Chapter 43

Chapter 43 of 50 chapters

“Dad, let me explain.” After a long silence, Fang Yuke finally spoke.

Fang Liang said angrily, “What do you have to explain? Are you trying to say that you have nothing to do with that woman?

“There’s all kinds of news about the Fang family on the streets. They are all ridiculing us.

“Tell me, with all the education you received, how did you end up messing up with a woman.”

Fang Yuke immediately replied, “Dad, the things on the Internet aren’t true.”

Fang Liang said seriously, “Let me ask you, are you dating this woman?”

Fang Yuke did not deny it. “Yes, but…”

“No buts.” Fang Liang flared up. “I’m telling you that from now on, you’re not to have any contact with this woman.

“Also, think of a way to prevent this matter from spreading abroad.

“You should know how powerful your father-in-law is. If he finds out, not even ten Fang families will be able to withstand his wrath.”

“Yes, I know what to do.” Fang Yuke knew the consequences, so he had already gotten someone to seal the news early in the morning.

Not long after, Fang Liang left to go handle some company matters.

Fang Yuke got out of bed and took out his cell phone. When she saw the overwhelming amount of news about him online, he was livid.

He thought that he wouldn’t be in such a sorry state today if not for Qin Chuan.

He blamed everything on Qin Chuan.

“How dare you touch my woman and put me in such a predicament. I want you dead!” Fang Yuke’s eyes were gleaming with killing intent. Only Qin Chuan’s death could quell his anger.

Fang Yuke returned to his bed, turned on his laptop, and entered a special website.

After a series of complicated maneuvers, two words popped up—Assassin Alliance.

The Assassin Alliance was hidden in the dark web.

The dark web wasn’t controlled by any government organizations.

There were many things on the dark web: black markets, hiring murderers, smuggling firearms, human trafficking, organ trade, and more.

It had everything one could think of.

The Assassin Alliance sounded like an organization, but it wasn’t. It was a platform.

The original purpose of the Assassin Alliance was to give killing enthusiasts a platform to showcase their skills.

Here, all kinds of killers from the world gathered.

Of course, there were also rankings for the killers.

The ranking was determined by how many stars they had.

The more stars the killer had, the more formidable he was.

Currently, the best assassin had a hundred stars, making them a hundred-star assassin.

There were only two hundred-star killers.

If one wished to hire a hundred-star Killer, the commission would be at least 100 million yuan.

Of course, the commission was only the simplest condition.

At the level of a hundred-star assassin, money was no longer important to them.

They had some unusual hobbies.

They would agree to help if their demands were met.

Although Fang Yuke was rich, he wasn’t able to afford to hire a hundred-star killer.

Of course, he didn’t think he needed to go that far anyway.

He was killing an ordinary person, so there was no need to pay so much.

Fang Yuke headed straight to the end of the rankings and found a one-star killer.

On the dark web, the identities of both buyers and sellers were hidden. Moreover, both parties did not need to connect. Everything was left on the platform.

The platform was like a middleman. It only charged a few service fees.

After picking a killer, Fang Yuke only needed to provide information about the target to the Assassin Alliance.

He did not know Qin Chuan’s name, but he ended up finding it. He managed to find the surveillance footage and submitted Qin Chuan’s appearance to the Assassin Alliance.

After paying the deposit, the Assassin Alliance gave him a rough date. The job would be done in about three days.

After, Fang Yuke left the dark web, finally feeling a little better.

In the sect.

Today was the last specialization——Combat specialization.

As the name implied, they were in charge of combat.

There were quite a number of people who signed up for the Combat specialization. Their size was second only to the Alchemy specialization. Everyone was quite hot-blooded.

However, cultivators all possessed extraordinary power. In the later stages, they could destroy the world with a single move.

Some time ago, Ma Dong had almost killed a man with a casual kick.

So, considering the danger in the future, Qin Chuan chose only five people to teach for now.

Among these five people, there were two familiar faces——Ma Dong and Wang Zhixing.

Wang Zhixing chose the Combat specialization because his son worked in the police force. If his son needed help in the future, he could help.

Ma Dong had a similar reason.

It was mainly because of his granddaughter, Ma Qingxue.

Ma Qingxue was a lawyer. Although it was a respectable profession, it was also dangerous.

There were many reports on the news of conflicts between lawyers and clients.

Ma Dong only had this one granddaughter. He had doted on her since she was young.

Hence, he wanted to be her bodyguard to ensure her safety when he had mastered the skills.

The three others were veterans. Naturally, their reason for signing up for the Combat specialization was for their country.

For them, the moment they put on their military uniforms, their lives no longer belonged to them but to their country.

Qin Chuan admired their spirit.

Before the lesson started, Qin Chuan first introduced the combat methods of cultivators.

He said, “The most commonly used medium for cultivators is spell techniques.

“There are two types of spell techniques.

“One is physical, and the other is dharma.

“Physical ones lean towards close combat, while dharma spells are more of long-range attacks.”

At this point, someone asked, “Sect Master, which one is stronger?”

Qin Chuan replied, “Neither! It all depends on how you use it.

“For example, if I give you two identical swords, can you tell which sword is sharper?

“You can’t!

“But, if I give one sword to a child and another to an adult, the adult would obviously win in a fight.

“So, there is no such thing as a powerful technique or a powerful spell. There is only a strong person.”

After hearing this, that person understood.

Qin Chuan continued, “Other than spell techniques, magical artifacts are also commonly used.

“Magical artifacts are weapons and equipment specially used by cultivators.

“A good magical artifact can boost one’s combat ability significantly.”

“Then how do we obtain it?” Someone asked.

Qin Chuan replied, “Isn’t there a Weapon Forging specialization amongst us?

“If you need any magical artifacts in the future, you can go to them.”

“But all they do is hammer all day. If I didn’t know any better, I would think they specialize in hammering. Are they reliable?”

Qin Chuan responded, “You guys don’t have to worry about that. In any case, you guys will definitely be begging them in the future. Not just you people, but the other specializations will also be doing the same.”

When the people heard this, they were very surprised.

“Sect Master, is the Weapon Forging specialization that sought after?”

Qin Chuan said seriously, “Every profession has its own specialty. Every specialization has its own function.

“Don’t be too envious. Combat is the main path of cultivation.

“As long as you are capable, the others will try to get in your favor.”

With that said, the ill feelings in their hearts disappeared.

Upon seeing this, Qin Chuan continued his lecture, “Other than spell techniques and magical artifacts. There is only one more thing left. This is also the most powerful component: divine arts.

“Divine arts are all-encompassing and profound. Only by mastering divine arts can one gain a footing in the cultivation world. ”

After hearing this, the five of them were instantly filled with an intense interest in the divine arts.