Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of 50 chapters

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Beichuan City.

Beichuan Number One Primary School.

With the sound of a bell, primary school students filed out of the teaching building.

“Buddy, your physique is amazing. You’re different from ordinary people. You’re a one in a million cultivation talent.”

“As the saying goes: If not me, then who?”

“In the future, I’ll leave you responsible for presiding over human justice and maintaining world peace.”

“I have a cultivation training class. It doesn’t cost 998 yuan, not 888 yuan, but only 28 yuan. Are you interested?”

Qin Chuan stopped a chubby child. He was holding a poster, seemingly promoting something.

Suspicious, two school security guards started to walk towards them.

Seeing this, Qin Chuan immediately stuffed the poster into the hands of the chubby child.

“Kid, you’ve got to come to the cultivation training class!”

With that, he broke into a run.

“You rascal, don’t let us see you again!” the two security guards shouted.

“I will definitely be back.” Qin Chuan’s voice drifted over from afar.

The two security guards stomped their feet in anger.

“Child, that person is a liar. Don’t be fooled by him,” the security guards reminded the chubby kid.

As they spoke, they took the poster.

[Want to fly on a sword?]

[Want to live forever?]

[Want to be young forever?]

[Wait no more! With cultivation training, everything you want can be achieved.]

They laughed when they saw the contents of the poster.

“Haha, what era are we in now? Cultivation? How absurd!”

Riverside Park.

Qin Chuan sat on the bench—his head hung low.

He was not from this world.

Two months ago, he had somehow transmigrated to this world.

Having been reborn, he naturally wanted to carve out a niche for himself.

As a transmigrator, the system was standard.

But, the system would only activate after completing the prerequisite quest.

The system’s ultimate goal was guiding the people of this world into cultivation.

His mission right now was to guide ten people onto the path of cultivation.

As soon as he received this mission, he had gotten depressed.

These days, everyone believes in science. Who would believe in cultivation?

But, even though the mission was tough, he did not give up!

Still, in the past two months, no one had believed him.

On top of that, he had also been admitted to a mental hospital and underwent several psychological counseling sessions.

And there was still no progress made today! He wanted to give up.

Just then, an old man walked over.

The white-haired old man supported himself on his cane as he spoke on the phone.

“Son! I made a few plates of dumplings yesterday. Why don’t you come back with Huan Huan and the rest?

“What? You’re going on a business trip?

“Then, let Huan Huan and the rest come over. I can pick them up.

“What! Huan Huan has no time to come because she needs to prepare for a dance competition?

“Then won’t my dumplings go to waste?

“All right! Another day then. Take care of yourself on your business trip. Don’t drink too much.”

The old man hung up, looking disappointed.

Situations like this were not uncommon in big cities.

The old man sat down beside Qin Chuan, sighing from time to time. He didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Qin Chuan had heard the old man’s conversation.

Suddenly, an idea struck him.

“Uncle, I heard your conversation just now.

“These days, the older a person is, the lonelier they are.

“Children like us completely neglect our aged parents in order to earn money,” Qin Chuan slowly spoke.

The old man stared at Qin Chuan and sighed, “Exactly!”

“On top of high prices today, people also have to pay mortgage payments, car loans, and their children’s tutoring and interest classes.

“If people don’t work hard to earn money, how can they live?”

Qin Chuan replied, “Even so, you can’t neglect your parents.”

The old man said, “Actually, I’ve already gotten used to living alone after all these years.”

Qin Chuan understood but couldn’t help but ask, “Sir, your wife….”

The old man said, “She fell seriously ill a few years ago and couldn’t be saved.”

“I’m sorry I reminded you of something sad.”

“Don’t worry. A long time has passed. I’ve let it go.”

Qin Chuan asked again, “Uncle, your children didn’t hire a nanny for you?”

The old man said, “They did, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them, so I decided to not have one at all.”

“Then you can move in with your children.”

He sighed. “I’m just an old man, and these days, I’m a mess too. I’ll only add to their burdens if I move in with them.”

“But it’s not good for you to live alone either.

“If you have an accident and no one else is around, wouldn’t it be very dangerous?!”

The old man took another glance at Qin Chuan and said slowly, “Young man, you’re spending so much time talking to me. There must be something else you want!”

Qin Chuan smiled and said, “Sir, you are really smart.”

“Look, in today’s society, there are more and more elderly people who live alone like you.

“I have a program here that is very suitable for you.”

The old man didn’t reject him. After all, very few youngsters were willing to chat with him for such a long time.

The old man said, “What program? Tell me about it.”

Qin Chuan immediately replied, “A cultivation training class.”

“What training class?”

“Cultivation class!” Qin Chuan repeated.

“Immortal cultivation?” The old man laughed. “Young man, you’ve watched too many dramas!

“We’re in the age of technology now. How can there be immortal cultivation? All of that was made up by the people of ancient times.”

Qin Chuan immediately said, “Sir, you have to believe me. You really can cultivate.”

The old man smiled and said, “On the television, those immortal cultivators can fly in the sky and burrow into the ground. Since you said you could cultivate, why don’t you let me see you fly?”

Qin Chuan froze.

Before the system was activated, he was still an ordinary person.

It was difficult for him to climb trees, let alone fly.

After seeing the agonized expression on Qin Chuan’s face, the old man stopped prodding him.

“Young man, you look so young. Don’t fantasize about those things.

“At this stage, you should be down-to-earth and working hard.”

With that said, the old man stood up and prepared to leave.

Qin Chuan suffered a considerable blow. He was dispirited.

The old man stopped after taking a step. He turned around and glanced at Qin Chuan.

“This child… sigh!”

The old man was an educator.

Although he was retired now, he felt that it was his duty to guide this young man onto the right path.

Since he wanted to help him, he first had to understand him.

So, he returned to his seat beside Qin Chuan.

“Young man, I’m suddenly interested in cultivation.”

With that, Qin Chuan’s mood improved instantly. It was as though the clouds had cleared to reveal the shining sun.

He was pleasantly surprised. “Sir, will you really come to the cultivation training class?”

Seeing how agitated Qin Chuan was, the old man thought to himself, “It’s hard to imagine what this child has gone through.”

This only further fueled his fighting spirit.

The old man asked solemnly, “When will we start cultivating?”

Qin Chuan composed himself.

The system mission required ten people to participate in immortal cultivation.

Thus, he told the truth. “Sir, to be honest, my cultivation training class can only start when there are ten participants, so… you still have to wait.”

The old man asked, “How many spots are left?”

Embarrassed, Qin Chuan replied, “There are still nine left, but I will be able to fill them very soon.”

The old man thought to himself, “This child… who believes in cultivation in this day and age? Unless he’s a fool.”

After seeing Qin Chuan’s persistence, and in order to have him back on the right path earlier, the old man picked up his phone and dialed a few numbers.

When Qin Chuan saw what the old man was doing, he was completely stunned.

Happiness had come unexpectedly!!!