Chapter 111 - A Distant Niece?

Chapter 111 of 329 chapters

Chapter 111 A Distant Niece?

“Let’s go, Ranran,” Yao Yuan beamed at his daughter.

“It’s about time we paid a visit to Madam Qin.”

“I understand!” Yao Rannodded obediently.

Deep in her heart, she was very eager for this inevitable encounter.

Father and daughter tidied themselves up and headed in the direction of the Qin Residence.

It was a Saturday, so Madam Qinwas at home. It was mid-morning, but Qin Jing was still asleep upstairs, whileQin Ruihad gone out earlier.

The servant set the table and prepared a sumptuous breakfast.

Madam Qin had just seated herself for the meal when the doorbell rang.

“Quick, go and see who is here so early in the day!”

The matriarch looked to the door with a slight frown.

Regardless of their identity, she found it discourteous for someone to drop in uninvited at such an hour. It was a blatant breach of etiquette.

Soon enough, the servant was escorting Yao Yuanand his daughter into the dining hall.

The moment they saw her, Yao Yuaninstantly offered a bow and apologized. “Madam Qin, we are deeply sorry to intrude upon your breakfast, but I’m afraid we have come for an urgent matter.”

Despite his words, Yao Yuan’s expression was anything but apologetic. Instead, he was all smiles.

As the saying went, one should never turn away a smiling face. Madam Qincouldn’t afford to send them out right away, especially without knowing their purpose for being here.

She stood up and smiled. “Oh my, if it isn’t Director Yao. Don’t worry, I am quite at fault as well. We have been here for so long, yet I’ve never taken the time to call on my neighbors. I should have paid more attention to my surroundings. Please, come over and have a seat.”

As the head of the Qin family, she had instantly recognized Yao Yuan.

However, she still couldn’t figure out why he was here with his daughter.

Yao Yuan let out a sheepish laugh. “I only hope we aren’t imposing too much,” he said, even as he happily sat down at the table. “The truth is, I came here to apologize to you,Madam Qin, on behalf of my errant niece.”

Yao Ran had also taken a seat beside her father, her eyes sweeping around the massive villa. When she didn’t seeQin Rui, she lowered her gaze in disappointment.

So the young master was not at home? What bad luck.

Meanwhile, Madam Qinwas surprised to hearYao Yuan’s words. “Oh? A young girl from your family? But I heard that the Young Miss Yao is well-read and well-mannered, a perfectly sensible girl. Why would you have any cause to apologize on her behalf?”

Madam Qin felt a pang of trepidation in her heart.

Since Qin Rui’s return toCity Aa couple of years ago, many ambitious parents had tried to set him up with their daughters in an attempt to establish a connection with the Qin family.

She supposed that Yao Yuanwasn’t any different.

“Might you be talking about this young miss?” Madam Qinsaid slowly, looking atYao Ran.

The girl became even more shy under the woman’s scrutiny. Yao Ran’s cheeks turned just the right shade of red, and her back remained ramrod straight. By all accounts, she had impeccable manners.

Something wasn’t quite right here.

Madam Qin withdrew her gaze and turned back toYao Yuanwith an inquisitive smile.

“Oh, no, no. I don’t mean my Ranranhere. I speak of another daughter of the family who is quite rough and unrefined. She is a distant niece whom we have adopted recently.”

Yao Yuan’s face had grown called as he mentioned Yao Tang.

‘A distant niece?’ Madam Qinechoed as understanding dawned on her.

It wasn’t uncommon to hear about things like this. Usually, a distant relative struggling to make ends meet would seek out their well-off kin and try to curry their favor. In severe cases, threats might even be exchanged and people could get hurt.

“I see,” Madam Qinsaid with a tight smile. She picked up a teaspoon and stirred the coffee in her cup. “But I still don’t understand. What does your niece have to do with the Qin family?”

She was already weary as it was. Couldn’t Yao Yuanhave handled this matter by himself?

“Alas, Madam Qin, you are unaware of all that transpired. The thing is, last Wednesday, my irresponsible niece was spotted getting out of your son’s car. It appeared that they were very familiar with each other.

Of course, I consider it a great blessing for our humble family to have connections with the Qin, but I never imagined that that blundering girl would make a fatal mistake!”

Yao Yuan covered his face and ducked his head, presumably in shame.

As for Madam Qin, she finally put two and two together. She frowned and asked, “So that girl is your niece? Then what is this big mistake that you speak of?”

This was getting more and more complicated.

So the girl who had cured Jing was a daughter of the Yao family.

Yao Yuan heaved a long sigh. “Well, you see, that girlYao Tang, she… She participated in indecent activities with another man. I feel great shame and regret that she wasn’t able to live up toMadam Qin’s expectations.”

He got up from his chair then and made to bow before Madam Qin’s feet.

“I brought my daughter, Ranran, to help convey ourYao family’s sincere apologies.”

Right on cue, Yao Ranrushed forward to follow her father’s actions.

By all accounts, the pair did look contrite, which only served to take Madam Qinaback.