Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of 50 chapters

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In the taxi.

Zhao Xuanxuan scrolled through her phone. “Brother, do you know about Di Tai?”

Qin Chuan calmly replied, “The television and radio broadcasts report on him every day. How could I not know?”

“I read online that he killed a lot of people.”

“Yes, a murder case was reported just this morning. I think it’s already the fifth case!”

“Tss! This person is really dangerous. Why hasn’t he been captured yet?

“How many more people would die when such a person is still out there?”

Qin Chuan commented indifferently, “We don’t need to worry about that. The government will take care of him.

“But no matter what, the wicked will get their retribution. He’s done so many bad things. He’ll be punished severely sooner or later.”

“That’s true.” Zhao Xuanxuan nodded her head. “He’s caused such a ruckus in Beichuan City. After he dies, he will definitely go to the eighteenth level of hell.”

“Are you afraid?”

“Do you think I’m scared? If I was, I wouldn’t have come back.” Zhao Xuanxuan said arrogantly.

Qin Chuan smiled, “I remember you being scared of little mice.”

Zhao Xuanxuan pouted stubbornly, “These are two different matters; we can’t mix them together.”

Qin Chuan laughed heartily.

While the two of them were conversing, the taxi driver in front also joined in the fun.

“I heard from the radio broadcast that the city has decided that the entire city will be under curfew from today onwards. Residents are not allowed to be outside after seven at night.”

Qin Chuan was stunned for a moment. “Won’t shops have to close then?”

The driver sighed. “What can we do? Compared to money, lives are more important.”

Zhao Xuanxuan was slightly disappointed, “Really? I asked my friends out to go to KTV tonight!”

Qin Chuan said, “I told you not to go to places like KTV. There are all sorts of people there.”

The driver also agreed, “This young man has his wits about him. So avoid places like KTV, bars, and nightclubs as much as you can.

“I heard from one of my buddies that he often picks up girls who are dead drunk there.

“Those young and beautiful girls! Tsk, tsk, tsk… if they get drunk, they can let you do whatever you want.


Zhao Xuanxuan pouted. “I’m different from those girls.”

Qin Chuan replied, “But still, avoid those places. If you want to go somewhere, you might as well go to a museum or a library.”

Zhao Xuanxuan turned her head away and snorted, “You’re really old-fashioned.”


He was doing this for her own good.

A beautiful girl like her would easily become a target of those people.

On the other hand,

Beichuan Public Security Bureau.

A black car drove in.

The car stopped, and an old man in a long robe and a young man got out.

The old man’s hair was white, but his face was ruddy, and his eyes were bright. He was very energetic.

The youth beside him was very tall, but there was a hint of childishness on his face. He should be quite young.

After they came, the leaders of the Public Security Bureau immediately walked out to welcome them.

“Elder Chen, you’re finally here.”

Everyone was full of anticipation. They had been waiting through the day and the night, and he had finally arrived.

The old man looked at everyone and said in a low voice, “Is there any news about Di Tai?”

Someone said, “Di Tai’s anti-reconnaissance ability is very strong. We can’t be sure for the time being, but we have quite a number of clues. They should be helpful to you.”

The old man nodded. “Let me make this clear. I can’t guarantee that I can capture him alive.”

“That’s fine. The higher-ups have already sent down the order to execute him if necessary.”

“I’m not cheap. Please prepare the deposit.”

“Money is not a problem. If we can capture him alive, we’ll pay you double.”

The elderly man’s eyes lit up upon hearing this.

He whispered a few words to the youth beside him. The youth nodded and left.

Everyone was puzzled. “Elder Chen, he…”

Elder Chen played with the jade beads in his hand, looking confident.

He extended three fingers. “In less than three days, Di Tai will be brought to you.”

Everyone was stunned, filled with disbelief.

“Elder Chen, then next…”

Elder Chen said coolly, “I’m tired. Send me to the hotel.

Remember, it has to be a five-star one! ”

Everyone hesitated for a moment. After all, there were still many details about Di Tai that they had not mentioned.

However, they did not want to mention the impatient old. So, they could only send the old man to the hotel first. As for the details, they could only wait.

After sending the old man away, someone asked, “Chief Wang, is this person reliable?”

“He’s reliable. I’ve already asked people to investigate him. Elder Chen is a recluse expert with remarkable abilities. He’s called a Qigong Master.

They say that he can conjure a snake from an empty basin, make wine appear in an empty cup, injure people from afar, and so on! ”

The people around him looked doubtful.

“Chief Wang, Qigong has long been proven to be fake by science. I think you’ve really been cheated.”

Chief Wang strongly objected. “I knew you would say that. I didn’t believe it before, but Elder Chen is the real deal. I saw it with my own eyes. It can’t be fake.”

Everyone was skeptical.

“Chief Wang, do the higher-ups know about this? Especially Director Wang.”

Chief Wang said, “I’m not sure about the higher-ups, but I did inform Director Wang.

“He said to make sure we capture Di Tai, regardless of the means used.”

“Then, how much will it cost to hire Elder Chen this time?”

Chief Wang said, “The price is not important. Think about it. Ever since Di Tai came to Beichuan, how greatly has he indirectly affected our city’s economy?

“Furthermore, from today onwards, the entire city will be under curfew, and countless shops will have to close. Can this economic loss compare to the price of hiring him?”

This was reasonable.

Chief Wang added, “Don’t worry. If Elder Chen is really a fraud, I will put him in jail for eight to ten years.”

Everyone looked at each other, but there was nothing they could do. They could only trust Chief Wang.

Hopefully, they would be pleased with the outcome.

At the public rental apartment.

A battle was presently taking place.

“Brother, smack the head!”

“Quick, the head!”

Zhao Xuanxuan shouted.

“Don’t scream. I know.”

Qin Chuan held a kitchen knife in his hand, looking like he was ready for battle.

On the chopping board, a two-and-a-half kilogram carp was flopping around energetically.

Qin Chuan had never killed fish before. Only God knew why he agreed to let Zhao Xuanxuan cook at home.

He was regretting it now.

However, it would be such a waste to leave the pile of groceries that they had bought. They could only cook them.

“Brother, do you know how to do it or not?”

“Don’t scream!”

Qin Chuan was frustrated.

To be honest, he was a cultivator. How could a small fish like this be hard to deal with for him?

He took a deep breath, raised the kitchen knife high, and slammed the back of the knife blade onto the fish head.

He thought that the carp should have passed away.

However, the carp was very nimble. Its tail slapped the chopping board forcefully, causing it to rise into the air and then land on the ground.


Qin Chuan’s blade missed, and the chopping board suddenly broke into pieces.

When Zhao Xuanxuan saw this scene, she was astonished. She stood rooted to the ground, staring blankly at Qin Chuan.

“Brother, are you trying to tear down the house!”

“Don’t scream!”

Qin Chuan was extremely enraged.

A fish actually dodged his attack. If his elderly students were to find out, they would laugh at him for being useless!

On the ground, the carp was still flopping. Its desire to live was abnormally strong.

Qin Chuan was infuriated. He secretly circulated his True Qi and gathered it in his palm.

Once he touched the carp, he would kill it with his True Qi and let it ascend to heaven.

When the carp sensed Qin Chuan’s ferociousness, the carp flopped even harder.

But just as Qin Chuan’s demonic claws were about to grab the carp, Zhao Xuanxuan suddenly walked over.