Chapter 102 - True Colors

Chapter 102 of 329 chapters

Chapter 102 True Colors

Jiang Huai, who had been standing in the same spot this entire time, finally understood what Yao Ran was trying to say. Immediately, his entire face scrunched up in disgust.

Who would have thought that Yao Tang would do such a thing for money?

Yao Ran returned to her classroom and scanned the given questions, looking unbothered by their entire conversation.

Jiang Huai, on the other hand, was silent. His expression was dark. He kept glancing at his phone, looking as if he had just been struck by a sudden realization. He kept staring at his screen, unaware that Yao Ran had turned back to glance at him.

Seeing this, the teen smiled in satisfaction and shifted her attention back to the book.

“Yao Rang is beautiful!”

“That’s right. Just her candid pictures alone-I’ve already saved hundreds of them! I can stare at her all day.”

“I wish I had the chance to ask her out.”

“As if she’d go for someone like you!” The other person scoffed. “Let’s just focus on our studies. Getting into a good university should be at the top of our concerns.”

The two boys finally stopped whispering, turning back to their books.

Jiang Huai only clenched his fists. The thought of Yao Tangstepping out of that man’s car an hour ago only disgusted him further. Was that the school beauty they had been talking about?

How could she not be beautiful when she’s selling her body for money?

He wanted to vomit.

“Maybe we can find more photos of her if we look in the forum!”

The teen’s words behind him only made him fidget even further. Swallowing, he spun the pen in his hand, not really knowing what else to think. “Ergh,” he murmured.

Being the top student in his class, it was normal for Jiang Huai to spend the entire day studying for his exams. However, there was something off about his behavior. Instead of looking at his papers, he was staring at the window, deep in thought. “What’s wrong?” The girl beside him tilted her head. “Don’t you want to catch up to your crush Yao Ran?”

“It’s nothing,” he said quickly. “I just remembered something. That’s all.”

Maybe it’s about time he did something about it. A cold smile slipped into his lips.

Turning on his phone, he glanced at the photo of Yao Tang getting out of the car. Although the picture was taken quite far away, the long hair and slim figure obviously belonged to her.

Fortunately, he had taken this photo with him.

Since she was so shameless to him, then she shouldn’t blame him for being rude. No matter how high and mighty she was, even she’d topple down after doing something so shameless.

“Let’s see who you really are,” he murmured viciously.

Only Ranran deserved to be the school belle!

On the first hour of the evening self-study session, an anonymous post appeared on the forum. He had posted a picture of a luxurious sportscar parked at the front gates of the school.

Even the logo was enough to prove how expensive it was.

However, what was even more eye-catching was the teen getting out of the car. Her long hair fluttered in the wind. Her side profile was enough to attract attention with her strong jawline and high cheekbones. And her red lips glinted even under the dim light.

While her face was a bit blurred, everyone could tell it was Yao Tang.

On the caption, it read, “Take a good look at your goddess and see her for her true colors. Isn’t her family dead and poor? Yet, it seems she finally knows how to put her looks to good use.”

There was a vomiting emoji at the end of the caption.

As soon as the picture had been posted, it immediately grew up to a thousand views, with comments increasing to hundreds.

“There’s no way she’s that type of person! Besides, the clothes she wears obviously aren’t cheap.”

“Perhaps her sugar daddy gave them to her. Ugh, can’t believe I like her!”

“Yuck! Goddess, my ass! She couldn’t be compared to Ranran. Once a country bumpkin, always a country bumpkin-I say. And she’s greedy too. What kind of girl sells herself?”

“Why would she do such a thing?”

“You really can’t judge a book by its cover! Yuck!”

“Goddess, why are you doing this? Why do you have to resort to such methods?”

There were a few people who lamented about their “fallen goddess”, but most of the people in the forum had already resorted to insulting her. So many atrocious words appeared in the comments section that it was a wonder why it hadn’t been deleted.

Class 20.

At the second night of the self-study session, there were a few people who manage to glance at Yao Tang from time to time, curious about the post. In the end, they simply lowered their head, with pity in their eyes.

Too bad.