Chapter 124 - Locked Up in a Juvenile Detention Center

Chapter 124 of 329 chapters

Chapter 124 Locked Up in a Juvenile Detention Center

Yao Tang didn’t even skip a beat as she brought up her book once more and began to read.

There was no reaction from her end at all.

Meng Yang was dumbfounded. “Sister Tang, what are you going to do?” he urged. “These people – they have wronged you, and they have the nerve to bring their parents here too.”

Xiao Pang immediately grabbed his friend’s phone and flipped through the comments himself.

The more he read, the angrier he got.

“Damn, Sister Tang even beat up Li Tao? Do they really expect people to believe such nonsense?” Xiao Pang’s eyes widened as he pointed at all the statements that the article had collected.

Hell, even he couldn’t believe it.

With Yao Tang’s figure, how the hell could she even manage to land a punch at Li Tao and his group of assholes?

They were tall enough to tower over her. Yao Tang would look like a mouse before them. Hell, if he had told anyone before this incident, they’d look at him as if he were crazy.

Lin Xin and the others are finally seated around Yao Tang. Every single one of them was angry.

“Who the hell posted this?” Qin Jing grabbed the phone from Xiao Pang’s hand. As soon as she saw the anonymous tagline, she scowled. “Can we find out who posted this?”

Shen Huan frowned. “The student union is in charge of the forum. Just look for Zhang Liang from Class 3. He should know something.”

“Nah, I asked him just now. It was posted from a new student account – couldn’t trace it back to the person.” Meng Yang ran his fingers up his hair in frustration. “Besides, with the parents already forming their own union, it wouldn’t be long till she’d be called for an investigation.”

Chu Yao had originally planned to call someone to track down the user’s IP address. However, when he heard this, he sighed. Meng Yang was right. Even if they found out about it, it would’ve been too late then.

Lin Xin gritted her teeth.

“Then what the hell are we going to do now? Delete the post?” Xiao Pang slammed his hands onto the table. “But it’s too late for that, right?”

Only at this moment did Yao Tang finally turned her attention to her friends. Her eyes were narrowed, gesturing them to stay quiet.

They followed suit with furrowed eyebrows. Why wasn’t she ever as panicked as them?

“Look, we’ll just have to deal with it when they get here.”

As Meng Yang had predicted, the Dean walked into Class 20 with a cautious look at his surroundings. “Yao Tang,” he called out. “Do you mind coming out for a moment?”

There was a certain coldness laced around his tone.

“Sister Tang.” Meng Yang immediately stood up in attention. “I’ll go with you.”

“There’s no need for that. Stay here.”

Despite his continued insistence, Yao Tang waved her hand in refusal and walked out of the classroom. Then, she was led to another empty room that had been prepared just for her. She stayed silent this entire time.

“Why did you beat them up?” The Dean gazed at her, breaking the silence.

She crossed her legs. “They’re the ones who attacked me first.”

“They’re the ones who attacked you?” The Dean frowned. “Are you sure about that?”

“They’re the ones who first started it, but they couldn’t beat me. That’s why they were the ones who were left lying on the ground while I was standing. Are their weaknesses my fault then?”

As the words slipped past her lips, she laughed. If this was the other way around, would the Dean even pester her like this?

The Dean was speechless.

Before he could sputter something out, a police officer stepped inside. “Let me talk to her,” he said coldly. “I’ll take her somewhere Let’s see if she’ll manage to keep silent after this.”

The officer’s face was cold. As a father, he hated bullies with a passion.

After watching the video on the forum, he became even angrier. No one deserved this! How could someone do this?

She was led into a large conference room. Even from outside, she could hear the parents screaming at each other, calling for “justice” for their children.

As soon as the police officer brought Yao Tang into the room, she felt all their vicious gazes boring at her head. It was as if she was brought into a den of lions.

Their gazes were filled with disgust and hate.

“What were the security guards doing at this time? Why wasn’t anyone watching her?”

“We have to drag her into the police station ourselves!”

“This kind of person would only bring trouble if she stays at the school. Who knows what else she’d come up with in the future?”

“My son had been beaten up by her! He could barely walk!”

“Lock her in the juvenile detention center! We paid a lot for superior education and a safe environment – can’t we get what we pay for?”

In the middle of the conference room, a few teachers shared a few looks, but none of them said a thing. Li Tian was Li Tao’s father. He was quite well-known around the area, being one of the families that had just risen to fame and wealth only recently. As such, he was very arrogant.

He gritted his teeth. “My son had been beaten up by that girl with a stick. A fucking stick! How do you plan answering to that?”

The teachers opened their mouths, but even they didn’t know what else to say.

“Parents, please don’t worry.” Luo Hua who had been sitting on the side raised his head. The corners of his lips were quirked up. “We at No. 1 High Schoolwill seek justice to those who have been wronged.”

“Hmph.” Li Tian snorted. “No.1 High School truly doesn’t learn from their mistakes, do they? Wasn’t this the same girl we saw in that video? She’s a troublemaker! There’s no doubt about that. Are you really that intent in keeping her?”

The school administrative office immediately called for her adviser, Xi Yan.