Chapter 131 - A Sound Whipping

Chapter 131 of 329 chapters

Chapter 131 A Sound Whipping

Qin Jing hesitated for a second before adding, “The Jiang family here in City A is nothing to be afraid of, but they have great influence over at the capital. They mainly control news and information dissemination.”

Not that they were any match against the Qin family, of course, but she dreaded the possibility that Jiang Huaimight get away with his crimes scot-free.

That would be unfair quite frankly, extremely infuriating

“What kind of relationship does the Jiang family here have with the Jiang family in the capital?”

Chu Yao asked, curious.

He had some notable background himself, so he had naturally heard of the Jiang family in the capital.

Indeed, they had sway over public opinion, and everybody walked on eggshells around them.

They might not take this current issue lightly.

“All I can say is that Jiang Huaiis the only son born in this generation, so he is adored by most of his elders, “Qin Jingsaid, her eyes flashing. “Sure enough, he’s always doted upon during family gatherings and public events.”

Given his cherished position, it was highly unlikely that Jiang Huaiwould be suffering any consequences for his actions.

The group fell silent as the realization dawned on them.

“I’m sure Ruan Qing won’t be able to escape, though!” Qin Jingsaid after a while.

Ruan Qing had used her personal account on their school forum, practically pinning a glowing red tag on herself as she published her malicious posts.

The Ruan family wouldn’t be able to save her from this one. Worse, they might even pay the price for what their errant daughter did.

“All right,” Lin Xinsaid after taking a deep breath.

“Let’s focus on Ruan Qing, then. We should take what we can get.”

“Right! There’s no way we can let her off after all that she’s done!” Meng Yangsnarled.

He was still furious with the prospect of Jiang Huaiescaping justice, butLin Xinwas right. He might as well vent all his anger atRuan Qing.

His hands clenched into fists. A muscle ticked at his jaw. “Tonight, I will go and ask my father if we can deal her with a much more severe punishment.”

As soon as classes ended that day, Jiang Huaigrabbed his backpack and rushed out of the classroom.

He was frightened out of his wits.

He had basically slandered Yao Tangin public, and had even incitedLi Taoand the others to dox her. But for some reason, Yao Tanghad not retaliated yet. And oh, he knew she was going to retaliate.

The thing was, the longer she delayed her vengeance, the more anxious he became.

He couldn’t stand the idea that Meng Yang and his posse might corner him at school and beat him up.

As he thought of this, Jiang Huai quickened his pace and bolted out of the campus.

It wasn’t until he was back home, leaning against his bedroom door, that he finally allowed himself a deep, long breath.

He slumped to the door as he tried to calm himself.

However, he was interrupted by an urgent knocking at his door.

“Jiang Huai! Jiang Huai, open the door! It’s Mom!”

His mother sounded worried as she called out to him from the other side. “Quickly, open the door! Your father is asking you to go downstairs. He looks mad, so you’d better hurry!”


Jiang Huai’s eyes widened, and a shiver ran down his body.

He got back to his feet, his face ashen.

“O-okay! I’ll be there in just a second!”

His voice was flat and small, as if he had resigned himself to death.

Jiang Huai’s father had moved from the capital to City Aten years ago. He was a man of action, always swift and firm with his decisions. He had a stern countenance that intimidated people from all walks of life.

Whenever Jiang Huaidid something wrong, even as a kid, he was beaten up pretty badly. It was so bad that his skin often split open, and there have been times when he had to stay in bed for days.

He might be loved by everyone in his family, but they certainly didn’t coddle him. Not his parents, at least.

Jiang Huai rushed downstairs to his father’s study. He opened the door, only for his legs to shake at the sight that greeted him.

Jiang Dong was standing in the middle of the room with a whip in his hand.

His face was blank, but his piercing eyes were cold.

For a moment, Jiang Huaifelt as though he wasn’t this man’s son at all.

He mustered all his courage and took a step forward. “Dad…”

Before he could get far, he fell to his knees and whimpered.

With one fluid movement, Jiang Dongraised his whip and brought it down. The crisp sound of leather hitting flesh cracked throughout the room.

Jiang Huai immediately burst into tears.

“Dad, let me explain,” he pleaded, his voice hoarse.

But before he could speak any further, the whip made contact again. “Ah!” he screamed out in pain.

“Dad, stop hitting me! Please, please! I’ll agree to anything you say! I can change, I


Soon, he was sobbing. “It hurts, Dad!”

Five minutes later, Jiang Dongfinally ceased his punishment. By that time,Jiang Huaiwas crumpled on the cold floor like a dog. His clothes were torn and bloody. The skin underneath was like a messy painting of open cuts.

“Stand up!” Jiang Dongroared. “I’m taking you to theCheng familyto apologize.”

A few moments later, Jiang Huaiwas gingerly getting inside the family car. His father hadn’t even allowed him to change clothes.

It had been a long time since he had felt this awful mix of fear, hopelessness, and humiliation.

He was careful not to aggravate his wounds as he settled back into the seat. He looked out the window and was silent for the entirety of the drive.