Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of 50 chapters

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Gold Sea City, Number One Hospital.

There was a large number of reporters gathered outside the hospital. The security personnel were actively maintaining order at the scene, stopping these people from entering the hospital.

These media outlets were here because of the Li Pharmaceutical Co.

Today’s news and major media outlets were scrambling everywhere. They were all related to Li Corporation’s pharmaceutical industry.

When the stock market opened this morning, Li Pharmaceutical Co’s stock prices fell steeply. Before the stock market closed, it had already fallen by 10%, and its market value was estimated to have lost close to 100 billion.

Although Li Pharmaceutical Co was powerful and had deep foundations, it could not withstand such a loss.

Apart from the incident on the stock market, the company’s entire family also got into all kinds of accidents.

Outside the emergency room, Li Zhongyao was sitting in a wheelchair with an oxygen mask on. His eyes were bloodshot as he waited anxiously.

The people around him couldn’t make a sound.

Not long after, the red light in the emergency room turned green, and the doctor walked out.

Li Zhongyao immediately pushed his wheelchair forward to ask, “Doctor, how is my son?”

The doctor sighed and said, “Mr. Li, I’ve saved your son’s life, but he can no longer live a normal life.”

Li Zhongyao’s face turned pale.

He asked in despair, “How can this be? Is there no other way?”

The doctor replied, “Mr. Li, all the top experts in the various medical fields were gathered for his surgery today. It’s already a miracle that your son survived, but if you want everything to go back to how it was before, we really cannot do anything.

“You also understand medicine, so you should understand the condition of your son’s injury. We really tried our best.”

Li Zhongyao’s eyes drooped. His hair suddenly turned white, and wrinkles appeared on his face, like mushrooms sprouting after the rain.

The butler next to him immediately consoled him, “Chairman, Seventh Young Master is a good person who the heavens will bless. Perhaps he will recover miraculously!”

Li Zhongyao was not listening. His head kept buzzing.

He could not accept this fact.

The doctor said softly, “Mr. Li, you can look for opportunities overseas. There might be hope.”

Li Zhongyao’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that?

“The medical technology overseas is superb. I’ll send my son overseas and hire the best doctor in the world. He will definitely be able to make a full recovery. ”

“Yes, send him overseas.”

For a moment, Li Zhongyao’s eyes were bright.

He had placed all his hopes abroad.

Soon, a patient was brought to the ICU under the care of a group of doctors and nurses.

This patient was Li Zhongyao’s son, his seventh child. He was ranked seventh, named Li Yeqi1

Li Yeqi was his most beloved son.

It was because he was the most hardworking and business-minded child.

Since he was young, Li Yeqi had always been a well-behaved boy in the eyes of his family. He was very sensible and also a top student.

He graduated from a world-famous university and obtained a Ph.D. at the age of 25, specializing in finance and medicine. His theses also attracted a lot of attention.

After returning to China, he was hired by Gold Sea University as a professor, making him the youngest professor in the university.

At the same time, he held an important position in Li Pharmaceutical Co.

Li Zhongyao had given him a lot of authority. The outside world was speculating that Li Yeqi would definitely be Li Zhongyao’s successor.

Regarding this, Li Zhongyao did not say anything, and it was considered as an act of tacit agreement.

But now, unexpected calamity had descended from the heavens.

The doctor also mentioned that the nerves in his brain had been damaged and he might experience a decline in intelligence. As for the extent of the decline, it was impossible to determine.

What did Li Zhongyao value the most in Li Yeqi?

It was his intelligence, his high IQ, and high EQ.

But now, his greatest fear had happened.

Inside the ICU.

When Li Zhongyao saw Li Yeqi on the bed, he did not say a word. He was like a beast that was about to explode. The atmosphere was particularly heavy, and no one dared to disturb him.

After an unknown period of time, the butler came to his side and whispered, “Master, we’ve gotten to the bottom of everything.”

“Speak!” Li Zhongyao had no expression.

The butler said, “We found out from the surveillance footage that Seventh Young Master was on the phone at the time. His phone accidentally fell during the process, so he bent down to pick it up. The accident happened at that moment.

“Seventh Young Master’s car deviated and crashed through the green belt. It collided head on with the truck, and then…”

Li Zhongyao’s face was grim. He thought for a moment and said, “Did you find out who he was on the phone with at that time?”

The butler hesitated for a moment as if he had something that was difficult to speak of.

“Speak!” Li Zhongyao glanced at him and said solemnly.

The butler knew very well the consequences if he did not say it.

He had to speak.

“Eagle Guards,” was all the butler said.

“Them?” Li Zhongyao’s expression changed. He looked… surprised.

“Are you sure?”

“I am. This is their conversation.”

The butler took out a tablet and played an audio clip.

After Li Zhongyao listened to it, he looked beyond furious.

He glared at Li Yeqi, who was lying on the bed. His lips trembled as if he wanted to say something, but he retracted his gaze.

The butler continued, “Chairman, I forgot to inform you, but something also happened to the Eagle Guard who was on the phone with Seventh Young Master.

“I thought that what happened today was too strange. Why did everything happen on the same day? ”

Li Zhongyao was frowning.

He had thought of this point earlier, but he did not have the energy to deal with it now.

Right now, he was most concerned about Li Yeqi.

He pondered for a moment and said to the butler, “Make this female university student disappear.”

The butler was shocked and urged, “Chairman, I don’t think that’s a good idea!”

“Nothing would have happened to Yeqi if not for her. She must die.

“A romantic relationship will forever block on a man’s path to success.

“In the Li family, women only have one role.

“Butler, after all these years with me, you should understand this.”

The butler bowed his head. “Understood. I’ll make the arrangements immediately.”

Beichuan City, at the foot of Mountain Hu.

Qin Chuan woke up very early today. It was his turn to wait for the others.

Before long, everyone arrived one after another.

There were a few newbies again today.

After registering them, Qin Chuan led everyone into the sect.

After guiding the newbies into immortal cultivation, he went to check the progress of the forging and alchemy specializations.

At the forging Room, Zhong Gufei immediately said, “Sect Master, thanks to you, I was able to escape death this time!”


“Sect Master, you don’t know how dangerous it was last night. It was like filming a movie.”


Qin Chuan was even more confused.

Old Zhang interjected, “Sect Master, Old Zhong ran into the murderer, Di Tai, last night.”

Di Tai?

Qin Chuan was stunned. “Really?”

“How can it be fake? I already went on TV.

“A bunch of microphones were placed in front of me. The cameras kept clicking. It felt like I was some big star, and I got home really late.” Zhong Gufei looked proud.

He even recorded the interview last night and showed it to Qin Chuan.

After Qin Chuan saw this, he wasn’t happy at all. In fact, he even cursed inwardly.

Yesterday was such a good opportunity. If Zhong Gufei had just mentioned cultivation, then there would have been hundreds or thousands of people registering to cultivate today.

But he did not even breathe a word. Qin Chuan really wanted to slap him.

“Sect Master, do you think I look good on camera?

“If I knew this would happen, I would have dressed up a little,” Zhong Gufei commented.

Qin Chuan just laughed. You’re even talking about looking good on camera? It will probably never happen again.

And just like that, Qin Chuan left.