Chapter 100 - The Modifications Made

Chapter 100 of 329 chapters

Chapter 100 The Modifications Made

Yao Tang completely ignored the chaos transpiring behind her as she unhurriedly stepped out of the door.

Just as she had stepped out, she saw Cheng Yan’s car parked by the entrance of the residential area. The man’s dark hair shone under the yellow lights as he lazily leaned against the car, a smile playing on his lips.

“What do you want to eat?” he asked with a smile.

“Pumpkin millet porridge with sugar,” she stated simply.

The two of them looked extremely compatible, with their figures swaying towards each other under the moonlight.

Imperial Palace.

After entering his home, Yao Tang walked straight to the living room and plopped herself onto the sofa. She took out her phone and started playing. Her thumbs darted across the screen, as her long eyelashes fluttered under the light.

Her movements were quick and agile that it almost looked mechanic.

“Wait for me here,” he said, wrapping his apron around his waist. “I’ll be back soon.”

Cheng Yan didn’t even wait for her reply as he headed into the kitchen. He washed the rice with ease and concentrated on slicing up the pumpkin, making sure that everything was pristine and organized.

He also steamed a few vegetables as a side dish. When he glanced in Yao Tang’s direction, he saw that she had already fallen asleep. Her head was leaning against the cushion, her face already soft.

The dim lighting illuminated her peaceful features.

Cheng Yan smiled softly at the sight, and his hand movements became softer-afraid to wake her up.

The dish was ready.

He stood in front of the small crockpot and stirred the porridge. Soon, the liquidity substance thickened into a paste-like consistency, and the sweet smell wafted across his home.

Yao Tang stirred as the fragrant smell exited the kitchen. Under the light, she could see his exquisite side profile.

Her gaze softened.

Feeling as if someone had been looking at him, Cheng Yan looked to the side to see that the young woman had already woken up from the sofa. There was a strange glint in the girl’s drowsy gaze.

However, it had already disappeared in a second.

“You’re awake. The porridge will be ready


His smile widened. He continued scooping the porridge and pouring it into an exquisite bowl. He glanced at her from time to time as he cleaned the corners of the bowl.

Inside the small bowl was some steaming porridge.

The sweet smell was quite pleasant to the


“Clang Clang!” Within just a few moments, a bowl of soup was placed right in front of Yao Tang. Her eyes lit up, and all thoughts of the Yao Family had been forgotten. All she could see was the orangey hue sitting on the table.

It smelled great!

Yao Tang scooped out a spoonful of soup and brought it close to her nose, sniffing it closely. She inhaled, the sweet smell already taking over her senses. It must taste well too.

“I know you like it sweet, so I added some more sugar than normal.”

Cheng Yan held the small bowl and gazed at her, satisfied that she had liked his cooking. “After you finish eating, you can rest for a while, then I’ll send you back later tonight.”

One look at her face an hour ago, and he already knew that the Yao Family was up to no good once again.

At the thought, his finger twitched. They truly deserved to be punished.

They had no right to approach her.


Yao Tang began to eat. The porridge slid down her throat as warmth embraced her like an old friend. She relaxed against the couch as she drank it all down, gulp by gulp.

As soon as she was finished, she leaned deeper into the cushions, like a cat who had just taken his fill.

Cheng Yan grinned. They settled in that position for an hour more before she was it was time to go.

“Get in the car.”

Cheng Yan stepped into his underground garage and led her to one of his many cars. His eyes were sparkling as he led the way, looking like a kid in a toy store. She couldn’t help but cock her eyebrows at the sight.

When she wasn’t looking, he couldn’t help but glance in her direction. Her bangs swooped across her forehead, framing her angular features. Even with her hair in complete disarray, she still looked gorgeous.

“What’s wrong?” She stepped into the car he had chosen. “Are you looking to make a change?”

In the past, Cheng Yan would always choose his sleek black car. While it was extremely expensive, it was very low-key and simple. No one would’ve been able to recognize it.

But this white sports car…

Not only did it look expensive, but it also appeared customized.

“Qin Hao decided to use the other car.” Cheng Yan shrugged, stepping onto the accelerator. Within a few seconds, they were already speeding along the highway. She gazed at her surroundings, watching as the high buildings transformed into brief flashes of light.

The black car was specifically designed just for him. That car could definitely defend against any attacks with its bulletproof glass and specially designed tires. She couldn’t help but wonder if this car was the same. While an ordinary man would be able to judge the value of the car by looking at the logo, a more experienced man would look into the number of modifications that the passenger had made. And this…She didn’t have to be an expert to know that these modifications were extremely vast and expensive.

“Oh?” Yao Tang sat in the passenger seat. Glancing around, she said, “Your car-it’s not just a normal car, is it? You had it customized for your security?”

“The car’s bulletproof.” He knocked on the window proudly. “It’s as strong as those military tanks.”

For people like him, having a bulletproof car was of utmost necessity.