Chapter 2

Chapter 2 of 50 chapters

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Riverside Park.

The old man ended the call.

A few minutes later, old men and old women arrived one after another.

Qin Chuan was dumbfounded.

The old man in front of him was his lucky star.

The old man’s name was Wang Zhixing. Before he retired, he was a professor at a university. It could be said that he had devoted half his life to educating children.

“Professor Wang, why did you call us here in such a hurry?” asked a group of old ladies.

Wang Zhixing cleared his throat and said in a clear voice, “I recently discovered an interesting program that I want to share with everyone.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard that.

They all knew that Wang Zhixing was a cultured man, a great educator.

The program he recommended must be reliable.

“Professor Wang, don’t keep us waiting. What is the program?”

“Professor Wang, I still have some money on hand. If I can make a huge profit, I’ll treat everyone to a trip abroad.”

“Professor Wang, I don’t have much money, but I will help you with whatever you need.”

Everyone was chattering, full of anticipation.

Wang Zhixing lowered his hands, indicating to everyone to be quiet.

He said solemnly, “The program is called cultivation training class!”

They were confused after hearing this.

“What is a cultivation training class?”

“What is that?”

“A cultivation training class?”

Wang Zhixing said thoughtfully, “Everyone here must have seen at least one Xianxia drama before.

“This class draws lessons from the plot of the Xianxia dramas.

“When we join the class, we will act as Immortal Cultivators. We can perform Immortal Cultivation, Alchemy, Weapon Forging, and other skills related to cultivation.”

Wang Zhixing was an intellectual, a great educator. He described the contents of Qin Chuan’s poster concisely and vividly, attracting his elderly friends.

Qin Chuan was dumbfounded.

Even he felt like joining the cultivation training class immediately.

After Wang Zhixing finished speaking, the old men and old women jovially agreed.

“Professor Wang, I wish to join!”

“Professor Wang, I wish to join too!”

“Professor Wang, me too!”

All of a sudden, everyone present was eager to join the cultivation training class.

Wang Zhixing smiled. “Fine, fine, fine. So long as you are interested, you can come.”

Then, he pushed Qin Chuan in front of everyone.

“He is the founder of this program. You can all sign up through him.”

In an instant, the crowd’s gazes focused on Qin Chuan.

“Young man, how much do you charge for this cultivation training class?” Everyone asked.

Qin Chuan calmed the frenzy in his heart and replied, “Sirs and Madams, our cultivation training class does not charge any fees. In addition, food and lodging are provided for free.”

When everyone heard that, they immediately started doubting him.

Food and accommodations are free? How could there be such a good deal in this day and age?

It sounds like a pyramid scheme.

So, someone asked Wang Zhixing about it.

Wang Zhixing said with absolute certainty, “Everyone, don’t worry! My son is a police officer. This young man wouldn’t lie to you with pyramid schemes.”

Everyone agreed that it made sense.

Wang Zhixing’s words were also a reminder to Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan, naturally, understood their concern.

Now that all doubts were dispelled, everyone asked Qin Chuan when the program would begin.

Qin Chuan immediately took out a bamboo scroll from his backpack.

Given to him by the system, it was used to register the people who came to cultivate.

“Could I have all your names so I can register you?”

With that, the registration began.

Qin Chuan wrote seriously.

Wang Zhixing watched from the side and nodded inwardly. “This young man does not have his heart in the right place, but he does have good handwriting.

“If he continues to work on this skill, he will have a place in the calligraphy world.”

After he finished recording everyone’s names, a system notification sounded in his mind.

“Ding dong! The host has successfully guided 21 people into cultivation. You have exceeded the quota and completed your mission. Reward: 100,000 points.”

“Ding dong! Unlocked Immortal Cultivation sect.”

“Ding dong! Unlocked Merchant Shop.”

The series of notifications made Qin Chuan elated.

Just when he was almost about to give up, he achieved his first goal in just one day.

In the end, he had Wang Zhixing to thank for his miracle.

Now that the Immortal Cultivation sect had been unlocked, cultivation was no longer hot air.

He told everyone to gather at the foot of the Mountain Hu, north of the city, at dawn the next day.

No one objected, and they all exchanged numbers.

On the way home, Qin Chuan specially bought two more drumsticks to celebrate.

At the same time, Wang Zhixing contacted those old men and women, instructing them not to tell their families about the cultivation training class.

After all, this sounded like a fantasy. No one would believe it.

Wang Zhixing didn’t want to dampen Qin Chuan’s enthusiasm. If not, he might do something rash.

Everyone was very cooperative and did not tell their families.

In a public rental apartment.

After Qin Chuan finished his meal, he laid on the sofa and started to study the system.

With a thought, a holographic projection of the system interface appeared in front of him.

He clicked on the character column.

His information popped out.

Name: Qin Chuan.

Level: Mortal

Cultivation Technique: None.

Spells: None.

Divine Arts: None.

Identity: Daoist.

Accumulated points: 100,000

He clicked on ‘Sect.’

A tall mountain shrouded in immortal fog appeared before him.

Above the mountain, nine golden dragons and phoenixes shuttled through the clouds, resounding powerful cries.

Qin Chuan was overwhelmed. He was shocked.

After his shock, he suddenly realized a problem.

It was a sect, so why was there only one mountain? There at least had to be a gate!

“System, what’s going on? Why is there nothing?” Qin Chuan asked the system.

“Honorable host, the facilities required by the sect need to be exchanged with points in the merchant shop.”

Qin Chuan immediately opened the system’s shop.

There was a wide variety of goods in the store.

When Qin Chuan saw the sect’s infrastructure category, he immediately opened and saw the basic structures for a cultivation sect: gates, main hall, training hall, pill refinement room, weapon forging room, and more.

Qin Chuan carefully flipped through the pages, looking at the primary uses of the buildings. The most important aspect was the price.

Fortunately, these were the most basic facilities, so they weren’t that expensive.

A large building like the main hall only required 500 points. The rest were only around 100 points.

He made a rough calculation that all the facilities needed for the sect would add up to be no more than 5000 points.

Qin Chuan had 100,000 points on him. So, without a second to waste, he bought all the items.

Instantly, buildings appeared atop the bare mountain top.

Since they were the basic items, they looked a little shabby.

Qin Chuan had checked with the system earlier. These facilities could be upgraded with points that he would get by increasing his level.

Qin Chuan knew there weren’t many cultivators at this stage, so there was no need for him to upgrade the facilities. But, in the future, when there were more people, he would consider doing that.

Now, he had all the facilities required for cultivation. The next step was to research cultivation.

After all, if he wanted to guide others to cultivate, he had to know how to cultivate.

There was a cave abode icon on the system interface.

He clicked on the icon, and the holographic projection turned into a transparent miniature that looked exactly like him.

The mini-man was seated in meditation.

“System, what is this?” Qin Chuan asked the system.