Chapter 29

Chapter 29 of 50 chapters

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“Hello, Old Zhang! Are you home yet?”

“I just arrived. What’s the matter?”

“There’s an abandoned warehouse in the suburbs, right? I think we can go there to practice hammering at night.”

“Mm! That’s a good suggestion. At the very least, we were the first specialization to start classes. We absolutely cannot let other specializations catch up.”

“Then I’ll go check out the place now. If it looks good, we’ll go there in the future.”

“Sure, no problem.”

After Zhong Gufei hung up, he rode his old bicycle to the abandoned warehouse in the suburbs.

The place was overgrown with weeds, and there were no people for miles around.

Zhong Gufei felt like the environment here was quite good.

Hammering was loud. If they were to do this in the city, it would disturb the other residents.

This place was so remote, and no one lived nearby. It was simply tailor-made for them.

Zhong Gufei gave Old Zhang a call.

“Hey! Old Zhang, I took a look around. It’s not bad! We can come over tomorrow.”

“Sure, no problem for me. In any case, my children are all in other cities.”

“Mm! It’s settled then. We’ll inform Old Yuan when the time comes.”

“I think he’ll agree as well.”

“Haha! But we can’t tell the Sect Master about this. We’ll secretly cultivate and then give him a surprise.”

“Mm! It’s getting late. You should come back early too. The curfew will start soon.”

“I know. I’ll go into the warehouse to take a look and go.”

“All right, we’ll talk tomorrow.”

After hanging up, Zhong Gufei walked to the door of the warehouse.

The door was not locked, so he pushed it lightly.

When the door opened, the smile on his face instantly disappeared when he caught sight of the scene before him.

There were smashed wooden crates scattered everywhere, and there was a lot of blood on the ground.

Zhong Gufei was stunned.

“Yo! It seems to be quite lively today!” Elder Chen walked out from behind a pile of iron racks with a smile.

Zhong Gufei looked at Elder Chen, confused. He had absolutely no idea what had happened.

At this moment, Di Tai was covered in blood. He had a hard time walking, holding onto a metal rack.

Zhong Gufei saw Di Tai covered in blood. He thought that he looked rather familiar but he could not recall who he was.

“He’s a murderer,” Di Tai strained to shout. “Help me.”

In order to survive, this was the only thing Di Tai could do.

He wasn’t hopeful, but he would not give up as long as there was a chance.

Zhong Gufei was not stupid. He could roughly guess what had happened.

He did not want to be nosy and turned to run.

Elder Chen put on a contemplative smile. “You’re already here. Why don’t you sit before you go!”


Elder Chen jumped. He flipped in the air before landing in front of Zhong Gufei.

Zhong Gufei was shocked.

Old Chen turned around and revealed his yellow teeth with a ghastly smile.

Zhong Gufei was terrified. He hurriedly took out his phone and stammered, “Don’t… don’t come here. If-if not… I’ll call the police.”

Elder Chen laughed. “Go ahead!”

He was working with the police, so he was not flustered.

“Hello, someone wants to kill me, I’m…” Zhong Gufei really called the police.

After hanging up, Zhong Gufei seemed to have gained some confidence.

“I’m warning you. We live in a lawful society. Don’t mess around.”

Elder Chen laughed and said, “Lawful society? Haha! Let’s see if they have the balls to convict me if I kill someone.”

The death of Six had dealt him a huge blow. He had no way to vent his emotions, and he really wanted to kill someone.

He loved the thrill of it all.

That was the only way to ease the pain in his heart.

Elder Chen stretched out his hand and pointed at Zhong Gufei. He sneered. “Guess which part I’ll start with?”

Zhong Gufei immediately had a bad feeling about this.

The sun had already set. Because of the curfew, no one would pass by here by accident.

He had already called the police, but it would take some time before they arrived.

I have to hold on until the police arrive.

But, this place is so open. Where can I take cover? Could I hold out?

Zhong Gufei burned with anxiety.

During this critical moment of life and death, it suddenly occurred to him that he was an immortal cultivator. Why should I be afraid?

Sect Master said that once one stepped onto the path of immortality, mortals would be like ants to them.

He had cultivated True Qi and was a true immortal cultivator. Faced with a mere mortal, he would just be playing around.

Zhong Gufei was no longer afraid.

“I am warning you, do not provoke me, or else I cannot guarantee that I will not beat you to death.” Zhong Gufei said very seriously.

Elder Chen was stunned.

He stared at Zhong Gufei like he had told an earth-shattering joke. He couldn’t help but double up with laughter.

Zhong Gufei did not understand what he was laughing about.

Elder Chen was breathless from laughing. “Beat me to death? Haha! What ‘beat me to death’… Haha! I’m standing right here. Come and kill me if you can!”

Zhong Gufei didn’t hold back.

If I were to back down now, I would really let down the Sect Leader. Why the hell should I continue to cultivate, then?

So, Zhong Gufei took a few steps forward and came to Elder Chen’s front.

Elder Chen didn’t know who Zhong Gufei was. He thought he was just an ordinary person.

As someone in the realm of Grandmaster, he could easily kill the other party with a flick of his finger. Thus, he didn’t think much of it.

Elder Chen clasped his hands behind his back and said coolly, “Come on!”

Zhong Gufei did not hesitate. He raised his hand. Using his hand as a blade, he slashed down Elder Chen’s shoulder.

It was a very simple and unadorned attack. There was no special technique.

There was a loud thud.

Elder Chen’s pupils instantly dilated, and his shoulder sank in all of a sudden.

He could not believe that an ordinary-looking person could possess such immense strength.

“You…” Elder Chen wanted to say something, but his consciousness became more and more clouded. In the end, he collapsed like a pile of mud.

Zhong Gufei clapped his hands and looked down at Elder Chen. He panicked, “Don’t tell me he’s really dead!”

He squatted down and placed his finger near Elder Chen’s nose.

“He’s still breathing, thankfully. Thank god.” Zhong Gufei heaved a great sigh of relief.

At this moment, Di Tai walked out.

He was shocked to see Elder Chen lying on the ground.

“This is his doing?” He stared at Zhong Gufei’s back in disbelief.

There was no one else present. It could only be him.

Zhong Gufei turned around and saw Di Tai. He immediately walked over.

“Young man, are your injuries serious?” Zhong Gufei asked with concern.

Di Tai cupped his fists and said, “Thank you for saving my life, Senior.”

“Don’t thank me, I didn’t plan on saving you at first.” Zhong Gufei was a very honest person. He was always speaking the truth.

Di Tai did not mind that either.

He did not expect himself to be so lucky.

For two days in a row, he had met benefactors.

“Young man, when the police come, you have to testify for me. This was self-defense, I didn’t want to hurt him on purpose,” said Zhong Gufei.

Di Tai cupped her fists again. “Don’t worry, Senior. I will definitely testify for you.”

“That’s good.” Zhong Gufei instantly felt much more relaxed.

In today’s society, there were great consequences for fighting.

But today’s situation was special. If someone could prove that he was acting in self-defense, he would be fine.

“Right, Senior!

“I have a friend who is also injured. His injuries are very serious. Please help me,” Di Tai suddenly said.

Zhong Gufei did not have other thoughts and immediately agreed.

Di Tai pointed to the warehouse. “My friend is buried under those wooden crates. I’m injured now. I’m sorry, but I’ll have to ask you to carry my friend out. ”

“Mm! No problem!”