Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of 50 chapters

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Training hall.

“XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points.”

“XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points.”

“XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points.”

“Congratulations, host. You have unlocked an achievement, [The 30th Cultivator], reward: 50 supreme-grade Qi Gathering Pills and 500 points.”

“Congratulations, host. You have unlocked an achievement, [The 40th Cultivator], reward: 50 supreme-grade Qi Gathering Pills and 500 points.”

Ever since he set up the Energy Converging Array, people had been successful in drawing Qi into their bodies.

With the Energy Converging Array, their efficiency had indeed been greatly increased.

Qin Chuan smiled happily at the increasing points on the system interface.

At the same time, all the major media platforms were broadcasting a piece of news.

“According to recent reports, Di Tai, the murderer of the 221 homicide, is currently sneaking into our city.

“This person is very dangerous. All citizens are reminded to stay alert and take note of their own safety. Please do not go to remote areas with few people.

“If you discover or encounter the murderer, please find a safe place to contact the police.

“The city government is providing a reward for the people who provide effective clues. However, please remember to think of your own safety first.”

Once this news was released, Beichuan City was in a state of fear and anxiety. People would stay inside their homes if they could.

Back in February, there was an incident that shook the entire country.

It happened in a small town in the north.

Early in the morning, a cleaner cleaning the streets saw an argument take place in a breakfast shop.

At that time, the cleaner did not take notice of it. After all, such incidents were not uncommon.

But a few seconds later, shrieks came from the breakfast shop.

The cleaner saw a lean man chasing after and hacking at someone with a knife.

That person was the boss of the breakfast shop. The cleaner was in charge of this area and was very familiar with the people living here.

The lean man ran quickly and caught up with the boss. Then, he raised the knife and started hacking wildly.

After a few screams, the boss collapsed in a pool of blood.

After killing the boss, the lean man did not run away immediately. Instead, he returned to the store and left with his bag of breakfast.

The cleaner was terrified. He couldn’t help the breakfast shop owner at all.

After the lean man left, the cleaner then called the police.

A few minutes later, the police car arrived.

The police officers examined the scene and soon confirmed the identity of the suspect.

His name was Di Tai, and he was a martial arts coach.

He was detained for a few days because of a fight some time ago.

It was never expected that he would commit another crime two days after being released. But, most importantly, he had committed murder.

Soon, the police began to pursue him.

There were police officers who kept watch. They waited at every bus stop and junction.

After all, it was a small county town.

Not long after, two policemen discovered him while patrolling the streets.

When Di Tai saw the police, he did not run away immediately. Instead, he moved towards them.

The two policemen knew that he was extremely dangerous and quickly informed their other colleagues for assistance.

But when the other police officers arrived, they found two cold corpses.

With that, the matter escalated and alarmed the entire country.

At that time, all major mainstream media outlets and online platforms were talking about this incident.

On the internet, all information about Di Tai had been scavenged.

Di Tai, from Mount Tai, had practiced martial arts at a young age. He had once been the champion of adolescent martial arts.

He was best at the Iron Palm and had practiced it for more than 20 years.

He could shatter ten stacked bricks with one strike.

The two police officers’ fatal wounds were near their hearts.

Through forensic examination, they found out that the victims suffered severe blows that caused their hearts to swell and rupture. As a result, massive hemorrhages led to their deaths.

Di Tai could easily take someone else’s life. He was extremely dangerous.

At Dusk, at the foot of Mountain Hu.

The elderly ended their day of cultivation and returned home.

As usual, Wang Zhixing prepared to go shopping.

He was seated on the bus when he saw the news about Di Tai on the television. He immediately called his son.

“Hello! Jiajun, are you busy with Di Tai’s case?”

“Yes! Dad, Di Tai is extremely dangerous. It’s best if you stay home for the time being.”

“I know. But son, you have to be careful too. Don’t act alone.”

“Yes, I know. All right, I can’t talk right now. I’m quite busy.”

“That’s good. Son, take care!”

Wang Zhixing ended his call. As he looked at the wanted poster of Di Tai on the television, he could not help but worry about his son.

Soon, the bus arrived at his stop, and Wang Zhixing got off.

Just as he reached the entrance of his estate, his phone rang.

He saw a message.

“Sir, a few new styles of men’s clothing have just arrived. They are very trendy. They’re a little expensive, but you’ll get a discount if you buy more. If you have time, come and take a look.”

Wang Zhixing could not help but stop.

He looked at the time. It was only five o’clock. It was still early, so he decided to go check them out.

In the clothing store in the mall.

Wang Zhixing was trying on clothes.

“Sir, this outfit suits you so well.” The saleswoman kept praising him.

When he saw himself in the mirror with his young and handsome features, Wang Zhixing was very pleased.

“Give me one of everything in this design,” Wang Zhixing said to the saleswoman.

Upon hearing this, the female salesperson beamed with joy.

Ever since Wang Zhixing came, her sales performance had soared.

She packed the clothes and handed them to Wang Zhixing.

“Sir, if you have time, why don’t we go out for a meal?” the saleswoman said with tender affection.

Wang Zhixing was an experienced man. He knew what the saleswoman meant.

It was good to find a young and beautiful lady to live with.

However, he had long become indifferent to worldly affairs. He tactfully declined.

The saleswoman was inevitably a little disappointed.

She knew very well that Wang Zhixing must be a rich man for being so extravagant.

If she had such a man to rely on, she wouldn’t have to sell clothes here.

Unfortunately for her, she was rejected.

Not long after, Wang Zhixing walked out of the shopping center with many bags.

It was almost seven o’clock, and the sky was already dark.

The mall was more than half an hour away from his estate, but Wang Zhixing usually chose to walk.

When he arrived at the entrance of the estate, a man walked towards him.

This man wasn’t very tall. He was about 175cm and was lean. He wore a cap, black sunglasses, and a black t-shirt with short sleeves. There was stubble on his chin.

The man had his head lowered. His hands were in his pockets as he walked hurriedly.

Wang Zhixing had just bought new clothes. He was in a good mood, utterly oblivious to the man opposite him.

The next moment, their shoulders had collided.

The man felt pain in his shoulder and took four to five steps back.

Wang Zhixing had been an educator after all. He felt that it was his own fault for bumping into others.

He stepped forward and apologized. “Sir, I was distracted and didn’t notice you. I’m really sorry.”

The man raised his sunglasses and glanced at Wang Zhixing in surprise.

He said nothing, lowered his cap and left.

But, he had barely taken a few steps when Wang Zhixing’s voice came from behind him,

“Please wait!”