Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of 50 chapters

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About two hours later.

The old men grew impatient from waiting.

“Young man, tell them to hurry up!” An old man said.

Qin Chuan nodded his head helplessly.

Actually, he had already sent a voice transmission to those old ladies long ago, telling them to leave the water when they were done.

However, after they saw their bodies grow younger and younger, the ladies wanted to stay for as long as they could.

They wished they could soak in the spring for an entire day.

Qin Chuan had no choice but to use the system to temporarily shut down the function of the Spirit Spring.

At the next moment, the roars of the elderly ladies could be heard.

Not long after, a group of young, elderly women walked out aggressively.

The old men were dumbfounded.

“They…” The old men were shocked and speechless.

The current elderly women were like entirely different people from before. Those who didn’t know better would think that they had gone for plastic surgery.

Their average age was around 70 years old, but now, they only looked to be in their fifties.

Some of them, who had been taking good care of themselves, to begin with, looked like they were only in their forties.

On top of becoming younger, all their illnesses vanished. Those who had difficulty walking were now walking as if they had wings.

They were welcoming a second youth.

“Young man, we were soaking well. Why did the water run out?”

“Look at the wrinkles on my face. If I soaked in it for a few more hours, they would have completely disappeared!”

“Young man, you have to give me an explanation.”

The old ladies chimed in one after another, and Qin Chuan didn’t know how to explain things.

At this moment, an old man grumbled, “It’s all because you guys soaked for too long that the water ran out.”

Once he said that the other men also began to complain.

The old lady was already upset because the water in the Spirit Spring had run out.

With the old men blaming them, it was like adding oil to the fire.

A war of words instantly erupted between the two sides.

Since the elderly ladies had become younger, they steadily took the upper hand when it came to arguing.

A few minutes later, the old men were out of breath and exhausted.

Meanwhile, the ladies were triumphant and even mocked them from time to time.

This infuriated the old men. When had they ever suffered such humiliation?

But they currently weren’t even a match for the other party in terms of arguing, let alone fighting.

As a great educator, Wang Zhixing naturally did not participate in this ‘battle.’

He was an understanding person. He knew that everything in front of him was an illusion. It was also an illusion that the ladies had gotten younger.

Qin Chuan saw that the old ladies were not going to let him off, so he immediately thought of a solution.

Qin Chuan said loudly, “Madams, actually, it is possible to make your body younger without relying on the Spirit Spring.”

When the old ladies heard this, they immediately asked Qin Chuan what idea he had.

Qin Chuan slowly shared, “We cultivators absorb the spiritual energy of the universe, using the spiritual energy to nourish our bodies. Not only can we extend our lifespans, we can also return to nature. It’s not impossible for us to regain our youth too.”

“What else can we do? Hurry up and teach us how to cultivate!” an old woman said impatiently.

Qin Chuan replied, “Okay, I will teach you immediately.”

So, Qin Chuan sent the old women away. Then, he secretly told Wang Zhixing to bring those old men to the Spirit Spring.

Qin Chuan thought that Wang Zhixing was the most reliable person amongst them, and he was especially trusting of him.

Just a little!

Qin Chuan brought the old ladies back to the training hall and reopened the Spirit Spring.

When the old men saw that there was water in the Spirit Spring, they were naturally delighted.

After soaking for a while, changes happened to their bodies.

Their hair turned black, and their wrinkles lessened.

The old men were especially excited. All of them dived into the water, wishing they could drink all the water in the Spirit Spring.

Wang Zhixing was extremely calm.

He believed that everything was an illusion.

However, this was really even more comfortable than soaking in a hot spring.

He knew that although these were illusions, they were very real.

If he wasn’t clear of the principle from the start, Wang Zhixing would have believed it himself.

At the same time.

In the training hall, Qin Chuan was preparing to teach the old ladies cultivation.

But the old ladies didn’t seem ready.

They were all so concerned about becoming younger that they began bragging about their beauty, figure, and how much they had been courted.

They treated Qin Chuan like air, disregarding him.

The old ladies were all talking at once. It was as if the training hall had turned into a market.

Qin Chuan felt a little displeased.

Strictly speaking, he had founded a cultivation sect. He could be considered the Sect Master.

As the Sect Master, he had to have some authority.

The population of cultivators would definitely increase in the future. If all of them refused to listen to him, wouldn’t it be a mess!?

Therefore, he had to be more serious about cultivating.

Hence, Qin Chuan circulated the True Qi in his body and shouted, “Silence!”

With the support of True Qi, his voice was especially loud. It was like the Lion’s Roar in wuxia novels. The sound waves were like a strong wind, blowing towards the old ladies.

In an instant, wigs flew everywhere.

The old women’s heads buzzed from the sound waves.

After it passed, the venue was instantly quiet.

Qin Chuan stood on the platform, his expression extremely solemn.

At his roar, the old ladies became obedient.

Qin Chuan said sternly, “As the saying goes, a country has its laws, and a family has its rules.

“Without rules, nothing can be accomplished.

“I started a cultivation training class to help everyone cultivate.

“Since you are already one of us, you naturally have to abide by the rules.

“Does everyone understand?”

Presently, Qin Chuan’s aura was extremely imposing. The old ladies were full of reverence. They didn’t have any thoughts of going against him.

“Very good. I’ll start teaching you cultivation now.”

Qin Chuan swept his gaze across the crowd and said, “The first step of cultivation: meditation!”

With that, Qin Chuan sat down cross-legged.

“This meditation is called Five Centers Facing the Sky.

“Why five centers?

“It refers to the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and top of the head.

“With Five Centers Facing the Sky and the breathing technique, the spiritual energy of the universe will be able to surge into the five centers, allowing the body to absorb it.”

After speaking, Qin Chuan looked at the crowd as he spoke, “Everyone, please follow my instructions and begin meditating.”

The old ladies took action and sat down.

A few of them were Buddhists and meditated frequently.

Therefore, it was not difficult for them to have their five centers facing up.

But for others, it was very difficult.

It was easy to keep their palms and the top of their heads facing the sky. The hardest part was having the soles of the feet face up.

This was a great test of flexibility.

Even if they did succeed, it was difficult to maintain the posture.

“I don’t want to cultivate anymore.”

“Me too!”

“What the heck. I think I’ll just do line dancing!”

The old women complained bitterly, the majority of them intending to give up.

Seeing their painful expressions, Qin Chuan also couldn’t bear to see them like this.

After all, they were still old and could not be forced.

In this situation, he thought of Wang Zhixing.

If he were here, he would definitely be able to convince these old ladies to continue cultivating.

At this thought, an idea suddenly struck Qin Chuan.

That’s right!

I can bluff too!

Qin Chuan thought for a moment before asking, “Are you guys really planning to give up?”

The old ladies said, “Young man, this cultivation is too painful. We can’t take it.

“That bath was so relaxing and comfortable.”

Qin Chuan continued, “As the saying goes, to be a great man, you must suffer. ”

One of them sighed. “We’re all people with one foot in the grave. Why are you still talking about being a great man?”

“So why did you guys argue about being young and beautiful just now?”

When Qin Chuan said this, the old ladies were at a loss for words.

Qin Chuan continued, “Deep down, all of you are unwilling to be in your current state.

“You grow sad when others call you old. Who would really be willing to age!”

This time, he hit the nail on the head.

When he saw his words had worked, Qin Chuan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.