Chapter 39

Chapter 39 of 50 chapters

At the bus stop, Zhao Xuanxuan and Qin Chuan stood side by side.

The bus slowly arrived, and Huang Huang, in Zhao Xuanxuan’s arms, barked when they saw the bus coming closer.

Soon, the bus stopped.

“Brother, I’ll get going!” Zhao Xuanxuan was reluctant to part with him, “And Huang Huang, you must be good today!”

Qin Chuan urged, “Hey, it’s not like you’re going on a long trip. Hurry up and get on the bus. If you’re late for the interview, it will leave a bad impression.”

“Got it!” Zhao Xuanxuan handed Huang Huang to Qin Chuan and climbed onto the bus.

After sending Zhao Xuanxuan away, Qin Chuan rushed to Mountain Hu. Many people were already there.

Fang Corporation.

Inside the building, in the chairman’s office.

An old man was leaning on a walking stick, stooping. He was looking out of the window as if he was thinking about something.

This old man was the chairman of the Fang Corporation, Fang Liang.

Just then, someone knocked on the door.

“Dad, it’s me!” It was Fang Yuke’s voice.

Fang Liang said coolly, “Come in.”

Fang Yuke pushed open the door and was surprised to see his father.

“Dad, why are you back?” Fang Yuke rushed over the moment he heard that his father had returned to the company.

“The police have come looking for you?” Fang Liang asked calmly.

Fang Yuke nodded. “I wanted to call you at first, but I was worried that the call would be monitored by the police, so…”

Fang Liang praised him, “You did well. It seems that it was a wise choice to let you manage the company.”

Fang Yuke asked directly, “Dad, do we really have something to do with the death of Di Tai’s family?”

He was anxious, and he desperately wanted to know the answer.

Fang Liang didn’t hide anything and nodded. “Yes.”

When he heard his father admit it personally, Fang Yuke couldn’t believe it. He found it difficult to accept.

Fang Liang patted him on the shoulder. “Yuke, you have lived overseas for many years. There are many things in the family that you are still unaware of.

“I’ll tell you everything you want to know after you’ve taken over as head of the family.

“But now, just pretend that you don’t know anything and don’t think about looking into it. That is very dangerous both for you and the family.”

Fang Yuke looked puzzled. “Dad, I’m your son. What is there that we can’t talk about?”

Fang Liang gripped his walking stick tightly and struck the ground angrily. “It’s precisely because you are my son that I cannot tell you.”

“Why?” Fang Yuke found it even more incomprehensible.

“Because I don’t want you to follow in the footsteps of your elder brother and second sister.” Fang Liang sighed.

When he heard this, Fang Yuke’s expression changed slightly. He suddenly understood something.

Five years ago.

His career abroad was thriving, and he had also found love. He married the daughter of a local business and started a family. He had a bountiful harvest in both his career and family.


One day, he received a call, and his world changed.

Fang Liang had four children, two sons, and two daughters.

Fang Yuke was third in line. He had excellent results, and with his own efforts, he got enrolled in a world-famous school overseas.

He also had an older brother and sister.

Both of them had followed Fang Liang to manage the company and expand their business.

The two of them did not disappoint Fang Liang either. The company’s achievements grew steadily, and they successfully became listed.

Everything seemed perfect, but accidents were always unexpected.

One day, the two of them met with a car accident on their way to work and lost their lives as a result.

As the Fang family was quite influential in Beichuan, the town buzzed with the news of this car accident—everyone knew about it.

After an investigation by the relevant departments, it was concluded that this was a very ordinary car accident.

Fang Liang accepted it at that time.

But he knew in his heart that the accident was not a coincidence. It was premeditated.

He knew who the mastermind was, but he couldn’t say it due to the forces behind the mastermind.

Fang Yuke was his biological son, and he was so outstanding.

Therefore, no matter what, he could not be met with any harm.

Fang Yuke was smart. He could tell that his father was doing this to protect him.

But as a member of the Fang family, he had an obligation to shoulder the pressures for his father.

When Fang Liang saw that Fang Yuke was indignant, he patted him on the shoulder again. “Yuke, put aside the family matters for now.

“Right now, the world economy is in a slump. If we want to develop in the long term, we still have a long way to go.

“The burden on your shoulders is unusually heavy, do you understand?”

Fang Yuke knew what his father was talking about.

Since that was the case, he would not probe further. However, if there was a chance, he would definitely get to the bottom of things.

A few moments of silence.

Fang Liang said, “Have you heard about Li Pharmaceutical Co’s incident?”

At the mention of Li Pharmaceutical Co, Fang Yuke’s expression turned especially grim.

“Dad, the report stated that Li Zhongyao was scared to death. There are all kinds of speculations in the outside world, and all of them are related to souls coming to claim his life. What do you think?” Fang Yuke asked.

Fang Liang replied, “I’ve been paying attention to this matter recently.

“Regardless of the reports or the public speculations, in my personal opinion, Li Zhongyao must have been murdered.”

Fang Yuke was taken aback. “Why murder?

“In the surveillance footage, Li Zhongyao was alone at that time.

“If it was murder, how did the murderer succeed?

“It couldn’t really have been a ghost, right?!”

Fang Liang said meaningfully, “If I say it is, would you believe me?”

Fang Yuke laughed out loud. “Of course I wouldn’t. How can there be ghosts in this world?

“We must believe in science.

“What the hell! Deities! Gods don’t exist.

“If Li Zhongyao really died because of a ghost, I would have gotten my PhD for nothing.”

“Yuke, don’t speak so early. What if it’s true?” Fang Liang said, deeper meaning in his words.

Fang Yuke refused to believe him as he chuckled. “Dad, we have to believe in science.

“If there really are ghosts, then we humans would have gone extinct long ago.”

Fang Liang did not refute him, but he reminded, “Yuke, there’s an ancient saying that one would rather believe that something exists than not.

“If anything that goes against science happens in the future, I hope you won’t be too surprised. ”

“Oh, oh!” Fang Yuke stared at his father, full of doubts about his words.

He was highly educated overseas. He had seen their advanced technology, and their understanding of the world was not something that Xia Country could compare to.

To him, ghosts and ghosts murdering someone were jokes.

In the sect…

Qin Chuan was currently explaining the divination arts.

Today, it was the Divination Specialization turn.

Not many people had registered for the Divination Specialization. There were only about 30 people.

Although there were very few of them, their spirit roots were all exceptional. The most inferior one was still a superior-grade spirit root.

These people had long achieved their True Qi and were waiting for Qin Chuan to teach them the divination arts.

They had a proper attitude towards learning, and Qin Chuan could teach with ease.

After saying so much, they got down to business.

“First of all, congratulations on choosing the Divination Specialization. This is the most promising specialization. You can say that it’ll make you a jack of all trades. In the future, you will be needed by every specialization.”

With the same tone and the same words, Qin Chuan continued to bluff them.

Their eyes lit up with excitement.

After Qin Chuan’s explanation, they now had a rough understanding of divination.

In their opinion, divination arts were very powerful. They had abilities similar to prophets, GPS locators, radars, and so on.

In the future, if their family or any Tom, Dick, or Harry got lost, they could use divination to find them in no time.

With this in mind, they became even more excited about divination.