Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of 50 chapters

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Since this was a parallel world, they did not know about Archimedes, much less the Earth.

Qin Chuan couldn’t say that he had transmigrated here.

Everyone was so curious about it that he couldn’t even avoid the topic. He could only brace himself and say, “Archimedes is a great immortal cultivator.

“As for Earth, it is a planet in the vast universe. ”

Other than Wang Zhixing, all the old men and women firmly believed in Qin Chuan’s words.

Someone asked, “Sect Master, if we continue to chop the bamboo, can we also lift the entire planet in the future?”

“Sure!” Qin Chuan nodded firmly.

He knew that powerful immortal cultivators could create new worlds and remake the universe.

Lifting a planet was not easy. But, it was not impossible with a high enough cultivation level.

The elderly were deep in thought. For a moment, they were filled with endless anticipation for the future.

“I want to lift the planet!”

“I want to lift the planet!”

“I want to lift the planet!”

As they shouted, they each took a hatchet and began chopping the bamboo.

They were so diligent about it that Qin Chuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Time passed quickly, and the sky outside gradually darkened.

As usual, after ending a day of cultivation, Qin Chuan watched the old men and women leave.

As he walked on the street, his phone suddenly rang.

It was an unknown number.

“Could it be her?”

Qin Chuan thought as a beautiful figure appeared in his mind.

Qin Chuan placed the phone to his ear, his heart racing.

“Hello!” A female voice came from the other end.

“Sir, are you interested in the new apartment building beside Qiucheng Park? The minimum down payment is only 200,000 yuan. Come register and you’ll get a free gift!”

After Qin Chuan heard this, he was slightly disappointed.

“I’m sorry. I don’t have any money.”

Qin Chuan replied politely before hanging up.

“No matter which world I’m in, spam callers will always be there!”

Back home, Qin Chuan laid on the sofa and summoned the system.

Name: Qin Chuan.

Level: Second Class of Foundation Establishment

Cultivation Technique: Primordial Chaos One Breathing Technique

Spells: Inferno Palm, Wind Chasing Feet, Mad Bull Fist

Divine Arts: None.

Identity: Daoist.

Accumulated points: 720.

“I didn’t expect to reach the Foundation Establishment realm in just a few days. I would be considered a demon in cultivation novels!

“There are more people cultivating, but because of the quality of their spirit roots, there aren’t many people truly at entry-level cultivation.”

There were many ways to solve this problem.

The first was to raise the sect’s level.

The higher the level of the sect, the higher the concentration of spiritual energy, and the greater the quantity.

But, leveling up the sect required 100,000 points.

Qin Chuan wouldn’t be able to obtain so many points within a short period of time, so he couldn’t do this option.

The second method was to consume pills.

In the Merchant Shop, there were so many pills that could speed up cultivation, and they weren’t expensive.

If there were three or five cultivators in his sect, Qin Chuan could consider this option. However, there was quite a significant number of cultivators now. They all needed to take pills, so this option was quite unrealistic as well.

The third was to construct an Energy Converging Array.

Qin Chuan thought that this was the most feasible solution at the moment.

A stage one Energy Converging Array was only 300 points. It was quite cheap.

The materials for the array were also available in the Merchant Shop, and they didn’t cost that much either.

Qin Chuan calculated that it would only cost him 700 points.

He didn’t hesitate to buy the Array.

The method and steps to set up the Energy Converging Array flashed in his mind and were engraved in his memory.

After entering the sect, he spent more than an hour before successfully setting up the Energy Converging Array.

He felt it.

The spiritual energy inside the array was double that of the outside world. It could greatly increase the cultivation efficiency and speed of cultivation.

A stage one Energy Converging Array would last for ten days.

Qin Chuan thought to himself, In these ten days, I can help lots of people begin cultivation.

For each person, he would get 10 points. Together with achievement awards, his points would only increase.

Once he accumulated 100,000 points, he would level up the sect.

As he thought of this, Qin Chuan’s mood instantly lightened up.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Qin Chuan picked it up and saw a familiar name.

Zhao Xuanxuan!

When he saw this name, memories flooded his mind.

Qin Chuan paused for a few seconds before picking up the call.

“Hello, Mr. Handsome Qin, did you miss me?” a bird-like voice resounded through the phone.

Qin Chuan felt awkward for a moment, then said, “Xuanxuan, stop fooling around. Why did you call me today?”

“Hehe! I missed you!”

“What’s the real reason?”

“I’m coming back next Monday.”

“Isn’t the semester still ongoing?”

“Please, Big Brother! I’m in my fourth year, I need an internship!”

“But you don’t have to come home for your internship!”

“Hoho! Don’t you want to see your naturally beautiful and lovable sister!”

“I’m sorry. I really don’t want to.”

“Wow, you’re so mean. Did you find a girlfriend?”


“No, you definitely have one! I want to meet this vixen.”

“You’ll be disappointed.”

“Hmph, we’ll wait and see.”

With that, she hung up the call.

As he looked at the name on the screen, Qin Chuan couldn’t help but sigh.

He knew his quiet life was about to get much rowdier.

The original owner of Qin Chuan’s body and Zhao Xuanxuan had both grown up in an orphanage.

For some reason, the orphanage closed down.

They had a good relationship, so they wandered the streets together. They depended on each other, treating each other as their closest kin.

Later on, the original owner worked to help Zhao Xuanxuan go to school. Zhao Xuanxuan also did well and got into a good university.

Now, she was in her fourth year of university. If she didn’t continue with postgraduate studies, she would most likely be working.

When he thought of his future day to day, Qin Chuan couldn’t help but feel fearful.

That night, he did not sleep well. He even had a nightmare.

At the foot of Mountain Hu.

He had gotten more newbies, and they were still elderly.

Since many of them had gathered over the past few days, they had attracted the attention of the old men and women who were doing their morning exercises here.

An old lady came over and asked, “Young man, why do all of you gather here every day?”

The person she was asking was confused.

“Are you asking me?”

“Yeah! Young man, can you tell me?”

“I’m 86. You’re the young one. Your whole family is young.”

The old lady was dumbfounded.


He must be mad!

So, the old lady went to ask a middle-aged woman.

The old lady said, “Little sister, all of you are gathered here because…”

Before she could finish, the middle-aged woman grew upset.

“Little sister, how old are you this year?”

That old lady was stunned and replied weakly, “Sister, are you asking me?”

The middle-aged woman’s face instantly darkened upon hearing that.

“I’m 93. You called me little sister. Are you older than me?”

The old lady was stunned.

She looked at the middle-aged people around her.

They all looked hostile.

The old lady immediately ran away.

She even muttered, “What a bunch of madmen.”

A few minutes later, Qin Chuan arrived.

Since he did not sleep well last night, he came a little later.

After registering the newcomers, he brought everyone to the sect.