Chapter 44

Chapter 44 of 50 chapters

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“Sect Master, how powerful are divine arts?” Ma Dong was curious.

“How powerful is it? You guys may not know about it, but since you’re so curious, let me tell you about one of the divine arts!”

Everyone pricked up their ears and listened attentively.

Qin Chuan spoke with an exaggerated tone, “This type of divine arts is called Universal Emulation.

“Casting this divine art will cause the caster to transform into heaven and earth. Simply put, it’s enlargement. The caster will become so big that the planet can fit into their palms.”

Qin Chuan only said this much. After all, he didn’t know much about it himself.

He only brought it out to talk about it when he spotted it in the Merchant Shop. He would only know the actual effect after using it.

However, when the five people heard this, it was as if they had opened up the doors to a new world. They couldn’t wait to learn divine arts.

However, doing so was extremely difficult. It was not something that could be picked up easily.

Currently, even Qin Chuan himself had yet to master it. Naturally, he didn’t have the ability to teach them.

Furthermore, he had to take things one step at a time. If they wanted to learn divine arts, they had to start from the basics.

What were the basics?

They weren’t spell techniques or magical artifacts. The basics were the ethics of martial arts.

If one’s heart wasn’t in the right place, then given the destructive power of an immortal cultivator, it would cause a great calamity and chaos.

Therefore, before imparting combat knowledge to them, he had to first establish good ethics for them.

With a great educator like Wang Zhixing present, there was no need for Qin Chuan to say more. He had already taken over.

After listening to his teachings, no one had any questions or opinions, and they quickly reached a consensus.

Hence, Qin Chuan began his work.

He exchanged five books from the Merchant Shop——Tao Te Ching.

The text had a total of 5,126 words.

Qin Chuan instructed them to copy text a thousand times.

This way, not only could it sharpen their will, but it could also allow them to understand the philosophies discussed in this scripture. It would be extremely beneficial for their future cultivation.

After Wang Zhixing received the Tao Te Ching, he flipped open the book and was immediately attracted by the succinct text inside.

Although each paragraph was very short, it summarized the general principles well.

“What a good book!” Wang Zhixing could not help but exclaim.

The more he read, the more agitated he became. Once he started reading, he couldn’t stop.

Wang Zhixing’s hands trembled, and tears rolled down his cheeks.

When the four others saw this scene, they were shocked.

“What’s wrong with Professor Wang?” The four were confused.

Qin Chuan replied, “When you guys reach his level, you will naturally understand.”

“Eh…” The four people were still puzzled.

Qin Chuan didn’t say anything more. “You guys have already received the books. I don’t think you don’t need me to teach you how to copy them!”


The four of them found a table each and sat down with their copy of the Tao Te Ching.

However, they did not begin copying it immediately. Instead, they imitated Wang Zhixing and flipped through the book.

Soon, the room fell silent.

Qin Chuan left after seeing how serious they were.

At this point, all the specializations had been taught. It was up to them to decide who would achieve their goals first.

After walking around, everyone cultivated very seriously. Occasionally, there would be a few people who would perform minor tasks, but it did not take long.

Overall, it was not bad.

Qin Chuan sat on the platform and opened the system interface. It had been many days since he last checked the system.

Name: Qin Chuan.

Level: Eighth Class of Foundation Establishment

Cultivation Technique: Primordial Chaos One Breathing Technique

Spells: Inferno Palm, Wind Chasing Feet, Mad Bull Fist

Divine Arts: None.

Immortal Beast: Primordial Ancestral Dragon.

Identity: Daoist.

Accumulated points: 8,320

“Wow, I still have so many points!” Once Qin Chuan saw that he had so many points, he had an idea.

All the current facilities in the sect were the most basic ones. Now that he had enough points, he could level them up.

Let’s do it!

First were the gates.

The gates were very important because their main purpose was to consecrate people, which would also help them to awaken their spirit roots.

Spirit roots were the foundation of cultivation so one couldn’t cultivate without them.

Therefore, it was very necessary to raise the level of the gates.

With that done, it could strengthen the effects of the blessing and help people to awaken better spirit roots.

Raising it by one level required 1,000 points.

Qin Chuan gave the system the order.

System: “Host, please confirm again. Do you want to spend 1,000 points to upgrade the gates?”

“Yes!” Qin Chuan did not hesitate.

With a crisp sound, 1,000 points were deducted from his system interface.

In the next moment, the gates shone with boundless radiance.

The radiance disappeared, and the gates took on an entirely new look. They were even more grand and magnificent.

There were now two stone pillars at the gates.

The stone pillars towered into the clouds as if they wanted to pierce through the sky.

There were rare exotic beasts carved on the stone pillars, vivid and lifelike.

The cultivators in the training hall all cried out in surprise when they saw the changes in the gates.

“Silence!” Qin Chuan waved his hand and sternly commanded.

“All of you must remain focused on your cultivation. If you are easily affected by the outside world, what are you cultivating for?”

Once he said that everyone quietened down and continued to focus on their cultivation.

Qin Chuan retracted his imposing aura and went on with improving the sect.

The next facility was the Spirit Spring.

The Spirit Spring was as important as the gates.

While the gates awakened spirit roots, the Spirit Spring reshaped their innate constitution.

With a good spirit root and a good constitution, people would start their cultivation at a good place.

When cultivating, they would definitely be faster than others.

Upgrading the Spirit Spring also required 1,000 points.

As the points on the system panel decreased, changes were made to the spring.

The original Spirit Spring was only the size of a half basketball court. Now, it had doubled in size and could accommodate more people.

After taking care of the two important facilities, the remaining facilities did not require many points to level up. They only needed 500 points each.

Qin Chuan calculated that he had enough points to level up the rest of the facilities:

Main hall upgrade+1.

Side hall upgrade+1.

Bamboo forest upgrade+1.

Weapon Forging room upgrade+1.

Alchemy room upgrade+1.

Practice room upgrade+1.

The notification sound effects lasted for a while before stopping.

Qin Chuan checked the system interface again.

Accumulated points: 1320

He still had surplus points, which was not much different from the amount he had estimated it to be earlier.

Qin Chuan spent 50 points to exchange for a gold ore.

He hadn’t been at work in a long time, so his savings were long gone.

He had used his credit card for Zhao Xuanxuan’s phones and their meals.

Therefore, he had to make some money.

Gold was a valuable item no matter the location.

Qin Chuan had checked online previously. The price of gold was 300 yuan per gram.

The gold ore in his hand was about five kilograms. Through forging, he should be able to obtain more than 500 grams of gold.

Qin Chuan took the gold and went to the bamboo forest to start hammering.

In a few minutes, the gold ores turned into gold bricks.

Qin Chuan picked up the gold brick and weighed it in his hands. The result seemed to be better than he had expected. It was probably more than one kilogram.

According to the market price, he could exchange it for at least 300,000 yuan.

Qin Chuan had turned into a rich man.

Now that he had so much money, he could consider moving to a bigger house.

Then, he’d change Xuanxuan’s phone. She was always complaining about the cell phone’s poor performance.

Since he had money, he would buy her the best one.

With this in mind, Qin Chuan returned to reality with the gold brick.