Chapter 116 - Return of Ruan Qing

Chapter 116 of 329 chapters

Chapter 116 Return of Ruan Qing

“Listen, Ranran. In the future, you must remember that you are the only daughter of the Yao family, do you understand? You don’t have a sister named Yao Tang. We are not related to some shameless wench, are we clear?”

Qin Man had a stern look on her face. Her good mood from earlier had all but vanished.

She wasn’t expecting Yao Tangto feel any responsibility toward them, even though they were her biological parents. The least that the girl could do was to not dragRanrandown and ruin the latter’s future.

Their Ranranwas destined to marry into the family and help them all live a much more comfortable life.

Qin Man wasn’t going to letYao Tangstand in the way of that.

Yao Ran’s expression grew troubled after hearing her mother’s words. “I understand, Mom. I’ll go and study now.”

“All right. Work hard.”

Qin Man nodded in satisfaction as she watched the girl go. As expected, the daughter of her heart was more obedient than that wretchedYao Tang.

Little did the woman know that the moment Yao Ranhad turned away, her eyes flashed deviously, and the corners of her lips curled up.

She would never allow Yao Tangeven an ounce of affection from her parents. She was the only daughter of theYao family, and it would remain that way for the rest of their lives.

Later that night.

“Tangtang, someone is badmouthing you on the Internet again.”

Lin Xin had been following the forum closely for the last couple of days.

She scowled at her phone now as vicious comments popped up one after another. “Ugh, this Ruan Qingis like a relentless ghost! No, she’s more like a demon, never giving us a moment of peace!”

A new post was published, saying: “Hello, everyone. My name is Ruan Qing. I am the student who dropped out ofNo. 1 High Schooljust a few days ago.

I want to express my regrets and let you know that I have realized my mistakes. I’ve been missing my classmates badly since transferring schools. I saw the recent posts on this forum, and I have mixed feelings about the current issue.

The truth is, you have all misunderstood Yao Tang’s intentions. She only did these things because she had no other choice.Yang Rong’s parents didn’t care for their sick daughter, soYao Tangtook it upon herself to earn money for her treatment.

She might have resorted to… questionable means, but I assure you that her motives were


The overall tone of the post was one of sympathy, and yet, the essence of the message did nothing to clear up Yao Tang’s name.

At that moment, Ruan Qing was sitting inside a cozy coffee shop. When the comments started flooding her post, a delighted grin broke out on her face.

“See? I wasn’t lying to you, was I?”

Jiang Huai leaned forward in the seat across from her and slowly stirred his coffee.

‘It really is more effective to have someone dispatch your enemy rather than dirtying your own hands,’ he mused.

Ruan Qing looked up at him, her eyes flashing

“Well, I already did what you said. If you obtain anything on Yao Tangin the future, I need you to inform me. The enemy of an enemy is a friend, right?”


Whether it was Yao TangorYao Ran, she wasn’t going to let either of those two off. If it hadn’t been for them, she wouldn’t have been kicked out ofNo. 1 High School.

Even the Ruan family had gotten implicated in that dreadful affair. Sources had even told her elders that there were people who were purposely messing with their family business. Those two girls had done more than just humiliate her, they had practically instigated the Ruan family’s fall from grace.

She wasn’t in any rush, though. Ruan Qing knew she had to get rid of Yao Tangfirst before dealing withYao Ran.

“That won’t be a problem,” Jiang Huai drawled. “Then, I wish us a happy and fruitful cooperation.” He stood up and shook hands with Ruan Qing before exiting the coffee shop.

He couldn’t help but feel smug with this successful little transaction of theirs. The forum was likely exploding with every step he took.

Just as he had expected, the netizens bought Ruan Qing’s story.

They all believed that Yao Tanghad sold her body in order to fundYang Rong’s treatment.

Now, practically everyone in No. 1 High Schoolwas convinced thatYao Tangwasn’t the innocent girl they had once thought. Some took it one step further and decided to add to the narrative.

They began to concoct a story about Yao Tangsecretly selling herself out to the young miss of the Qin family. As a result, Miss Qin had contracted an STD from her, which explained the hideous lesions on her body and why she had to take a leave of absence from school.

They even claimed that Yao Tangwas also taking medicines in order to keep the symptoms of her STD from manifesting.

The rumor mongers spun their tale so expertly that it was difficult not to believe them. Everything just made sense somehow, especially to those who didn’t know Yao Tangpersonally. Her reputation sank even deeper into the mud.

People were expecting her to release a statement of her own, but the rest of the weekend came and went without a peep from Yao Tang.

Unfortunately, most netizens took her silence as a sign of guilt, and they just keep spouting more lies and fabricated “evidence” on the forum.

Monday finally came. The first period for the morning classes was Chemistry.

Xi Yan walked into the classroom and placed her lesson plan on the teacher’s table. “I have good news for everyone,” she announced, smiling. “Our class is getting another transfer student. Please give her a warm welcome.”

At the back of the room, Meng Yangwas busy scribbling away at his homework. He didn’t bother looking up from his desk, even as his classmates began whispering among themselves.

“Another transfer student? I wonder if she’s pretty.”

“Well, I don’t know about that, but not everyone can be Yao Tang.”

“True, true. Yao Tangis one of a kind.”

After all, she had become the campus belle on her very first day in school.

Her reputation might not be all that good, but at least no one could dispute the fact that she was gorgeous.

Their new classmate walked into the room, her eyes bright, her skin fair and clear. She stood in front of the class and beamed. “Hello, everyone. My name is Qin Jing.”