Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 50 chapters

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“Brother!” Zhao Xuanxuan called out softly.


The two long and slender legs in front of him made Qin Chuan swallow his saliva.

Zhao Xuanxuan squatted down and looked at Qin Chuan pitifully, “Brother, I don’t want to eat fish anymore. Look at how pitiful this fish is, let’s release it!”


Zhao Xuanxuan added, “All creatures have a soul. Look at how intense its reaction is; it definitely doesn’t want to die.”

Qin Chuan lowered his head and looked at the carp.

The carp flapped its tail, looking like it wanted to escape with all its might.

When he heard Zhao Xuanxuan’s words, he really wavered internally.

Qin Chuan retracted the True Qi in his palm, grabbed the carp and threw it into the basin.

“Fine! I’ll admit that I’m unlucky and let it off the hook.” Qin Chuan said helplessly.

Zhao Xuanxuan chuckled, “Brother, I knew you were as kind-hearted as me.

“Then we’ll go and release the fish after dinner.

“I want to take a walk outside, too.

“Brother, will you accompany me? ”

“Okay!” Qin Chuan casually replied.

“Hehe, you’re great!

“I’ll go tidy up my room first. All the best to you!”

With that, Zhao Xuanxuan ran away.

Half an hour later, a unique fragrance filled the small apartment.

“Brother, you’re really amazing. Your cooking skills haven’t deteriorated at all!!!”

Looking at the many plates on the table, Zhao Xuanxuan was speechless.

The dishes on the plate were either black or yellow. It was painful to look at.

Qin Chuan let out a silly smile, “In any case, you won’t die from eating them. You were the one who suggested cooking at home. You can’t blame it all on me.”

Zhao Xuanxuan pouted, “I just want to test your culinary skills to see if you improved.

“I didn’t expect it to be the same. I’m really disappointed. Who would want to marry you in the future?”

Qin Chuan snorted, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

Zhao Xuanxuan’s eyes brightened as she looked at him with a gossipy expression, “Brother, you have a girlfriend?”

As she spoke, a beautiful figure appeared in Qin Chuan’s mind.

Seeing that Qin Chuan did not reply, Zhao Xuanxuan already had a rough idea of what was going on. At the same time, she felt a little jealous.

“Hmph! I knew you were secretly looking for a woman behind my back.”

Qin Chuan snapped back to his senses and immediately replied, “I didn’t.”

“Heh heh! You’re still so stubborn. You look like you’re in love, how dare you deny it.”

Qin Chuan instantly felt guilty and said softly, “It’s all wishful thinking on my part. She doesn’t even like me at all.”

Zhao Xuanxuan also understood now.

She couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief internally.

“What kind of woman could cause you to be so out of it?” Zhao Xuanxuan moved closer to Qin Chuan, curious.

Qin Chuan didn’t intend to hide it because it wasn’t embarrassing to tell his family.

So, he told her about what happened with Ma Qingxue that day.

Zhao Xuanxuan listened carefully.

When she heard that Qin Chuan had brought Ma Qingxue home, she felt a little angry for some reason.

Fortunately, nothing happened between the two of them, so Zhao Xuanxuan became much more relaxed.

After listening, she became more curious about Ma Qingxue.

“Brother, you really want to see her?” Zhao Xuanxuan probed.

“Do you want to hear the truth or a lie?”

“It’s up to you! We’ve lived together since we were young. Would I not know when you’re lying and when you’re not?”

Qin Chuan pondered for a moment and then said, “Actually, if you talk about seeing her! I do want to, but not that much.

“As for me! I don’t need to say much about my own situation.

“Look at her. She’s a social elite. She wouldn’t care for me.”

Zhao Xuanxuan pursed her lips, “So you decided to give up?”

Qin Chuan was stunned. “Give up on what?”

“Don’t you want to woo her?”

“Woo her?” Qin Chuan laughed, “Your brother can’t even afford to raise you, let alone woo a woman.

It’s best if I take care of you. So maybe you can take care of me in the future.”

When she heard him, Zhao Xuanxuan’s heart felt as sweet as honey.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s eat first!” Zhao Xuanxuan immediately changed the topic.

A few minutes later.

Four-fifths of the dishes were left.

Zhao Xuanxuan’s face was covered with embarrassment. Who knew how she managed to persevere until now.

Qin Chuan was eating happily.

After all, he made the dishes himself.

They did not look good, but they were at least edible.

Zhao Xuanxuan brushed her teeth, washed her face, and changed into a new outfit. It was a Japanese high school uniform.

Qin Chuan was stumped.

“You’re going out like this?”

Zhao Xuanxuan twirled around. “How is it? Isn’t your sister pretty?”

Qin Chuan was speechless!

She was beautiful, but this was too eye-catching.

“Xuanxuan, can you change into something more ordinary?” Qin Chuan asked.

Zhao Xuanxuan immediately replied, “No, why do you think I’m dressed like this?”


“To earn money!”

“Earn money?” Qin Chuan didn’t understand.

She can earn money by wearing a Japanese high school uniform?

Zhao Xuanxuan said seriously, “I’m going to do an internship, aren’t I! I plan to earn myself some money for my postgraduate studies during my internship.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“We can start a livestream and film short videos!” Zhao Xuanxuan replied quickly.


Zhao Xuanxuan walked over and hooked her arms around Qin Chuan’s neck, “With your sister’s looks and figure, once the livestream starts, the gifts will come easily.”

Qin Chuan didn’t refute that.

But he was a very traditional man.

There are many ways to earn money. Why does she have to do this?

He knew that in the Livestream industry. In order to attract fans, some female streamers would even sell their bodies.

So, he didn’t have a good impression when it came to streamers, especially female streamers.

Initially, Qin Chuan had wanted to urge Zhao Xuanxuan, but thought that if he supervised her, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Qin Chuan placed the carp into a plastic bag filled with water and left the house with Zhao Xuanxuan.

In the southwest area of the rental apartment, there was a river called Beichuan River.

The shore of the river had been modified, and there was a rubber track laid out for people to walk, ride bikes, and run on.

Usually, there would be more people there after dinner.

When Qin Chuan and Zhao Xuanxuan arrived, there weren’t many people by the river.

“Brother, help me get my phone.”


“Start the livestream!”


“Remember to point the camera at me. Don’t stay too far away from me.”


“How many viewers there are now.”


“That’s it?”

“You’re not a celebrity. It hasn’t been a long time since the livestream started. It’s pretty good to have this amount of viewers.”

Qin Chuan spoke truthfully.

Zhao Xuanxuan was a little dissatisfied.

The two of them walked for a while.

The number of viewers gradually increased.

The public chat also became lively.

Zhao Xuanxuan’s looks and figure brought her a lot of attention.

Qin Chuan held the phone while Zhao Xuanxuan carried the plastic bag containing the carp and walked forward.

“Everyone, I’m going to release the fish now. I’ll let it return to nature and live freely.”

Zhao Xuanxuan slowly approached the railing.

Qin Chuan was very cooperative. He zoomed in and focused on the plastic bag.

With a plop, the carp successfully returned to nature and swam freely in the river.

In Zhao Xuanxuan’s live stream, the comments were endless, and the number of viewers was increasing.

“Brother, how is it? How many people are there?” Zhao Xuanxuan couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Chuan replied honestly, “2,236!”

Upon hearing this number, Zhao Xuanxuan’s face brimmed with glee, feeling extremely surprised.

“That many?” She couldn’t quite believe it.

Qin Chuan seriously nodded his head.

While the two of them were live streaming, a telescope pointed at them from afar.