Chapter 40

Chapter 40 of 50 chapters

“Immortal cultivation is an act of defying the heavens. Divination is even more so.

“This is because we diviners are able to pry into the secrets of the heavens and change karma. This is not tolerated by the heavenly dao and will definitely incur the wrath of the heavens.” Qin Chuan said seriously.

This was not an exaggeration, but something that truly existed.

During the past few times he had used divination arts, he had also suffered divine punishment.

The so-called divine punishment was the lightning tribulation.

Qin Chuan himself was special. Because of the existence of the system, he could transfer the lightning tribulation to the tiny clone in the cave abode.

The clone was extremely powerful, and he had endured all the lightning tribulations.

However, it would be hard to tell for the others.

Therefore, before imparting divination arts to them, he had to solve the problem of divine punishment.

“Sect master, is divine punishment scary?” Someone asked.

Qin Chuan replied honestly, “Yes!”

“Can it kill you?”



These people sucked in a breath of cold air, their expressions becoming grim.

For a moment, a thought popped into their heads.

A different specialization!

I must change my specialization!

F*ck, divination is too dangerous. It can even kill you.

This specialization is a no-no.

My life is more important.

Seeing this, Qin Chuan smiled and said, “Although divination is risky, I have a solution.”

When they heard this, their eyes lit up. “Sect Master, what is it?”

Qin Chuan said with a severe countenance, “Practicing divination is an act of disrupting the heavenly secrets and changing karma. This is why the heavens punish us.

“However, if we accumulate a large amount of good karma in advance, we can use the good karma to offset the divine punishment.”

“Good karma?”

Everyone was confused.

Qin Chuan continued, “This so-called good karma is doing good deeds.

“For example, helping an old granny cross the road is also considered a kind of good karma.

“Good karma varies in weight. How you obtain it depends on what you do.”

With that said, everyone understood.

“Sect Master, how much good karma do we have to accumulate?” someone asked.

Qin Chuan thought for a moment and then said, “Since the divine punishment is extremely powerful, the good karma must be a considerable amount.

“For something like helping an old granny cross the road, if you do it a thousand times, it would probably only offset the divine punishment once.

“No matter what, you must do your best to do more good deeds.

“Only when you have accumulated sufficient good karma will I be at ease to teach you divination. ”

Qin Chuan’s good intentions moved them.

Because they needed to do good deeds, they had to head outside the sect to cultivate.

Not long after, Qin Chuan brought them back to the real world.

“Do more good deeds and accumulate more good karma.”

“Do more good deeds and accumulate more good karma.”

“Do more good deeds and accumulate more good karma.”

Everyone shouted their slogans and headed out in all directions.

Qin Chuan felt very gratified. He hoped that every one of them could accumulate lots of good karma.

“Hello, son! Dad is going on a long trip!” Lyu Yuhua said loudly into his phone.

A surprised voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Dad, where are you going?”

“The southern mountainous region!”

“Dad, are you going on a tour?”

“A tour? I’m going to the mountains to be a volunteer teacher. Hurry up and book me the earliest flight today!”

“Dad, you must have lost your head! That kind of place is deserted. Are you sure you want to go?”

“Cut the crap. Are you booking me the flight or not?”

“Dad, calm down! Can’t you wait for me to come back before anything else?”

“What do you mean wait? Old Liu, Old Lu, and the rest have already set off.

“If I go too late, I won’t have anywhere to teach at.

“In any case, I am set on going to the southern mountainous region.

“If you won’t book the plane ticket for me, I’ll walk there.”

“Dad, don’t be like this. My phone signal isn’t good here… I’ll call you later…”

Du du du——

“Damn it, he hung up on me!” Lyu Yuhua was so angry that his body was trembling.

After leaving the sect, he decided with Old Liu and Old Lu that the best way to quickly obtain good karma was to teach.

However, teaching required skills.

In their younger years, they weren’t educators. If they wanted to teach, the only way was to go to places with harsh conditions.

They first thought of the southern mountainous region.

There was a lack of education and transportation there. There was not even a decent school.

No one would care if they had the qualifications to teach there.

So, they decided to book their flights and head there today.

Lyu Yuhua now had a problem, and the other two were in similar situations.

Everyone in their family thought that they were crazy.

They were indignant.

Since their children refused to buy tickets for them, they spent a lot of money on scalpers.

The scalpers were rather efficient, and they managed to get first-class seats.

So, the three of them packed their belongings and rushed to the airport with their bags.

On the other hand, a few people entered Beichuan City’s volunteer service station.

They slammed the tables, pleading with the staff to give them the dirtiest, most tiring work.

The staff were stunned then and there.

They thought that these people came from the mental hospital and almost called the police.

It was a good thing one of their leaders had acted in time.

“Sir, there’s obviously something amiss with these people. Why did you stop us?” The staff was puzzled.

The leader smiled. “Are you stupid? Someone volunteered to do the dirtiest and most tiring work. Why should we reject them?”

The staff members scratched their heads. “But they don’t look normal to me!”

The leader said, “That’s right! No normal person would want to do it.”

“Then we’ll satisfy them?”

“Of course! Just leave all the unresolved work—cleaning the dirty water and sewers from the past few years—to them.”

“That’s not a good idea, is it?”

“Are you the leader or am I? Don’t dawdle. Hurry up and get it done.”


Just like that, the staff gave them work that no one else would do.

These people were very happy after getting their share of work.

They were even making comparisons with one another, saying some very puzzling things.

“My good karma is weightier than yours.”

“No, no, no. My good karma is weightier.”

“No, no, no. Mine is weightier.”

After they left, the staff were all dumbfounded.

At first, they were not sure if these people were from the mental hospital, but now they were a hundred percent certain.


On the various streets in Beichuan City, before the sanitation workers had started work, someone had already made sure the streets were spotlessly clean.

After the sanitation workers got to work, they were dumbfounded when they saw the clean grounds.

At dusk, the day of cultivation ended.

Qin Chuan called Zhao Xuanxuan.

“Hello! Are you home?

“How was the interview today?”

“I signed with one company!”

“What job?”

“Property sales!”

“Huh?” Qin Chuan couldn’t help but be surprised. “Why are you going to do sales?”

It wasn’t that Qin Chuan didn’t like sales, but rather, he felt that Zhao Xuanxuan was too beautiful. If she were to do such a job, she might be taken advantage of.

The voice at the other end of the line said, “I have no choice. I still have to go back to school after the summer vacation. No company will sign a long-term contract with me.”

Qin Chuan sighed, “All right! When do you start?”

“It should be next Monday.”

“Since you’ve found a job, I’ll treat you to a feast.”

“Home cooked burned cuisine?”

“How is that possible? I’ll bring you to a restaurant.”

“Isn’t there a curfew? I don’t think we have enough time to eat outside!”

“It’s not too late now if we head there now.”

“Hmm, that’s true. I saw a new hotpot restaurant at the Flow Tripod Plaza. Let’s go there!”

“You want to eat hotpot in summer?” Qin Chuan was somewhat puzzled.

“Can’t we? I saw that a lot of people have gone there.”

“All right then! I’ll go over first and grab a seat.”

“Mm, mm. I’ll head over immediately too.”


After hanging up, Qin Chuan called a taxi.