Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of 50 chapters

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“Who are you?”

Di Tai was surprised by someone’s sudden appearance.

It was Elder Chen.

Elder Chen said directly, “Are you Di Tai?”

Di Tai did not deny it. “That’s me. Who are you?”

Elder Chen gave him a sinister smile and lunged at him. Using his hand as a claw, he grabbed Di Tai.

In the face of this sudden situation, Di Tai was thunderstruck.

But, as a martial arts practitioner, he reacted instinctively.

Di Tai turned sideways to dodge and formed a fist to retaliate.

But, he had underestimated Elder Chen.

Elder Chen was as fast as lightning.

Even though Di Tai had moved to dodge, he was still half a beat slower. Elder Chen gripped him by the neck.

Elder Chen’s grip was strong; he could easily crush stones.

He only needed to exert a little force to kill Di Tai on the spot.

Di Tai also understood this. He did not want to act rashly before he had gotten his revenge.

“Senior, are you here to kill me?” asked Di Tai.

He knew very well that he was now wanted nationwide. Some departments had even offered a high price to hire martial artists.

The old man before him was extremely powerful. If he were here to kill him, there was nothing much he could say.

Elder Chen said, “They’ll pay me double if you’re alive.”

Upon hearing this, Di Tai instantly felt despair.

“But before I arrest you, I have something to ask you,” said Elder Chen.

Di Tai was stunned for a moment. “Can you let me go?”

Elder Chen’s eyes darkened. “Are you bargaining with me?”

“Yes!” Di Tai was very bold.

“What if I disagree?”

“I won’t answer your question if you don’t agree.”

“Heh Heh, you’re really gutsy.”

Elder Chen did not play hardball either. He could tell that Di Tai was not a coward.

However, as long as one was human, he would always have a weakness.

Old Chen glanced at Hong Hu, who was lying on the ground, and a sinister grin appeared on his face.

He grabbed Di Tai by the neck, like he was holding a chick, and walked towards Hong Hu.

Then, Elder Chen stepped on Hong Hu.


Hong Hu’s left leg broke then and there.

Hong Hu’s face contorted and paled, and his body trembled intensely. He writhed and screamed in pain.

Di Tai shouted, “Senior Brother!”

This time, he called him Senior Brother.

“What are you trying to do?” Di Tai looked murderous.

Old Chen put on a contemplative smile. “I wanted to ask you one thing, but you wouldn’t agree! So I could only…”

As soon as the word ‘only’ fell, he stomped down and Hong Hu’s right leg broke.

The intense pain caused Hong Hu to pass out.

Di Tai immediately conceded, “As long as you stop hurting him, I will answer anything you ask.”

Elder Chen laughed. “If you had agreed earlier, your senior brother wouldn’t have to suffer such pain!”

Di Tai did not reply. He was not capable enough. He was only the mercy of others.

He was not afraid of death himself, but Hong Hu was his senior brother. They had a close relationship. Even though their current relationship was more complicated, he still did not want Hong Hu to die.

“Let me ask you, who killed my disciple?” Elder Chen asked sternly.

Di Tai was stunned. “Your disciple?”

“Drop the act, I’m sure you know.”

“Senior, this is my first time meeting you. I have never met your disciple before. How would I know?” Di Tai said sincerely.

Elder Chen sneered. “It seems like you’re still not smart enough. Since that’s the case…”

Elder Chen placed his foot on Hong Hu’s head. With his strength, he could easily crush Hong Hu’s head.

Di Tai immediately panicked.

He naturally knew the disciple that Elder Chen was referring to.

After arriving at Beichuan, as there were no surveillance facilities by the riverside, that area had become his temporary resting place.

But he was still discovered by someone.

That person was Six.

That day, Six had been following Di Tai closely the whole time. Di Tai could not get away.

But he was lucky, and he met Qin Chuan.

After Six was sent flying by Qin Chuan, he didn’t actually die. He was still a little conscious and could still move his limbs.

However, the current in the river was so rapid that it was difficult for him to swim back to shore.

Just like that, Six used up all of his stamina, and his injuries were exacerbated. In the end, he was swallowed by the river.

Although the fatal injury was caused by Qin Chuan, the final cause of death was drowning.

Di Tai watched from afar, only leaving after Six sank into the water.

At the same time, he also became curious about Qin Chuan’s abilities. In addition, he discovered that there were people following Qin Chuan.

He had nothing to do with Qin Chuan. However, Qin Chuan had indirectly helped him by resolving the issue of Six, even though it had been unintentional.

Di Tai didn’t think he had long to live, and he did not like to owe others anything. So, he found an opportunity to approach Qin Chuan and inform him that someone was secretly following him.

Now that Six’s master had come knocking on his door and threatened him with Hong Hu’s life, he had no choice but to confess about Qin Chuan.

“Senior, I know who killed your disciple.”

Just as Elder Chen was about to land his leg, Di Tai spoke.

Elder Chen retracted his foot and said calmly, “Don’t bluff with me. You know the price.”

Di Tai nodded in a daze and recounted what happened to Elder Chen.

Elder Chen was surprised.

“You’re saying that a young man in his twenties killed my disciple?” Elder Chen frowned.

Di Tai nodded sincerely. “I’m telling the truth. You can look for him now. I know where he lives.”

“Oh!” Elder Chen had a knowing smile. “In that case, I would like to meet him.”

“Can you let him go now?!” said Di Tai.

Elder Chen said, “Since you’ve done well, I’ll spare his life.”

With that, he kicked Hong Hu away.

Hong Hu was sent flying. He smashed through the many wooden crates piled up in the warehouse. Di Tai couldn’t tell if he was still alive.

Di Tai’s body trembled. His eyes were bloodshot. He glared at Elder Chen as if he wanted to eat him up.

Elder Chen picked his ear with his pinky. “Don’t look at me like that. Your senior brother won’t die.”

“You… I’m going to kill you.” Di Tai somehow managed to break free.

Elder Chen was also shocked, but he quickly regained his usual calmness.

“Young man, don’t be so hot headed.”

Di Tai looked vicious. He clenched his fists and punched Elder Chen.

Each of his punches was aimed at vital points. The force from his fists was really fierce. He was truly strong.

On the other hand, Elder Chen had his hands behind his back. His feet were like shooting stars. His body was like a viper, and he easily dodged all of Di Tai’s attacks.

Di Tai knew that he was no match for Elder Chen, but he did not give up.

After ten blows, Elder Chen had had enough.

As Di Tai was about to attack, Elder Chen stepped forward and avoided his fist. He ran his shoulder into Di Tai’s chest.

Di Tai felt a huge impact on his chest. It was as if he was hit by a car. He was sent flying.


The Qi and blood in his body surged, and the taste of iron filled his mouth. He immediately spat out the blood.

Di Tai fell to the ground. His body fell as if it had fallen apart.

He swayed, ground his teeth, and stood up with difficulty.

Old Chen still had his hands behind his back and a smile on his lips. He was like a poisonous snake that made people feel uneasy.

He walked toward Di Tai slowly, as if he were Death itself.

Di Tai was filled with despair. He had not avenged his parents.

If only I killed a few more people.

Da da da!

The footsteps were getting closer. Di Tai had already closed his eyes.

But at that moment, the door to the warehouse opened.