Chapter 7

Chapter 7 of 50 chapters

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“XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points.”

“XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points.”

“XXX has succeeded in drawing Qi. The host has received 10 points.”

A series of prompts sounded in Qin Chuan’s mind.

Just as he had predicted, the elderly with Earth Spirit Roots had successfully drawn Qi into their bodies, officially embarking on the path of cultivation.

It was getting late, so Qin Chuan told the elderly that they could now end their breathing exercises.

The old men and women, however, were a little reluctant to do so.

“Why are we ending so quickly? I haven’t had enough!” They grumbled.

Qin Chuan smiled and said, “Isn’t it getting dark soon? If you don’t go home, your family will be worried.”

After all, they were a group of old men and old women. They all had children and grandchildren, so it was not good for him to keep them.

The elderly didn’t make things difficult for Qin Chuan either.

After a moment of dizziness, everyone returned to reality.

It was dusk.

When they saw the sunset in the sky, the party could not help but be shocked.

They did not expect time to pass so quickly.

This was how cultivation was.

In the future, when their cultivation level was higher, they could enter seclusion and would not reemerge for at least 30 to 50 years.

“Today’s cultivation shall end here. Tomorrow, everyone shall gather here again, just like today.” Qin Chuan smiled.

On the other hand, the old folks couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come.

On the bus ride home, Wang Zhixing’s brows were tightly knitted. He seemed to have something on his mind, so much so that he even missed his stop.

After alighting, he didn’t take the bus anymore. Instead, he chose to walk home.

Wang Zhixing stopped by a clothing store.

As he gazed at his reflection in the window, Wang Zhixing found him very unfamiliar.

On the glass, he was very young. He did not look like an old man in his seventies. He looked more like a middle-aged man in his forties.

He had thought that everything that had happened earlier was an illusion. But now that he was back in reality, everything was real.

He, who had always believed in science, suddenly found that things didn’t make sense.

Just then, a young saleswoman walked out of the store.

The female salesperson smiled and said, “Mister, our shop has just launched a few pieces of male clothing. Would you like to take a look?”

Wang Zhixing raised his eyes. “Is… is that so? Let’s have a look then!”

Upon entering the store, the salesgirl immediately brought over some t-shirts.

The colors were all very bright, and they were more of a sports style, the kind suitable for young people.

“Mister, look at these. They’re all new. Would you like to try them on?” The salesgirl smiled.

Wang Zhixing took a glance.

In the past, he did not even dare to think about these clothes in front of him because they were too young for him.

“Can I really try them on?” Wang Zhixing was slightly hesitant.

The salesgirl smiled and said, “Of course. You don’t have to buy them if you try them on. Don’t worry!”

“Oh… okay! Then, I’ll give them a try!”

Wang Zhixing took a t-shirt to the changing room.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

He changed quickly.

As he looked at himself in the mirror, Wang Zhixing found himself very unfamiliar once again.

“Is this… really me?”

This t-shirt placed emphasis on a sports style, and Wang Zhixing looked even younger after putting it on. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Everything he had experienced today was like a dream.

When he walked out of the changing room, the salesgirl’s eyes brightened.

“Wow! Mister, you look so handsome in it!”

Wang Zhixing was delighted upon hearing this.

“How much does this cost?”

The salesgirl replied, “Sir, this t-shirt costs 180 yuan.

“They’re new products so there’s no discount I can give you.”

Wang Zhixing did not mind. He chose a few more t-shirts of the same style and several pairs of pants.

The salesgirl was a little shocked.

After paying, Wang Zhixing returned home happily with his bags.

He called his son. He originally wanted to tell him what he had experienced today, but he held back.

After all, what had happened was absurd—it was against science. He knew that his son would be worried.

Because of this, he specially went online to search for incidents related to cultivation.

Many of them popped up on the webpage.

However, all of them were proven to be fake.

In addition, the most authoritative organization in the scientific community had repeatedly reminded the world that there was no such thing as immortal cultivation in the world. Those related to cultivation were all frauds. The government’s relevant departments had also warned the world to never believe in immortal cultivation.

Wang Zhixing didn’t believe in cultivation either.

But he had become younger.

More importantly, he had not just become slightly young, but he had skipped several decades.

Moreover, he was not the only one who had become younger.

Could science explain this situation?

He fell into deep thought.

Suddenly, a thought struck him, could the psychoactive drug make people younger?

Wang Zhixing flipped through his contacts and made a call.

“Hello, is this Old Lu? It’s Wang Zhixing.”

“Oh, it’s Old Wang! What’s up today? Why would a great educator like you contact me? Hahaha!”

“Of course it’s because I have a question that I would like a great scientist, like you, to help me with!”

“To think there’s a problem that has stumped a great educator like you. Since you’ve approached me, I naturally have to help.”

Wang Zhixing thought for a moment, then asked, “Old Lu, aren’t you researching a new type of psychoactive drug?

“Does it have the effect of making people younger? ”

As soon as he finished speaking, a serious tone came from the other end of the call. “Why are you asking this?”

Wang Zhixing laughed, “Well, I’m just curious.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds before a voice came through.

“Old Wang, I didn’t want to answer this question, but since we used to work together, I’ll tell you!

“The new psychoactive drug that we researched, after clinical trials, does indeed have the effect of making people younger, and the effects are astonishing.

“Once this drug is launched, it will be a revolutionary product that could create a stir in the entire scientific community.

“But there are still some side effects to this drug, and we’re working on improving it now.

“After that is done, we will announce it to the public.

So, please keep it a secret. ”

When Wang Zhixing heard this, he had mixed feelings.

Once again, he had doubts about cultivation.

“Old Lu, is there anyone else besides you who is researching this drug?”

“Of course! Countless scientific giants around the world are researching it.

“You should know that once it enters the market, the profits will be unimaginable.

“But, to enter the market, we first have to work on the side effects.

“Our research institute might not be as big as the scientific giants, but in terms of the research and development progress, everyone is on the same level.”

“Old Lu, what are the side effects that you mentioned?”

Wang Zhixing was now worried that he had been poisoned by a psychoactive drug.

A voice came from the other end of the phone.

“It’s a drug! It’s normal for it to have some side effects.

“For example, the new type of psychoactive drug that we are researching will cause hallucinations after the human body absorbs it. It’s like entering an illusion.

“If this continues for too long, it will affect one’s subjective will. It will cause one to be unable to tell if they are in an illusion or reality, ultimately resulting in a mental breakdown. ”

“Do you have a solution for that?”

“Not yet.

“But we found that you only need to sleep to distinguish the illusions from reality.

“People who are controlled by drugs will not want to sleep.”

Wang Zhixing could not help but sigh in relief.

Right now, he had something very important to do: sleep.

After chatting with Old Lu for a while, he turned off the lights and went to bed.