Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of 50 chapters

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After the martial arts school was completed, the local government continued to give the Fang family significant support, such as tax exemption and various rewards.

With this, the Fang family gradually gained a firm foothold in Beichuan City with their martial arts school.

With the new era, the country’s economy developed rapidly and took over the international market. This attracted many investors.

Beichuan City had many mountains and few lands. So, there was only one way to attract more investors, and that was to develop tourism and travel.

With some mountains, ancient villages, and hot springs…

After many years of hard work, Beichuan City was rated as one of the top ten livable cities in the country.

With this title, it attracted capital.

Beichuan City’s economy began to grow.

One of the most obvious signs of economic growth was increasing land prices.

Moreover, Beichuan City had more mountains and less land, so their land was even more valuable.

The Fang family’s martial arts school occupied almost 1400 square meters. Its value was immeasurable.

Many investors also had their sights set on the Fang family’s land and repeatedly negotiated with them, hoping to buy the piece of land.

The Fang family knew why those investors wanted the land.

Furthermore, after so many years of accumulation, the Fang family had a large amount of liquid funds.

So, the Fang family did something shocking.

They shut down the martial arts school and used their connections to obtain the various qualifications needed to construct housing.

The Fang family demolished their martial school and built tall buildings.

The value of the piece of land originally worth 20,000 yuan now multiplied.

Currently, the Fang family was Beichuan City’s real estate tycoon.

Other than property, they also dabbled in various industries. They prospered everywhere.

Wang Jiajun and the captain walked into the main lobby.

Wang Jiajun asked the receptionist, “Hello, is your chairman here?”

The receptionist was a little scared when she saw Wang Jiajun in his police uniform.

She, who was just a receptionist, had no right to speak to people like the police.

She immediately informed her higher-ups of the situation.

Soon, a female manager rushed from the elevator.

She smiled,bowed, and said politely, “Sir, we didn’t know that you two were here. I apologize for the poor hospitality.”

Wang Jiajun raised his hand and glanced at the woman’s work ID. “Manager Wu, right?”

“Yes! Sir, please speak freely.”

Wang Jiajun said seriously, “First of all, address me differently. You don’t have to call me sir. I would appreciate it if you called me officer.”

Manager Wu was shocked by Wang Jiajun’s aura.

She smiled awkwardly and nodded. “I understand, I understand. Sir… er… Officer.”

“Is your chairman at the company today?” Wang Jiajun went straight to the point.

Manager Wu thought for a moment and said, “Yes, but our chairman is in a very important meeting.”

“Then we’ll wait for the meeting to end,” Wang Jiajun replied.

“Erm…” Manager Wu wiped her sweat and maintained her smile.” Officer, today’s meeting will be going on for a very long time! ”

She was implying that Wang Jiajun should head back first and wait to be notified.

Wang Jiajun understood that.

Still, he replied, “It’s fine. We have a lot of time. We can wait.”

“Um…” Upon hearing this, Manager Wu’s expression turned a little grim. She wore a half-smile, feeling stumped.

At this moment, a tall and handsome young man walked in.

Manager Wu’s eyes lit up, and she immediately went forward and bowed to him. “Young Master Fang!”

The young man’s gaze was cold. He only took a glance at her before continuing to walk forward.

Manager Wu immediately stopped him and said in a low voice, “Young Master Fang, there are police officers here looking for the chairman.”

The young man’s expression changed a little. He couldn’t help but look towards Wang Jiajun and the captain who were at the sofa.

The young man’s expression changed drastically when he saw Wang Jiajun.

He hurried over.

“Brother Jiajun, I didn’t expect to see you here.” The young man bowed with a smile. He was very polite.

Wang Jiajun glanced at him indifferently. He looked disgusted.

“Fang Yuke, I already know what happened between you and Qingxue.

“But I’m here to look for the adults today. As for you, I’ll settle the score with you in the future.” Wang Jiajun said dissatisfied.

Fang Yuke smiled awkwardly. “Brother Jiajun, actually, what happened between me and Qingxue was a misunderstanding. I can clear that up.”

His attitude was serious.

Wang Jiajun chuckled. “I won’t trouble you with that, Young Master Fang.

“Our Qingxue is independent and strong. She is completely unaffected.”

Fang Yuke added, “Brother Jiajun, please believe me. I…”

“Excuse me,” Wang Jiajun interrupted before Fang Yuke could finish.

“I don’t want to argue with you about this today. I have official business to handle.”

With that said, Fang Yuke also stopped.

He composed himself and asked, “Brother Jiajun, why are you looking for my father?”

Wang Jiajun said coldly, “It’s official business. I can’t tell you.”

Fang Yuke added, “To be honest, Brother Jiajun, my father isn’t in the company.”

Wang Jiajun frowned and glanced at Manager Wu. “I heard from your staff that your father is in a meeting.”

Fang Yu smiled bitterly. “Brother Jiajun, since you’ve come all the way here, I won’t hide it from you.

“My father worked hard for the family when he was young. He put in a lot of effort for the family’s development.

“But, he’s old, and his body deteriorates day by day.

“Right, he is recuperating deep in the mountains.

“It’s far from the hustle and bustle of the city. He’s going back to nature and living a primitive life.”

As a top-notch criminal investigation expert, Wang Jiajun was very experienced.

He could tell from his various micro expressions and tone that Fang Yuke wasn’t lying.

However, these were all his speculations.

Since they were here to handle a case, they had to see the evidence.

But, Fang Yuke was not a simple person.

He was a top student, educated abroad. He held double PhDs in economics and law.

He only returned after working overseas for five to six years.

He had taken the roles of a legal adviser and financial manager abroad.

And the enterprises he worked for were all Fortune Global 500 companies.

He was the ‘Diamond Turtle’ amongst those who returned from overseas[1.The Chinese term for ‘turtle’, ‘hai gui,’ has the same pronunciation as the term referring to those people who have returned from abroad].

After returning home, he had been working in the family business and was appointed as the legal consultant and financial director.

Due to his rich management experience abroad, the Fang Corporation had developed rapidly in recent years and became a listed company.

Fang Yuke was capable.

He had known Wang Jiajun for a long time.

Comparatively speaking, he still knew him pretty well.

He turned on his laptop that he carried with him.

“Brother Jiajun, this is a surveillance system. These are real-time images. The person on the screen is my father.

“You’re a criminal investigation expert. You can tell if the surveillance cameras are real or fake.”

Wang Jiajun took a closer look.

“That’s right. The surveillance cameras are real.” Wang Jiajun looked away.

Then, he asked, “Since your father isn’t at the company, why did you say he was in a meeting? You should at least explain this!”

Fang Yuke smiled bitterly. “Brother Jiajun, you should know that the Fang Corporation is now a listed company. My father is the chairman.

“One word or action from him directly affects the price of our stocks.

“If the outside world were to know that his health is failing, our stock prices will drop.

“At the moment, the international economy is not looking good. A large number of listed enterprises have gone bankrupt. I do not want the Fang family to become one of them.

“So, why did I lie to you in the beginning? I won’t say it out loud, but you should understand. ”

“I understand,” Wang Jiajun said honestly. He was not being biased either.

“Since your father isn’t around, who’s in charge of the company? Or rather, who’s making the big decisions.”