Chapter 115 - School Transfer

Chapter 115 of 329 chapters

Chapter 115 School Transfer

That evening, Qin Residence.

Qin Jing popped into the kitchen and helped her mother prepare dinner. After a while, she turned to Madam Qin, vegetables in hand, and said, “Mom, I want to go back to school. I want to attendNo. 1 High Schooland enroll in the same class asYao Tang.”

Madam Qin froze in shock. It took her some time to gather herself. “What did you just say?”

Qin Jing took a deep breath and repeated her words slowly. “I said, I want to go back to school and attendNo. 1 High SchoolwithYao Tang. I’m all better, aren’t I?”

After getting Yao Tang’s acupuncture treatment, it was almost as if she had never been poisoned at all. She had also been religiously applying traditional medicine to the unsightly lesions on her skin, and now they had completely disappeared.

She could finally resume her schooling without any worries about her health or appearance. And it was all thanks to Yao Tang

Qin Jing really wanted to be her classmate.

Madam Qin blinked at her daughter as excitement slowly bloomed in her chest. “You can go as long once you’re completely cured. You’ve lost a lot of weight, you know.”

As a mother, she couldn’t help but feel reluctant to send her precious daughter out into the world again.

It was heartbreaking to see her deteriorate these past few months.

Madam Qin’s main concern now was the possibility that Qin Jingwouldn’t be eating proper meals at school.

“No, Mom,” the girl insisted stubbornly. “I want to go back to school right away. The sooner, the better.”

“Did something happen?” Madam Qinasked, frowning Qin Jing thought for a moment before taking a deep breath. “You heard it yourself this morning.Yao Tangis being plagued by horrible rumors at school. She saved me, Mom. I can’t just not do anything to help her. It isn’t right.”


“Jingjing,” Madam Qinexclaimed, her eyes twinkling with pride. “Oh, ourJingjinghas really grown up. Look at you, standing up for your friends during their time of need. This is an impressive development, a very good thing!”

“Mom!” Qin Jingshouted, feeling pleased and embarrassed at the same time. “Mom, please let me transfer schools, okay? I can’t stay atExperimental High Schoolanymore. I feel bad whenever I think back to the days when I had to take a leave of absence.”

“All right, all right, Mom understands,” Madam Qinsaid quickly.

It was Qin Jing’s turn to be surprised.

Her mother grinned. “Now, why are you looking at me like that? Your mom knows how to be grateful! More than that, I’m so happy to see you being so mature.”

“Thank you, Mom,” Qin Jingbeamed. “If possible, I’d like to start school this Monday.”

“You little brat! I give an inch, and you take a mile!” Madam Qin poked her daughter’s forehead, but the expression on her face was doting.

Her late husband had passed away early, so all she had left was her son and daughter. And being the only princess in the clan, Qin Jinghad enjoyed the adoration of her relatives all her life, which naturally contributed to her bratty temperament.

But after battling her illness, it appeared that she was finally growing into a sensible young lady.

It was a good thing indeed.

Contrary to Qin Jing’s expectations, the proof that she had presented ended up being used to incriminateYao Tangfurther.

For some reason, a bunch of netizens single-mindedly focused on the grand villa Qin Jinglived in and took it against her.

“She’s obviously in cahoots with Yao Tang. They’re probably working the same racket around the city.”

“I’m not convinced that these two are just friends doing homework. I mean, why else would this girl bother defending Yao Tang? She just set herself up for slaughter.”

“Another rotten woman! Birds of a feather!”

“Disgusting! Both of you should just get lost!”

“It’s Miss Qin, right? How much will it be for one night? Our Young Master Wang is willing to pay double the price for you and Yao Tang’s company. Quit acting innocent and just name your price!”

The comments were multiplying, each one more horrible than the last.

All the while, the forum administrator turned a blind eye to the chaos.

Yao Ran happily scrolled through the comments while munching on a platter of fruits.

At first, she had thought that Miss Qin would be able to hold her own against the negative remarks, but the girl was unexpectedly beaten during the first round. What a pity.

“Here Ranran, I brought you more fruit. You need snacks while doing your homework. Are you tired? Do you need anything else?”

Qin Man sat besideYao Ranand gave her a loving look. This was the child that she had raised since birth, the only daughter of her heart.

She was utterly devoted to Yao Ran, even more so than to her own husband. But in return, she expected great things from the girl. She was the biggest hope for theYao familyto flourish in society.

“I’m not tired at all, Mom. It’s almost time for the senior year exams, so I have to study hard.”

Yao Ran smiled sweetly at the woman before heading into her bedroom.

After taking a few steps, she paused, as if she had just thought of something. She looked back and asked, “Mom, Sister seems to be in trouble. Should I help—”.

“Help with what?” Qin mansnapped, her expression darkening at the mention ofYao