Chapter 113 - Qin Jing’s Post

Chapter 113 of 329 chapters

Chapter 113 Qin Jing’s Post

“Humph! If you won’t help Yao Tang, then I’ll defend her on the school forum myself. I’ll even use my real name! I’ll show those blind idiots that there are people supporting our Sister Yang, too!”

With that, Qin Jingwhirled around and stormed back upstairs.

Before going, however, she made a point of glaring at Yao Ran. ‘This girl is still hoping to marry Big Brother. Ha! That will never happen!

The Yao familywere no better than opportunists, who not only refused to defend their kin, but would even fuel the flames of persecution.

Yao Ran metQin Jing’s glare with a gentle smile and a polite expression.

In doing this, she highlighted her own graciousness while exposing Qin Jing’s lack of civility at the same time.

Madam Qin took note of this subtle exchange. Her eyes narrowed, and the smile disappeared from her face. ‘Who do these people think they are? How dare they intrude into my home and do whatever they want?’

She had never witnessed such audacity first-hand.

Madam Qin took a deep breath and raised her chin. “As you can see, Director Yao, I do not have the final say in this family. OurQin Jinglikes to throw tantrums now and then, whileQin Ruiconsiders himself his own man. He answers to no one and lives by his own principles. I may be their mother, but I can’t really do much about their attitude.”

She pasted a fake smile on her face and proceeded to drive the uninvited guests away. “Well, it’s getting late. I have an appointment with Mrs. Fang at the spa, you see…”

Madam Qin deliberately left her words unfinished, silently daring the pair to purposely misunderstand her meaning.

Although her demeanor remained amicable, it would certainly be out of line if Yao Yuanoverstayed their welcome.

It was a pity that their efforts were all for naught.

Yao Yuan straightened and sighed, his eyes flashing with disappointment. “In that case, we won’t keep you any longer. We were in a hurry today, so I was unable to prepare an apology gift. I will bring it another time, perhaps when Young Master Qin is here.”

“Goodbye, Madam Qin.”

Yao Ran bowed before following her father out of the villa.

It wasn’t until they had fully disappeared from view that Madam Qindiscarded her pleasant facade. She looked in the direction that they had gone as she fell deep into her thoughts.

Qin Jing burst into her room and went straight to her computer. She turned it on and logged into the school forum ofNo. 1 High School.

The first thing she noticed was the fact that the slandering post had already been pushed to the top. She initially thought that it was because of its popularity among the users, but then she realized that the administrator had actually pinned the post for every forum visitor to see.

Fuming, Qin Jing clicked on the damn post.

There were thousands of comments and replies, either lamenting how they had been disillusioned by Yao Tang’s beauty or echoing the rumors that she was an immoral wench.

Here and there, she would see a comment claiming neutrality as they didn’t know the whole picture.


Nevertheless, this was undoubtedly very damaging for Yao Tang. The post itself was very explicit, saying thatYao Tangused her body to make a buck. It even included some photos of her in ordinary, indoor clothes, emphasizing the lack of luxury tags on her apparel.

What angered Qin Jingthe most, however, was a video post ofYao Tanggetting out of a car and coming into the Qin family villa.

The comment section on this particular post was filled with curses and other malicious remarks.

Qin Jing clicked on the video and instantly recognized her brother. His face was censored with pixels, but it was definitely him. “These people don’t know anything, yet they just keep barking and barking! They don’t even have any idea about the kind of lifeYao Tangis living!”

Now that it had all come to this, Qin Jingcouldn’t just sit still.Yao Tangwas getting criticized because she had come to the Qin Residence to treat her.

She would be doing her savior a great disservice if she did nothing to clear her name.

If it hadn’t been for Yao Tang, Qin Jing’s body would still be suffering the effects of poison. This alone was enough to earn her the backing of the entire Qin family. It was only right that they paid back her kindness in any way they could.

Gathering her resolve, Qin Jingbegan typing a post of her own.

“Hello, everyone. I am Qin Jin from Experimental High School. I want to clarify that in this video, Yao Tangcame to my house to help me with my homework. It seems that her arrival was captured on a public surveillance camera, and the edited copy is now being misinterpreted by a lot of people.

Hence, I will be attaching the original surveillance footage. You will see my mother and me greeting her at the door. I will reiterate that we are not involved in any illicit activities as the rumor mongers insist, and I hope that this proof I offer will be sufficient in clearing up any false narratives. I hope that you will believe me and trust Yao Tang. She is a good person.

Having said that, if any one of you still doesn’t believe me, you may pay a visit to Experimental High School. Just look for me. I am open to any possible confrontation. Bring it on!”

Then she looked for the video file and attached it to her post.

In this other recording, Madam Qinwas indeed at the door to receiveYao Tang.

Although the clip was mostly silent and was shot from quite a distance, it was clear from their disposition that Yao Tanghad come as a respected guest, not as some trashy girl out for a good time.

Qin Jing checked her post twice, making sure that she hadn’t written anything that would give netizens cause to attackYao Tangagain.

Once she was satisfied, she clicked on the publish button.

As it was Saturday, the students had a lot of time on their hands.

Shortly after the post was published, with Yao Tang’s name on full display, the video garnered more than 300 views. Even the unregistered users of the forum were watching it.

Qin Jing leaned back against her chair, her eyes fixed on her computer screen as she braced for the incoming reactions to her post.

With hard evidence, no one would be doubting Yao Tangany further, right?

This should be good enough. Right?