Chapter 104 - Do You Believe It?

Chapter 104 of 329 chapters

Chapter 104 Do You Believe It?

“Angry?” To their surprise, Yao Tang simply cocked up her eyebrow and leaned against the back of her seat. She glanced at them, still continuing to swipe through her phone. “Why would I even be angry?”

The comments had become even more vicious than the last batch.

Not only had they compared her to some unpardonable sinner, but some even proposed to beat her up. They all regarded her as if she had just shot someone. Disgusting, slut, bitch-all these words continued popping up in the forum, much to their dismay.

Everyone in the class couldn’t help but glance at their phone, also reading the new messages popping up. However, after thinking about all the times they had interacted with Yao Tang, their suspicions about her dalliances have decreased


Meng Yang was about to say something else, but upon seeing her carefree attitude, he felt a little better.

As expected, she wasn’t affected by these nonsense!

Yao Tang tilted her head. “Don’t tell me you believe the news?”

Tossing the phone at Meng Yang, she cracked her neck and stretched her arms. Even while she was casual about it, there was something threatening about her entire aura.

“Of course I don’t believe it.”

Meng Yang immediately caught the phone-his face filled with determination.

Beside him, Xiao Pang and Chu Yaoalso nodded vigorously. There wasn’t a hint of doubt in their eyes. Even Lin Xin walked over to hold her hand. “I don’t care how many of those people have been slandering you,” she snapped. “I know for a fact that you aren’t the kind of person who’s like that. They have gone too far with their rumors!”

Her face had turned beet red in anger, which was unusual given her good-natured temper.

“I believe in you too.”

Zhang Ling, Yao Tang’s roommate, slammed her book on the desk and stood up.

While Zhang Ling wasn’t at the dormitory that often, anyone who was smart would know that she wasn’t the type of person who’d partake in such actions. She believed her, a hundred percent!

Seeing her standing up, the other students of Class 20 spoke one after the other.

“I also believe in her! She wouldn’t do something like that.”

“Everyone could see who she really is. She isn’t that kind of person.”

“We shouldn’t let them slander us. Instead, we must unite and protect what’s ours!”

“Let’s just ignore them and live however we want.”

As soon as the students had seen the situation, they immediately cheered for Yao Tang. Everyone was united as they clapped their hands and nodded at each other, all of them showing support for their friend.

Meng Yang warmed at the sight.

“I won’t be saying anything else. In the future, if any one of you needs my assistance, I’ll be there.” His eyes glinted. “Everyone who’s helping Sis Tang now is helping me. Thank you.”

He sat down.

Xi Yan, who had been standing at the back of the classroom this entire time, couldn’t help but smile.

It seemed that there was no need for her to take over.

Even if they were unruly students, they knew what it meant to be united. It really made her feel like she had succeeded in teaching them a thing or two. Her eyes sparkled in joy.

Their scores could never represent their true character.

On the way home from school, Meng Yang strolled right beside her.

“Do you think we need to clarify things in the forum?”

He had been scrolling through all the comments under Yao Ran’s post, skipping from one after the other.

These people didn’t know the truth of the matter, yet they were so quick to judge! And they judge Class 20 for being so unruly, when they were even worse than monsters!

If it weren’t for Sister Tang’s strong personality, who knew what would happen?

It was really detestable!

If he found out who sent this message, he’d made his life a living hell!

“Who cares?”

Yao Tang glanced over at him, completely ignoring all the judgmental gazes she was receiving

“Isn’t that the girl from the forum?”

“She really does look pretty. It’s too bad that she’s such a slut,” one of them whispered. “I mean, have you seen her grades? Her future would’ve been limitless if it wasn’t for that.”

“I saw her on the way home from school! You think that was her sugar daddy?”

“Hey, it’s best to just stay out of her way. Who knows what she’d do?”

“What a bitch!”

The people around them whispered, their eyes filled with contempt and scrutiny.

Although their voices were soft, the pair could hear them.