Chapter 41

Chapter 41 of 50 chapters

Flow Tripod Plaza was located in the busiest part of Beichuan City.

The plaza was divided into many sections.

There weren’t many people in the plaza at the moment. After all, there was a curfew in place.

After Qin Chuan got off, he quickly found the hotpot restaurant from the directory.

Huang Huang was in his arms. It seemed excited when it smelled the food from the restaurants.

Qin Chuan patted its head and said sternly, “Behave yourself, or else I’ll stew you.”

With that said, Huang Huang became much more well-behaved. It curled up in Qin Chuan’s embrace, looking aggrieved.

Qin Chuan came to the entrance of the restaurant.

There were still many empty seats.

When he stepped in, the staff immediately approached him.

The shop assistant smiled and asked, “Welcome sir. How many in your party?”

Qin Chuan said, “Two!”

“Alright, sir!” The shop assistant smiled and led Qin Chuan inside.

The tables seating two people were located in a corner. Qin Chuan arrived early and chose a window seat.

After he sat down, he did not rush to order their food. Instead, he waited for Zhao Xuanxuan to arrive.

Time slowly passed.

The number of people in the restaurant gradually increased.

At this moment, someone dressed in pink appeared at the entrance, attracting the attention of many young men.

Zhao Xuanxuan had arrived.

She had specially put on some makeup today. However, since she was in a rush, it looked light and natural.

She was already charming without makeup.

After putting on makeup, she looked even more amazing.

From afar, she looked like a little fairy.

In just a few seconds, many young men had come over to ask for her number.

However, she rejected them all.

After entering the restaurant, Qin Chuan waved at her from his seat.


When Zhao Xuanxuan saw him, she quickly walked over with a smile on her face.

All the young men saw this and looked jealously at Qin Chuan.

After Zhao Xuanxuan sat down, she said apologetically, “Brother, sorry to keep you waiting!”

Qin Chuan replied cooly, “It’s alright. Since you are here, let’s order!”

Qin Chuan placed the menu in front of Zhao Xuanxuan.

Zhao Xuanxuan picked up the menu and flipped through it carefully.

Considering their poorer financial situation, she chose the twin soup base. For the food, she ordered a set meal for two and two bottles of drinks.

There was a discount for the store’s new opening, so the price was less than 200 yuan.

Then, they returned the menu and waited for the dishes to be served.

When the dishes were served, Zhao Xuanxuan said, “Brother, I’ve noticed that you’re becoming more and more generous.”

Qin Chuan smiled. “Haven’t I always been very generous? Ever since we were young, I have tried my best to give you whatever you want.”

“This is different from before.”

“How is it different?”

“I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just different.”

“You can’t even put it into words, so don’t overthink it.

“All you need to know is that I’m your brother. ”

“Mm, mm!” Hearing these words, Zhao Xuanxuan felt especially warm.

But she had other thoughts.

She just didn’t know how to voice them.

She was worried that her relationship with Qin Chuan would change after she did so.

After pondering for a while, their food was served.

Looking at the steaming hotpot, Qin Chuan couldn’t help but tease her, “Since you’re here to eat hotpot, why did you put on makeup? Aren’t you afraid of your makeup smudging?”

Zhao Xuanxuan was stunned before she rejoiced inwardly.

She had thought that Qin Chuan had not noticed her makeup!

It seems like I’ve been thinking too much.

Hence, she flipped her hair and asked, “How is it? Is your sister pretty today?”

Qin Chuan smiled and said, “Of course. My Xuanxuan looks good regardless of whether she is wearing makeup or not.”

Qin Chuan wasn’t exaggerating. He was speaking the truth.

Zhao Xuanxuan’s beauty was equal or even better than that of celebrities.

After hearing Qin Chuan’s praise, Zhao Xuanxuan felt even sweeter.

“Brother, here’s a slice of beef!” She placed the freshly cooked beef into Qin Chuan’s bowl.

Qin Chuan didn’t hold back and ate it in one bite.


“Hehe, eat more then.”

“Don’t give me all the food. Eat more yourself.”

Just like that, both of them ate happily as they put food into each other’s bowls. All the singles looked enviously

Gold Sea City, Li Mansion.

An old man sat on the sofa with a stack of documents on the coffee table in front of him.

This information only revolved around two people: Zhao Xuanxuan and Qin Chuan.

Initially, he had thought that there was something fishy about his son’s sudden death. However, after understanding what had happened in the family recently, he was almost certain that his son’s death wasn’t an accident.

He knew that the world was not as simple as it seemed. Some things could not be explained by science.

With the recent happenings at home and the death of his son, he felt like someone had put a curse on them.

There were only five kinds of people who could cast curses: physiognomists, practitioners of black magic, Gu[1] masters, shamans, and sorcerers.

The incidents that happened in his household matched perfectly.

Logically speaking, an enterprise like the Li Pharmaceutical Co. definitely had many competitors.

However, they were only business competitors.

He had looked into these competitors and found that the incidents were not their doing.

As a result, he excluded them.

As for the others, the old man was certain that those people wouldn’t do this.

So he was left with Qin Chuan and Zhao Xuanxuan.

However, after investigating them, he realized that the two of them could not be more ordinary.

Moreover, they were broke. They absolutely could not afford to hire people who could cast curses.

So, even this was a dead end.

But no matter what, everything was too coincidental.

In the old man’s eyes, these two people were definitely involved.

“Zhongyang, come over here!” Not long after the old man hung up, Li Zhongyang arrived.

“Dad, have we made progress?” Li Zhongyang asked.

The old man did not answer explicitly. “Send some Eagle Guards to Beichuan City. You must bring these people back.”

But Li Zhongyang replied, “Dad, Beichuan City is under special circumstances right now. It will be difficult for us to succeed.”

“You’re referring to Di Tai, yes?!”

“Mm! The Beichuan Police Force is spread out in the entire city to capture Di Tai. It’s very risky for people like us who come from another city to bring someone out of the city,” Li Zhongyang explained.

“That’s easy.” The old man stood up. “We’ll send someone to kill Di Tai and hand him over to the police.”

Li Zhongyang paused. “Dad, I heard that Di Tai is very capable. He can kill a person with one punch.

“There will probably be a lot of casualties if the Eagle Guards were dispatched.

“In this case, we can only consider using a gun.

“But using a gun would definitely attract the attention of the police. ”

The old man chuckled. “I didn’t say to use a gun.”

“Then we’ll send the Eagle Guard without guns?” Li Zhongyang was puzzled.

“You don’t have to worry about Di Tai. I have my ways.

“You only need to send someone to Beichuan City to monitor these two people for now.

“Once the police announce Di Tai’s death, you can take action.”

“Okay!” Li Zhongyang had no objections.

Before he left, the old man even emphasized, “Remember, don’t let news of this get out.”

“I understand!”

Li Zhongyang left.

The old man had his hands behind his back as he looked at the sky outside the window and muttered, “Son, no matter what background he has, I will definitely avenge you.”

Beichuan City.

Qin Chuan and Zhao Xuanxuan left the hotpot restaurant.

They were very satisfied with this meal.

Zhao Xuanxuan held Huang Huang in her arms and said that she wanted to go shopping to digest her food.

Qin Chuan saw that it was still early. There was still more than an hour before the curfew, so he agreed.

Soon after arriving at the pedestrian street, a figure in the distance caused Qin Chuan to stop in his tracks.

[1] Venom-based poison