Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of 50 chapters

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“Live forever?” Everyone was surprised.

“Sect Master, is there really such a pill in this world?”

Qin Chuan calmly replied, “Of course there is. However, it is extremely, extremely difficult to refine it. So difficult that it is unimaginable.

“The Longevity Pill is a pill that all alchemists want to produce even if it means expending all the time and energy of their entire lifetime.

“But there are very few who really do it.”

“Can you do it then, Sect Master?” someone asked.

“Cough, cough!” Qin Chuan coughed a few times. “I can’t do it now, but I definitely will be able to in the future.”

“Sect Master, please teach us alchemy.” Their eyes burned with anticipation.

They looked serious and were prepared for the tough cultivation.

Qin Chuan nodded his head, “All right then, I shall teach you how to refine pills now. Let’s cut to the chase.”

Qin Chuan bought a book related to alchemy from the Merchant Shop.

It didn’t cost much, only 100 points.

Qin Chuan bought 20 books and distributed them to the 20 people.

There were a few big words written on the cover of the book.

The book was thick, at least a thousand pages long.

When the 20 people received the book, they were very excited. But when they flipped through the pages, their expressions changed.

The contents were densely packed—like ants crawling on the page.

Qin Chuan said, “As a qualified alchemist, the most basic requirement is to be familiar with the various herbs. This is because refining pills requires a lot of herbs. If you don’t know them well, then how can you refine pills?”

“Sect Master, you mean that we have to memorize everything here?” someone asked softly.

Qin Chuan nodded his head, “I know that there’s a lot packed into this book and you guys won’t be able to memorize everything in a short period of time, but there’s no hurry.

“We’ll take it one step at a time. It’s like constructing a building—we can only build higher when the foundation is solid and stable.”

“Sect Master is right. We will set up a good foundation and not disappoint you.”

Qin Chuan smiled with gratification, “Then you guys will have to work hard. When you are done memorizing this book, there’s still part two and three. There will only be more words. ”


The moment that was said, the 20 people looked absolutely miserable.

Qin Chuan smiled but didn’t say anything.


The twilight gradually engulfed the sunset.

There was a long line of vehicles on the city’s roads.

On the streets, people had ended their day’s work and were rushing home.

In an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs of Beichuan City, two men threw punches and kicks.

One of them was Di Tai.

The person who was fighting him was almost two meters tall. His muscles were stacked and full, filled with strength.

In terms of size, Di Tai could not compare.

But even so, the two of them were still locked together in a fierce battle, and Di Ta had the upper hand.

Di Tai was extraordinary.

After a few more rounds, Di Tai seized the opportunity to punch the burly man in the back.

There was a click.

The burly man collapsed.

Di Tai stepped on him.

“Hong Hu, you’ve helped me before, so I’ll spare your life. But, if you try to stop me again, don’t blame me for being heartless.”

Hong Hu spat out a mouthful of blood and said fearlessly, “Di Tai, it’s not too late to stop now.”

“Do you think it’s possible?”

“Di Tai, you yourself know very well that this is all a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? What’s a misunderstanding?” Di Tai chuckled. “If I hadn’t been in that stupid prison, I’d probably think my parents’ deaths were just an accident for my whole life.”

Hong Hu said, “I’m also heartbroken about Uncle and Auntie’s death. But those people come from a long line of martial arts practitioners with a thousand years of history after all. To us, they are colossal existences that we can only look up to. Your revenge on them would be like throwing an egg at a rock.

Listen to my advice and stop here!”

Di Tai sneered, “I know that they are powerful and can easily kill me. But this is a society ruled by law. The era of martial arts has long passed.

“What do you mean, martial arts family? Aren’t they still obediently following the rules of this world? They won’t expose themselves so openly.

“But I’m different. I only have one life. They can take it if they want. It doesn’t matter, I’ll do what I want. And before I die, if I can bring another one of them with me, I’ll be happy.”

“You really are a madman!” Hong Hu snarled.

“That’s right. It’s all thanks to them.” Di Tai said naturally.

Since his parents were killed, he had to avenge them.

He would never forget that day.

It was a rare trip home for him after boxing training. But, just as he reached the bottom of the block, he heard a loud explosion.

His house had exploded.

Apparently, it had been caused by a gas leak.

His parents had not escaped in time, and they were taken from him that day.

According to the autopsy report given by the relevant departments, he had always thought their deaths were an accident.

But a few months ago, he got detained for a few days because of a fight.

During the detention period, he heard someone bragging about witnessing a murder a few years ago.

At first Di Tai paid no attention.

However, the man mentioned the same estate that his parents had lived in. There was even mention of the fire that followed.

Di Tai was very shocked at that time and specially approached that person to get to the bottom of things.

The man asked for some compensation before telling Di Tai everything that he had seen.

It was only then that Di Tai realized his parents’ deaths had not been an accident.

After his detention period ended, he started investigating and found some clues.

He would not let off anyone who was involved in the murder of his parents.

His parents went to a breakfast shop every day.

Someone bribed the shop owner and drugged their food.

Just like that, some people took advantage of the opportunity and created an accident. They had deceived the whole world and not the slightest slip up could be found.

But there were too many accidents in this world after all.

The heavens favored Di Tai and let him learn of the truth.

The people who killed his parents had an extraordinary background. They were a martial arts family with thousands of years of lineage.

Di Tai knew very well that, given his capabilities, he had absolutely no way of opposing them.

However, the people who died were his parents. He had to take revenge and give them justice.

That martial arts family had changed its appearance. They became a family enterprise and were now a successful establishment in Beichuan City.

After hiding in the Kitagawa Kingdom for so many days, he killed many people from that martial arts family.

He was prepared to take action today, but Hong Hu suddenly appeared.

Hong Hu was from the same sect as him, and he had joined the sect two years earlier than Hong Hu. Since they had the same master, Hong Hu could be considered his senior.

Right now, some of the bones in Hong Hu’s back were broken. He was no longer able to fight.

“Junior Brother, this is the last time I’m calling you that.” Hong Hu’s eyes were red.

Di Tai turned away, suppressing his emotions.

Both parties were silent for a few seconds.

“Go back and tell Master that I have let him down. I will repay him in my next life.”

With that, Di Tai prepared to leave.

But right at that moment, a figure appeared before them like a ghost.