Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of 50 chapters

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“Sect Master, I want to sign up for alchemy.”

“Sect Master, I want to sign up for alchemy.”

“Sect Master, I want to sign up for alchemy.”

The crowd in the training hall instantly went crazy.

They couldn’t wait to start refining pills.

Qin Chuan gestured for everyone to quiet down.

Everyone was sensible and immediately shut their mouths.

Qin Chuan said, “I know you all have your reasons for wanting to refine pills.

“Still, it won’t be too late to register yourselves after I finish introducing all the specializations.”

Everyone nodded.

Just like that, Qin Chuan spent almost an hour introducing all the specializations.

Everyone had some understanding after listening to him.

Next, it was the ‘specialization selection’ segment.

Just as he had expected, around 80% of the students chose alchemy. The other ‘professions’ only had a handful of students.

This was their own choice. Qin Chuan didn’t say anything more.

After choosing their ‘professions,’ Qin Chuan started to pick people.

He had told them in advance that he would not teach all of them together. After all, there were so many people and specializations.

Everyone understood.

Qin Chuan had a plan. Right now, of all the ‘professions,’ weapon forging had the least number of people. There were only three of them.

However, all three of them were Earth Spirit Roots.

He believed that with talent, learning would be faster.

So, Qin Chuan decided to start teaching weapon forging first.

He brought the three of them to the forging room.

They were all males. With an average age of about 75 years old, they looked to be in their mid-forties. Their cultivation levels were at the first class of Qi Refinement.

As he looked at the three of them, Qin Chuan asked seriously, “Why did you choose to forge weapons?”

The first male had a serious expression. “I want to create a powerful rocket cannon and let the Western powers know that the Great Xia is not to be trifled with.”


The second male’s eyes were burning. “Me too. For the prosperity of our country—for the strength of our country.”

“What about you?” Qin Chuan asked the last person.

The third male looked helpless. “I won’t choose anything else. I just want to forge weapons.” He sighed. “I’m just here to fool around.”

Qin Chuan was speechless: “…”

“Sect Master, when do we start?”

Qin Chuan rubbed his temples and said, “Now! Before I teach you how to forge weapons, let me emphasize this.

“Firstly, congratulations on choosing weapon forging.

“In the cultivation world, the people in charge of forging weapons are called blacksmiths.

“Blacksmiths are highly respected in the cultivation world.

“Powerful blacksmiths can even change the structure of cultivation.

“So, I hope that all of you can become powerful blacksmiths in the future.

“However, weapon forging is not an easy task. One has to have the spirit of enduring hardships.

“No matter what you do, you must persevere. You must not give up midway.”

“Don’t worry, Sect Master. In order to maintain world peace, we will definitely persevere,” said the first and second males righteously.

He shrewdly glanced at the two, his heart filling up with worry. He hoped that they wouldn’t cause any trouble in the future. And he certainly hoped they wouldn’t cause a world war.

He began to explain the Dao of weapon forgery.

Qin Chuan began his lecture with Nuwa.

“A long, long time ago, when the universe first began, the world was barren.

“Later on, a living being was born in the universe.

“This living being was Nuwa.

“When Nuwa saw that she was the only living being in this world, she felt very lonely. She found her world very quiet.

“So, she found some clay and used a special method to mold them into clay figurines.

“These clay figurines soon turned into humans.

“From then on, the world was no longer lonely.

This is the birth of mankind. It is also the earliest form of weapon forging.”

The three people were stunned.

Humans were molded?

That had happened?

“Sect Master, I can’t read, but I know that humans can’t possibly have been made this way.

“According to programs on the television, humans evolved from apes. How can they be made from clay?”

Qin Chuan replied, “This is because the level of your knowledge is insufficient.”

“Sect Master, we don’t understand.”

“Think about it carefully. Before you started cultivating, did you believe in cultivation?”

The three of them shook their heads.

“Is there any drug that can turn you from an old man in your seventies back to your prime?”

The three of them shook their heads.

“That’s why! Why don’t you believe that humans were molded from clay then?”

The three of them stood there, still finding it hard to accept.

After a while, “Sect Master, why don’t you demonstrate it for us?” the second male asked.

Qin Chuan’s mouth twitched, “Your Sect Master’s realm has yet to reach that level.”

When the three people heard this, they were slightly disappointed.

Qin Chuan continued, “For now, don’t think about anything else. The path of weapon forging is tedious and complicated. It requires constant practice and study before you can achieve anything.

“Right now, I will teach you the most basic techniques of forging weapons. You must not get distracted or give up halfway.”

The three of them nodded.

Qin Chuan brought out a pitch-black stone.

“This is iron ore. It weighs about 20 kilograms.

“The first thing you need to do is to turn this iron ore into a piece of pure iron.

“In other words, the purity of iron has to be 100%. There must not be any impurities.”

The three of them widened their eyes in shock.

They weren’t the brightest, but they still knew that it was impossible.

How can there be 100% pure iron in the world?

Qin Chuan naturally knew that they didn’t believe him.

Before he had become an immortal cultivator, he had been like them.

But he was different now.

It was time to witness a miracle.

Qin Chuan exchanged for a hammer from the Merchant Shop.

“The essence of weapon forging is to turn something rotten into a miracle.

“As the saying goes, it takes 100 times of tempering to make steel.

“The first technique to grasp in weapon forgery is pounding.


Qin Chuan spoke as he worked.

The forging room contained all the equipment required for forging weapons.

Qin Chuan first tossed the iron ore into the furnace.

The fire in the furnace was ground fire, so its firing temperature was extremely high.

In just a minute, the iron ore turned a glowing red.

Qin Chuan used a pair of pincers to pick up the iron ore and placed it on the metal platform. He picked up the hammer and started hammering.

He wasn’t hammering as he wished.

Qin Chuan said, “This technique is called the Disorder Splitting Wind Demonic Hammering Technique.”

This hammering technique had a total of 108 strikes. The strength of the last strike superimposed all the previous strikes. It looked simple but was quite difficult in practice.

“You must master this hammering technique. This is how you can remove all the impurities from the metal to reach a pure state.”

The three men listened attentively, capturing all the details.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Qin Chuan worked hard to pound the iron. His entire body was drenched in sweat, and even his clothes were soaked.

In all seriousness, this was his first time doing this technique.

The Disorder Splitting Wind Demonic Hammering Technique was something that he had just exchanged for when he decided to teach weapon forging first.

In theory, repeated hammering could indeed remove all the impurities in the iron ore.

However, Qin Chuan had no idea what had to be done.

In any case, he still had points. When the time came, he could exchange them for pure iron. He could still trick his students if he couldn’t turn the iron into pure iron completely.

Just like that, Qin Chuan turned into a blacksmith. The hammer in his hands never stopped.

If the temperature of the iron ore dropped, he would put it back into the furnace and take it out to continue hammering.

Following these steps, he repeatedly worked continuously.

Finally, at sunset, the 20-kilogram iron ore became nothing.

At that time, Qin Chuan felt rather awkward.

He had no choice but to exchange for a piece of pure iron from the Merchant Shop.

Then, he tried his best to explain himself, before finally convincing the three of them.