Chapter 120 - The Mastermind

Chapter 120 of 329 chapters

Chapter 120 The Mastermind

“Eh? Where did the post go?”

“The post has gone missing!”

“What is going on? I thought the forum administrator didn’t care about these things. They’ve been lenient all this time, how come they suddenly deleted it?”

Another ruckus broke out among the students from various parts of the campus.

As far as they knew, No. 1 High Schoolhad hired an expert to moderate their school forum, so that no one could infiltrate the system. In the past, even the forum ofExperimental High Schoolhad fallen into the hands of hackers, but theirs had remained secure.

This time, however… How did that thread vanish from thin air?

Who could have possibly done it?

The students in Class 20 all turned to Yao Tangin unison, their expressions ranging from bewilderment to trepidation. They were just in time to see her put her phone away.

Could it be… But in order to delete a post, one needed to be logged in through a computer.

No, it couldn’t have been Yao Tang.

They began to whisper among themselves and tried to figure out who was behind the deletion.

“What do you think happened?”

“I have no idea. Maybe the Yao familydeleted it themselves. I mean, you can’t delete something from the forum unless you’re an administrator or the original author of the


“I think this is for the best. That Yao familywasn’t helpingYao Tang, anyway!”

“Exactly. If they were my relatives, I would rather sever my ties with them.”

“Right? I also thought that they weren’t trying to defend Yao Tang. Instead, it sounded like they were actually trying to distance themselves from her. How disappointing!”

Meng Yang took a deep breath and addressed his classmates in a loud voice.

“There is no truth to the rumors that have been spreading. My Sister Tangis not that kind of person. I don’t care whether you believe me or not, but don’t you dare badmouth her in my presence! Any affront to her is an affront to me!”

Meng Yang was making his stance clear.

He was going to stand firmly on Yao Tang’s side, for better or for worse.

His speech made everyone quiet down, and they went back to reading their books.

Satisfied, Meng Yangcame toYao Tang’s side. “Sister Tang, what do you want to do? Just say the word and I will do it.”

Qin Jing scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

“I’m here, too, you know. No one would dare to go against our Qin family. Even if someone wants to hurt you, they won’t have the guts to do it upfront with us on your side.”

“You have me, too!”

“And me!”

Lin Xin and the others also spoke up, their voices filled with determination.

They were all staring at Yao Tangexpectantly, waiting for her to speak.

Yao Tang picked up her phone and dialed a number. It took a moment for the call to connect.

“I sent you a link just now,” she said without preamble. “I need you to get me the ID and the location of the person who posted it.”

On the other end of the line, Yun Tianwas hanging out with a friend at a coffee shop. “Yeah, that will have to wait,” he drawled. “I don’t have my computer with me right now.”

“I’m in a hurry,” Yao Tangsaid bluntly.

Yun Tian immediately sobered up at her tone. “Sure, give me a few minutes.”

Yao Tang hung up, and her friends settled down around her.

Three minutes later, Yun Tian called her back. “The IP address points to No. 1 High SchoolinCity A. The user’s real name isJiang Huai, and he’s a third-year student from Class 1. I’ll send you the details.”

Yao Tang waited for the message to come in and stared at the photosYun Tianhad sent.

Class 1.

And a boy, at that. Interesting.

“Sister Tang, tell us what to do next.”

The moment Meng YangheardJiang Huai’s name, he instantly understood that he was the mastermind behind the rumors.

His handsome face twisted with rage. He looked like he was about to hit someone.

Lin Xin was just as furious, but her expression was decidedly less formidable thanMeng Yang’s.

“You guys don’t have to bother yourselves,” Yao Tangsaid, glancing at her friends nonchalantly.

If they got themselves involved, they would only leave traces behind, and might even get themselves blackmailed for their troubles.

She looked back to her phone and typed something, her fingers nimbly tapping on her screen.

Then Yao Tanghit send.

All at once, the entire building erupted into another commotion.

This time, however, they were interrupted by the shrill ringing of the school bell.

It was time for class, and their teacher was already walking into the room with his textbook.

The students had no choice but to return to their seats. Even so, most of them sneaked their phones under their desks. The school forum was abuzz yet again.

And the reason was simple—the account that had started everything, the account that had first posted the video of Yao Tanggetting out of a luxury car, had been exposed!

The culprit was none other than Jiang Huai.