Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 50 chapters

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Previously, after Di Tai had told Qin Chuan that they were being monitored, Qin Chuan had left a restriction on Zhao Xuanxuan.

If she was in any danger, he would sense it immediately.

Now that the restriction was triggered, he was burning with anxiety.

When he returned to the outside world, he immediately used divination to deduce Zhao Xuanxuan’s location.

Then, he immediately summoned his flying sword and chased her.

In less than a minute, he arrived above the mine.

A black car and two men in black near the entrance of the mine caught his eye.

Inside the house, there was a flashing red dot; it was Zhao Xuanxuan.

At this moment, Qin Chuan flew into a rage. He was murderous.


He angrily descended from the sky, and the ground beneath his feet immediately split apart.

The loud noise startled the two men in suits who were standing at the entrance.

When they saw Qin Chuan, they were shocked.

“What’s going on? How did he get in?” The two of them were puzzled.

That was because there was only one way in, through the entrance.

“There’s something wrong with this person. Be careful.”

As such, they took out their guns and walked towards Qin Chuan.

At the same time, two other men in suits walked out of the cabin made of containers.

“Rascal, who let you in?” A man in a suit lifted his arm and pointed his gun at Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan looked cold. Inside, he felt like he was a volcano that was about to erupt.

The men in suits did not realize who they were facing.

At this moment, they only had a few seconds left to live.

Qin Chuan gently raised his hand, and the True Qi in him transformed into a giant invisible hand that extended forward like a vine.

As he clenched his fist, one of the men was squished. The blood was like mist. It was almost as if they were bubbles that had just been popped by Qin Chuan’s True Qi hand.

The other three men were horrified. They had never seen such a bizarre way to die.

In the next second, another man turned into a bloody mist with a bang.


The remaining two men screamed in fear. They were scared out of their wits and lost control of their bowels.

Qin Chuan didn’t stop.

Bam! Bam! The remaining two men in suits turned into blood mist within seconds.

The four people who kidnapped Zhao Xuanxuan had all passed away, leaving nothing behind.

After dealing with the four of them, Qin Chuan immediately pushed open the door.

Zhao Xuanxuan was like a fallen angel, lying quietly on the moldy wooden board.

Qin Chuan immediately lifted her and examined her body. Fortunately, she was fine.

Back home.

Qin Chuan placed Zhao Xuanxuan on the bed and carefully wiped her face with a wet towel.

“I’m really not qualified to be an older brother.” Qin Chuan blamed himself.

“Xuanxuan, don’t worry. I promise that I’ll make those who hurt you pay.”

As he said this, Qin Chuan looked so bloodthirsty that it would make anyone tremble.

Not long after, Zhao Xuanxuan woke up.

When she opened her eyes, she looked around and was startled.

“Why am I at home?” Zhao Xuanxuan was very puzzled.

When she sat up, her head felt dizzy, as if it was filled with lead. It took some effort even to lift it up.

Presently, Qin Chuan was cooking in the kitchen, displaying his culinary skills.

Seeing Qin Chuan’s back view, Zhao Xuanxuan walked over shakily.

“Brother, why are you home?” Zhao Xuanxuan asked weakly, holding onto the shelf.

Upon hearing the voice, Qin Chuan immediately set down what he was doing and turned around to support Zhao Xuanxuan.

“Xuanxuan, why are you up? Quickly, go back to bed and rest.” Qin Chuan said with concern.

Zhao Xuanxuan shook her head, “No, I want to watch you cook.”

Qin Chuan froze for a moment before he said with a smile, “What’s there to see? It’s not like you don’t know my cooking skills.”

“It’s because I know that I have to watch. I want to see exactly how the food is made.” Zhao Xuanxuan said stubbornly.

Qin Chuan grabbed a chair. “Since you want to watch, go ahead!”

With that, he returned to cooking.

Zhao Xuanxuan sat down joyfully, her gaze fixed on Qin Chuan’s every act.

A few minutes later, a burned smell filled the room.

On the dining table, plates of burned cuisine made them realize that cooking was also an art.

Zhao Xuanxuan was in a much better state now.

“Xuanxuan, that’s all we have for today. Don’t say that I’m petty.” Qin Chuan said with a grin.

“Okay!” Zhao Xuanxuan shrugged her shoulders and sighed.

“That’s right, brother, why am I at home? I remember that I was shopping at the mall at that time…” Zhao Xuanxuan said as she chewed on a charred drumstick.

“Shopping?” Qin Chuan faltered. “Didn’t you say you were going for an interview? Why were you shopping again?”

Zhao Xuanxuan’s expression changed, “Hmph, just mentioning the interview infuriates me.”

“What’s wrong?” Qin Chuan was curious.

“The receptionist said that the boss was in a meeting and told me to come back another day.

“What kind of bullshit company is this? Why didn’t they tell me about the meeting earlier? I just went there for nothing,” Zhao Xuanxuan complained.

But Qin Chuan said, “Are you stupid!

“The receptionist must be implying that they don’t want to interview you. Can’t you tell? You’ve had so many years of education for nothing.

“When your brother went to look for jobs in the past, this was essentially what those receptionists would say. They really think we’re idiots.”

Hearing that, Zhao Xuanxuan was even more enraged.

“Brother, I’m not eating anymore.” Zhao Xuanxuan put down her bowl and chopsticks; she was so angry that she could not eat.

Qin Chuan was shocked. “Don’t! I worked so hard to make these. How can you not eat just like that? Even if you’re annoyed, you shouldn’t take it out on your stomach!”

Qin Chuan had coaxed with great patience before Zhao Xuanxuan returned to the table.

“Xuanxuan! I don’t think you need to find a job.

“Just stay at home and study. Don’t you want to do postgraduate studies? Strive to get into a good school. It would be best if you got into the best school in the country,” Qin Chuan said.

Zhao Xuanxuan rolled her eyes. “Brother, do you think that you don’t need to pay to get into a graduate school?!”

“I’m an adult, and I can earn my own tuition fees.

“As for you, you should keep the money for yourself. If you meet a girl you like, you’ll have more to spend on.”

Qin Chuan had something to say.

However, before he could say anything, Zhao Xuanxuan continued, “But with your qualifications, I don’t think there’s any woman who would like you. Only I, your sister, am not picky.”

Qin Chuan laughed, feeling an urge to sew her mouth shut.

“I’m not eating anymore!” Now, it was Qin Chuan’s turn to not want to eat.

Zhao Xuanxuan immediately moved the stool to his side.

“No, we’re already hard-pressed for money. We can’t waste food.

“No matter what, we have to wipe these dishes clean.”

As she spoke, Zhao Xuanxuan picked up a charred drumstick and stuffed it into Qin Chuan’s mouth.

Qin Chuan was angry, but he couldn’t bear to waste food, so he silently finished all the food on the table.

“I’m done eating, wash the dishes!

“Stop talking and get to work!”

Qin Chuan lightly kicked Zhao Xuanxuan’s butt.

“Hmph…” Zhao Xuanxuan cleared the dishes, looking annoyed. But on the inside, she was sticky with happiness.