Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 50 chapters

When he saw the personal information of the little yellow dog, Qin Chuan was stunned.

Primordial Ancestral Dragon!

What a domineering name—’primordial’ and ‘dragon’—it was obvious that it was extraordinary.

[Immortal Beast: Primordial Ancestral Dragon]

[Type: Mythical Beast]

[Race: Primordial Dragon Race]

[Level: Child]

[Status: Binded]

[Binder: Qin Chuan]

[Description: A top mythical beast of the primordial era, the King of the Dragons. It controls eight laws of origin, controls time and space, and possesses the power to destroy the universe.]

After reading the message, Qin Chuan only had one word to describe it: impressive!

But he had a question.

Its race is a dragon, so why does it look like a dog?

It can’t be a genetic mutation?

Qin Chuan picked up the little yellow dog and looked at it left, right, up, and down but couldn’t see anything.

“Little dog, transform into a dragon for your master!” Qin Chuan said with anticipation.

The little yellow dog barked several times.


It can’t really be a mutant, can it?


Qin Chuan sent everyone off. As he passed by the roast duck shop, the little yellow dog at his feet barked at the entrance.

The little yellow dog stuck out its tongue and stared fixedly at the freshly roasted ducks.

Qin Chuan couldn’t help but stop.

“You want some?” He bent down and stared at the little yellow dog.

The little yellow dog nodded repeatedly, drool hanging from its mouth.

“All right!” Qin Chuan considered for a moment before agreeing.

Business was good at the roast duck shop today.

Since the curfew began, business at the store had plummeted. However, it was very lively today. Most of the tables were full.

Qin Chuan took a number and picked up the little yellow dog to go wait inside the shop.

The television in the store was showing the news. It was about Li Zhongyao’s death.

A conclusion about his cause of death had been reached.

However, it was unimaginable, exceeding everyone’s expectations.

According to the forensics report, Li Zhongyao was extremely nervous right before his death. His heart had beat violently, exceeding the limits of his body. In the end, all the blood vessels in his body ruptured, leading to his death.

Simply put, Li Zhongyao had encountered something so terrifying that he was scared to death.

Even the coroner himself found it hard to believe when the results came out, let alone the others.

But this was what the data analysis presented. Furthermore, the appearance of Li Zhongyao’s body after his death was also very consistent with the results.

Therefore, he was scared to death.

But here came the problem.

What exactly did he see that was so formidable that it scared him to death?

All of this was a huge mystery, waiting for someone to unravel it.

Everyone in the roast duck shop was discussing this matter.

People discussed and expressed their opinions. There were all kinds of versions.

The most popular version was that the people who were harmed and killed by Li Pharmaceutical Co. had turned into souls and returned to seek revenge.

Ever since the Li Pharmaceutical Co. was established, they had a considerable number of pharmaceutical mishaps, and the cases that resulted in death were not in the minority.

Everyone’s speculation was rather logical.

As Qin Chuan listened to the reports on the television, a cold sneer appeared on the corner of his lips.

“Whoever dares to offend my family, however distant, will be killed.”

“Li Zhongyao, you died because you tried to hurt Xuanxuan.”

Family was always Qin Chuan’s bottom line.

No matter who it was, as long as they touched his bottom line, he would make them pay.

A few minutes later, the staff called his number.

After collecting the roast duck, the little yellow dog in his arms opened its mouth wide, eager to eat it.

Qin Chuan patted its head and said, “Eat, eat, eat. All you know how to do is eat. You are really embarrassing your race.”

But the little yellow dog was not angry at all.

It was only focused on the delicious roast duck.

Qin Chuan naturally would not let it have it now.

At home, Zhao Xuanxuan was taking a shower.

“Brother, you’re back!”

Qin Chuan replied simply, “Yes! I brought a roast duck.”

“Wow! Brother, don’t eat it without me. I’ll be done right away.”

He heard noises of a person in a flurry coming from the bathroom.

Soon, Zhao Xuanxuan came out.

She only had a towel wrapped around her body, and her curvy figure was on full display.

Her long, wet hair draped down her shoulders. She was like a lotus flower that had just bloomed.

This made things difficult for Qin Chuan.

Neither looking nor not looking was a good idea.

If he were to look, it was inevitable that he would have other thoughts.

If he didn’t, he would think that he was guilty.

While he was feeling troubled, Zhao Xuanxuan came over.

She didn’t care about her current appearance and walked towards Qin Chuan without any misgivings.

With her snow-white skin and gorgeous figure, Qin Chuan almost had a mental breakdown.

It was really difficult to bear.

After all, they weren’t biological siblings. It wasn’t a problem if something happened between them.

However, he thought about it seriously. Even though they weren’t related by blood, he had decided that Xuan Xuan was his younger sister. He shouldn’t have any other intentions.

After he came round to this point, Qin Chuan instantly stopped feeling awkward.

At this time, Zhao Xuanxuan suddenly cried out, “Wow! Where did this puppy come from? It’s so cute!”

She picked up the little yellow dog in Qin Chuan’s arms.

When the little yellow dog saw the beauty, its large black eyes abruptly turned pink as it plunged into Zhao Xuanxuan’s embrace.

Qin Chuan looked at the little yellow dog with disdain. He really wanted to beat it up.

He even suspected that the system had reported the little yellow dog’s identity wrongly.

Primordial Ancestral Dragon?

Only a gluttonous dog or a big lecherous dog would suit it.

“Brother, did you buy this dog?” Zhao Xuanxuan gently stroked the little yellow dog’s back.

Qin Chuan immediately denied any relationship with the little yellow dog. “It followed my roast duck back here.”

“Ah! Then could it have an owner already?” Zhao Xuanxuan asked worriedly.

Qin Chuan shook his head, “Don’t worry. Who would raise such a dog? It will only be useful once it’s big enough to eat.”

Zhao Xuanxuan got upset.

“Brother, how could you? I won’t let you eat it.”


“From today onwards, this dog is family.

“Brother, don’t bully it from now on. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being nasty. ”

Zhao Xuanxuan clenched her fists with a fierce look on her face, but she looked quite cute.

Qin Chuan naturally ignored her.

“Brother, what should we name this little guy?”

Zhao Xuanxuan sat down beside Qin Chuan, lifting the little yellow dog in her hands as she stared at it.

Qin Chuan glanced at her and said, “Look at his yellow fur, let’s call him Ah Huang[1]!”

“No way, that’s too old-fashioned,” Zhao Xuanxuan rejected it at once.

“You can choose one yourself.” Qin Chuan casually replied.

Zhao Xuanxuan thought for a moment, “Let’s call him Huang Huang! That sounds so sweet!”


He looked at Zhao Xuanxuan with scorn.

What’s the difference between Huang Huang and Ah Huang?!

Just like that, the strongest mythical beast of the primordial era, the Primordial Ancestral Dragon, had a new name.

It was called Huang Huang.

“Huang Huang, do you like your name?” Zhao Xuanxuan placed Huang Huang in front of her.

Huang Huang barked happily with its big dewy eyes.

Zhao Xuanxuan giggled, “Looks like you like it! Then let’s eat roast duck together!”

Woof woof——

Huang Huang stuck out its tongue excitedly, even its drool dripped to the ground.

Late at night, Gold Sea City, Li Mansion.

A helicopter hovered overhead.

Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the helicopter…

[1] ‘Huang’ is yellow