Chapter 46 - Desperate Di Tai

Chapter 46 of 50 chapters

Beichuan City, public rental apartment!

Qin Chuan happily returned home.

Zhao Xuanxuan was surprised when she saw him carrying a large plastic bag.

“Brother, where did you go?” Zhao Xuanxuan asked.

Qin Chuan chuckled and opened the bag.

“Look—check out what I got?”

In the next second, king crabs, lobsters, abalones, and other expensive seafood crowded Zhao Xuanxuan’s line of sight.

She was stunned.

Behind her, Huang Huang leaped up and pounced onto a king crab. It opened its mouth to bite it.

Qin Chuan quickly grabbed Huang Huang by the scruff of its neck and lifted it.

“All you do is eat. Don’t cry when I cook you and this crab together!” Qin Chuan said fiercely.

Huang Huang cried out in pain.

Zhao Xuanxuan returned to her senses and asked, “Brother, did you buy all this seafood?”

Qin Chuan nodded.

“This is super expensive. Just one king crab costs several thousand yuan. Where did you get so much money?

“Did you really win the lottery?”

Faced with Zhao Xuanxuan’s question, Qin Chuan sighed, “That’s right, your brother has won a huge prize.”

He did not tell Zhao Xuanxuan the truth because he had his own plans. When the time was right, he would tell her everything.

After hearing Qin Chuan admit it, Zhao Xuanxuan was so excited that she jumped up and down.

“Brother, why didn’t you tell me that you won the lottery?”

“I was trying to find a chance to tell you! Don’t you know now?”

“How much did you win?”

“Actually, it’s not much—about two to three million yuan.”

Qin Chuan didn’t give a bigger sum since he was scared that Zhao Xuanxuan wouldn’t believe him.

Zhao Xuanxuan commented, “I was wondering why you were so generous recently. It was because you won the lottery.”

Qin Chuan laughed and replied, “We’ve been poor all this time. It will take some time for us to get used to suddenly having money.”

As he spoke, he took out the newly bought cell phone from a small bag.

“Here! This is for you. It’s the latest iPhone. It has a strong processor. You won’t complain that your phone is lagging anymore, right?”

Zhao Xuanxuan took the new phone, and her eyes instantly brimmed with tears.

“Brother, you’re too good to me!” Zhao Xuanxuan sobbed.

Qin Chuan casually replied, “You are my younger sister. Who else would I treat well, if not you?”

Then, he continued, “I can’t eat all this seafood, so I’ll need you to help me. We’ll have a seafood feast together.”

“Mm!” Zhao Xuanxuan wiped her tears and placed her phone aside. She then put on her apron and helped Qin Chuan clean the seafood.

Meanwhile, Qin Chuan put Huang Huang aside and tossed him the unwanted bits.

Huang Huang wasn’t picky at all and ate everything.

About two hours later, the seafood feast was done.

This time, it was rather successful.

After all, good ingredients usually required simple cooking methods.

On the other side.

Beichuan City.

On the outskirts of the west of the city, at the largest waste disposal site.

Two students of the Divination specialization had temporarily taken on the roles of garbage sorters in order to earn good karma.

The garbage trucks went around every two hours. All the garbage in the city was processed here.

The working environment was terrible, and the pay was bad. So, there weren’t many garbage sorters.

However, for the students of the Divination Faculty, in order to earn good karma, they did not mind the environment here at all. In fact, they were enthusiastic and hardly rested.

Around two in the afternoon, a man suddenly appeared.

The man was not tall; he was about 170 cm.

He had a braid that was so long that it reached his knees.

The long braid man’s eyes were long and narrow like a willow leaf. His gaze was very sharp and cold. It was obvious that he was not to be trifled with.

The long braid man looked around, stood for a moment, and then entered the waste disposal site.

There were many warehouses in the waste disposal area used to store rubbish.

After all, there was too much waste. Sorting the waste took time and a lot of work. It was impossible to sort out all the waste on the same day, so most of the waste was stored for tomorrow’s work.

The long braid man walked around, holding an instrument that looked like a compass.

He looked around as if he was searching for something.

He was quickly discovered by the two Divination students.

“Old Chen, look at how sneaky that person is being. He looks sleazy too. I think he’s a thief.”

“So be it! There’s nothing valuable here anyway.”

“You can’t say that.

“Think about it! If he really is a thief, wouldn’t it be a good deed if we hand him over to the police?”

Old Shen’s eyes lit up. “You’re brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that!

“Let’s go and take a look! ”

“Old Shen, don’t get too excited. If we go over now, we’ll alert the enemy.”

“Then what should we do?”

“Let’s wait. If he really takes something, given our skills, we can easily catch him.”

“That makes sense!

“Then we’ll wait and see. I hope he’ll take something. Our good karma will increase if we catch him. ”

The two sorted the waste while paying attention to the situation.

They could not let this gold mine slip.

Presently, the long braid man had locked onto two warehouses based on his recent searching.

He put away the instrument and took out two daggers from his pocket.

He was an assassin hired by the Li family to take care of Di Tai.

The long braid man pushed open the doors of one of the warehouses.

There was a huge pit that was used to pile up waste.

The waste here was already piled up like a mountain. Flies were flying everywhere, and the stench was pungent.

The man remained calm and unmoved.

Like a hungry wolf, his sharp eyes carefully observed every corner.

He moved forward. His gait was steady, and his eyes surveyed as he went. He was very alert.

After a few minutes, he had finished his round and found nothing.

“The target must be in another warehouse,” the man muttered.

Just as he was about to leave, a faint sound came from a corner of the waste mountain.

The long braid man immediately stopped in his tracks.

Just as he was about to turn around, a person suddenly jumped out of the waste heap and punched his back.

There was a click.

The long braid man spat out a mouthful of blood. Like a loose kite, he flew into the wall.

The person who had ambushed him was Di Tai.

Di Tai was panting heavily. He had used up almost all of his strength in that punch.

In the battle a few days ago, he was severely injured by Elder Chen. He couldn’t go to the hospital, so he could only rely on his own physique to recover slowly.

Without treatment, his recovery was naturally slow. In addition, some of his internal injuries even worsened.

He had been hiding in the garbage disposal site for the past few days.

There weren’t many people here, for a start. And, with the stench of waste, the police dogs couldn’t detect him.

He did not expect to still be discovered.

He didn’t know the man with the long braid, but judging by the way he walked and the dagger in his hand, he didn’t have to think further. He had to be here to kill him.

The long braid man coughed a few times and wiped the blood from his mouth with his hand.

If Di Tai had not been injured, he would have died from the punch.

However, there were no “ifs” in this world.

The long braid man stared coldly at Di Tai before slowly raising his dagger.

Di Tai knew that in his current state, he was no match for the long braid man.

He did not know if he could survive, but he could not give up no matter what.