Ning could not help but laugh. Jiahui was rather observant.

Ye Xin pulled the mask off her face before she sneered at Jiahui. “How smart of you!”

Jiahui moved to stand in front of Ye Xin again before she said, “What do you want? Look for Mu Chen if you have a problem. Why would you come here to look for Song Ning instead?”

Song Ning reached out and pulled Jiahui back. She knew Jiahui was instinctively protective of her, just like an old hen guarding its chicks.

A contemptuous smile appeared on Ye Xin’s face as she said pointedly, “It seems you’re aware of the reason I’m here. In that case, you better keep a distance from Mu Chen. Divorce him! Do you hear me?”

Seemingly amused, Jiahui glanced at Song Ning and asked, “Is this person mentally ill?”

Song Ning did reply to Jiahui. Instead, she looked at Ye Xin quietly. So this was the person who was known as ‘Little Ning Xia’? Were she and this woman really alike?

Needless to say, Ye Xin was infuriated by Jiahui’s words. “You’re the one who’s mentally ill!”

Song Ning pushed Jiahui behind her and whispered, “Stop it!” Then, she looked at Ye Xin and asked indifferently, “Does Mu Chen know you’re here?”

Ye Xin was rendered speechless by Song Ning’s words.

Song Ning continued to say, “Would you like me to call Mu Chen? Two people’s consent is needed to get married, and the same is true for a divorce. I’ll agree to the divorce if he agrees to it. Perhaps, you should talk to him.”

Song Ning’s composure was like the oil to Ye Xin’s fire. Her body trembled slightly from the fury as she looked at Song Ning. She tried her best to calm herself down before she finally said, “Scheming b*tch! Name your price. How much did he pay you to marry him? I’ll double the price for you to divorce him immediately!”