Chapter 50 - You Like Me

Chapter 50 of 50 chapters

Ma Qingxue and Zhao Xuanxuan opened their eyes at the same time.

The moment they saw each other, it was as if the pause button had been pressed. The two of them froze.

And then…


Both of them looked extremely surprised and screamed loudly.

“You… Why are you on my bed?” Zhao Xuanxuan jumped up like a frightened rabbit and pointed at Ma Qingxue.

Ma Qingxue’s mind was blank. She had blacked out yesterday and couldn’t remember anything.

Qin Chuan walked in. He said to Zhao Xuanxuan, “I was the one who brought her back.”

“Big brother… you… why did you bring an outsider back without my permission?” Zhao Xuanxuan questioned fiercely.

This was exactly what Qin Chuan had expected. He knew that she would ask this question.

At the same time, Ma Qingxue was also very surprised. Why did Qin Chuan take me to his place?

For a time, both gazes were focused on Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan looked at Zhao Xuanxuan and explained, “Last night, you drank some beer and fell asleep, didn’t you!”

“I thought that it was still early, so I went out to wander around.”

Then, he turned to look at Ma Qingxue. “I was walking and happened to spot your car. I was worried that you had too much to drink and might be in danger, so I waited for you to come out to send you home.

“By the time you came out, you were already dead drunk. You couldn’t even walk properly and even vomited. In the end, you fell asleep.

“Since I didn’t know your address, I had to send you to a hotel or guest house.

“I went to many of them, but none of them had empty rooms.

“I had no choice but to bring you back.”

Qin Chuan explained the sequence of events clearly with a proper attitude. Logically speaking, there was nothing wrong.

After listening, Zhao Xuanxuan said, “But you shouldn’t have placed her on my bed.”

Qin Chuan shrugged and said, “I can’t just throw her to the ground! In any case, your bed is so big, it would be a waste to leave it empty.”

Zhao Xuanxuan placed her hands on her hips and grunted, “I don’t care. No means no.”

Ma Qingxue took this short moment to clear her head.

She got off the bed, put on her shoes, and looked at Qin Chuan. “I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

Qin Chuan hurriedly said, “Lawyer Ma, you are being too serious. There is no need for an apology.”

Ma Qingxue took several hundred yuan notes from her purse and placed them on the bedside table.

Qin Chuan walked over and stuffed the money back into her purse.

“Lawyer Ma, what do you mean by this?” Qin Chuan smiled bitterly.

Ma Qingxue said expressionlessly, “It’s the same as the last time. Take it as compensation.”

“Compensation?” Qin Chuan perspired from shame. Why does that word sound so weird?

At this moment, Zhao Xuanxuan rolled her eyes. “What’s so great about being rich? We don’t need your pity.”

Qin Chuan immediately said, “Xuanxuan, how can you say that? Quickly, apologize to Lawyer Ma.”

Qin Chuan knew very well Zhao Xuanxuan was just angry. She was actually a very kind person.

Zhao Xuanxuan angrily glared at Qin Chuan, “Brother, I know you like her, but there’s no need for you to side with an outsider so quickly, is there?!”

Qin Chuan’s countenance changed as he frowned. He whispered, “Xuanxuan, what nonsense are you spouting?”

Zhao Xuanxuan stated angrily, “I’m just telling the truth, don’t deny it.”

“I… I…” Qin Chuan instantly felt guilty.

Ma Qingxue was right beside him. He wanted to explain it to her, but he didn’t know what to say. In any case, it was very awkward, and he didn’t know how to face her.

“Lawyer Ma, actually, I… um…” Qin Chuan stammered. He scratched his head and smiled awkwardly.

Ma Qingxue suddenly asked, “Do you really like me?”

Qin Chuan first faltered before saying, “Lawyer Ma, you are so beautiful. Any man would like you.”

“What about you?” Ma Qingxue’s eyes sparkled as she examined Qin Chuan.

Qin Chuan avoided her gaze as he lifted his head and stared at the ceiling. He grinned. “I’m a man too.”

Qin Chuan didn’t explicitly state whether he liked her or not. However, it was apparent that he was avoiding answering the question.

Ma Qingxue pushed on. “Since you’re a man, do you want meor want to sleep with me?”

Ma Qingxue deliberately emphasized the word ‘sleep.’

Qin Chuan was stunned.

Zhao Xuanxuan also looked at Ma Qingxue in shock.

She did not expect a person with an aloof appearance to be so direct.

For a time, the atmosphere was incredibly awkward.

Qin Chuan broke the silence and said with a faint smile, “Lawyer Ma, what you said was a little unexpected.”

Ma Qingxue chuckled. “Did I say anything wrong?”

“Erm…” Qin Chuan didn’t know how to refute her, or rather, he couldn’t.

I’m no saint.

Dating is something I have to go through.

As for who was sleeping with who, that was another matter.

In the awkward atmosphere, Zhao Xuanxuan suddenly said, “Brother, why are you dawdling?

“She’s already so direct, why are you acting like a block of wood? Even I feel anxious for you.”

With that, Zhao Xuanxuan jogged over to Ma Qingxue and said thoughtfully, “Let me reintroduce myself. I am Zhao Xuanxuan, Qin Chuan’s younger sister. I’m very happy that you are my brother’s girlfriend.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qin Chuan almost breathed his last breath right there.

She didn’t say anything. So how is she my girlfriend now?

Assists aren’t supposed to be done like this. You’re cutting off my escape route!

This fool!

Qin Chuan felt extremely awkward. He didn’t know how to face Ma Qingxue.

Ma Qingxue’s expression remained as usual. She wasn’t bothered by what Zhao Xuanxuan had just said.

She said calmly, “You seem to be misunderstanding. I don’t think I agreed to be your brother’s girlfriend.”

“I know, but you will agree sooner or later.” Zhao Xuanxuan said confidently.

“I’m curious. Where did you get this confidence from?”

Ma Qingxue’s cold eyes darted around as she smiled teasingly.

“Intuition!” Zhao Xuanxuan’s answer was brief but firm.

When he saw them talking like that, Qin Chuan was afraid that they would start fighting. He pulled Zhao Xuanxuan aside.

“Xuanxuan, aren’t you trying to kill me?” Qin Chuan grumbled.

Zhao Xuanxuan’s heart ached. “Big brother, I’ve already helped you so much, but you’re still scolding me. You’re really hurting my heart.”


You should be glad that I didn’t hit you!

I’m ignoring her.

I’m better off thinking about how to resolve this crisis.

He had no chance, but he still wanted to try.

He gritted his teeth.

Qin Chuan came to Ma Qingxue and smiled. “Well… Lawyer Ma, Xuanxuan likes to joke around. Don’t take her words to heart. Just pretend that you didn’t hear anything.”

Ma Qingxue also smiled. “She made a lot of sense! For example, being your girlfriend…”

Qin Chuan had a bitter smile, “She was just spouting nonsense, don’t take it seriously.”

Ma Qingxue shook her head slowly. “What if I already did?”

“If you did…” Qin Chuan didn’t go on.

Because if she had, Ma Qingxue would have become his girlfriend!

It was impossible to even think about it. It was better to stop daydreaming.

But at the next moment, a single sentence from Ma Qingxue made Qin Chuan’s world collapse.