Chapter 136 - Two-Faced Trickster

Chapter 136 of 329 chapters

In the spirit of fighting fire with fire, Qin Jing saw nothing wrong with what she was doing.

She grinned before putting her phone away, acting like she wasn’t the one behind the newest, controversial post.

That afternoon, while waiting for the classes to start.

“Sister Jing, you started this thread, didn’t you?” Meng Yangwas staring at his phone with amusement.

“What thread?”

“Ah? There’s a new thread?”

Xiao Pang andChu Yaoexclaimed in unison as they rushed to either side ofMeng Yangand peered at his phone. Their brows furrowed as they read the post.

“The former campus belle, Yao Ran, is a fake and shameless person,”Chu Yaoread out loud from the comments. “Everyone, don’t be fooled by her appearance!”

“Holy cow! This one is really well-written!” Xiao Pangturned toQin Jingand gave her two thumbs up.

Lin Xin had just come over after handing in her homework.

When she overheard their conversation, she asked, “Are you guys talking about the latest post about Yao Ran?”

She had heard other students discussing it as she made her way through the stairs earlier. It sounded like they were being particularly harsh to Yao Ran, butLin Xindidn’t care.

After all, those accusations were true. If not for Yao Tang’s sake,Lin Xinmight have even resorted to exposingYao Ranherself.

“That’s right!” Chu Yaoanswered immediately.

The friends were practically beaming, though they did try not to be obvious.

They huddled around Qin Jing, who only blinked at them and said, “It’s not me. What post? I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

However, she was giving off a smug vibe, like that of someone who had accomplished something great and was immensely satisfied with it.

This only solidified their presumption that she was involved, one way or another.

“It’s almost time for class. Hurry and go back to your seats already!” Qin Jingwaved her hand and chased them away.

“All right, all right, fine! We wouldn’t dare to disturb Young Miss Qin during class. These peasants will be taking our leave now,” Meng Yangteased while holding back his laughter.

They dispersed and returned to their seats with smiles on their faces.

When they glanced back, they found Qin Yang clinging to Yao Tang’s arm, and shaking it like a spoiled kid waiting to be praised.

“Say, Sister Tang, do you think I did a good job? I put that Yao Ran in her place!”

Qin Jing’s tone was coy, a stark contrast to the usually domineering voice she used with others.

“You did well,” Yao Tangsaid, her lips curling up ever so slightly.

Her eyes never left the book she was reading, though.

She had been immersed in foreign medical literature these past few days, and only took breaks to eat, sleep, and attend her classes.

But that didn’t mean that she was just going to let Yao Ranoff with her evil schemes.

“Yay!” Qin Jingshouted happily.

She looked like a kid who had just received a huge reward as she bounced up and down,

She regarded Yao Tangas her role model.

And who could blame her? Yao Tangwas smart, good-looking, a talented dancer, and her medical skills were top-notch.

A big shot who preferred to keep a low profile.

Qin Jing would like to be just like her someday.

The bell finally rang, and she returned to her own seat. Now and then, she would sneak her phone under her desk and check the new replies on the forum, pleased with her handiwork.

Class 1, during the self-study period.

Yao Ran was writing in her exercise book, diligent as ever.

As an exemplary student, she had never taken out her phone during class hours. It was always switched off and put away in her schoolbag.

“Ranran!” the girl sitting behind her cried out, ruining her momentum. “Quickly, check the school forum!”

Yao Ran frowned impatiently and tried not to sigh in frustration.

But when she turned around, she had a serene smile on her face.

She shook her head at the girl, indicating her refusal to look at her phone during class.

Without missing a beat, the girl shoved her own phone in Yao Ran’s face.

“Have you offended anyone recently? Someone has made trouble for you! You need to clear this up immediately, or it would be damaging to your reputation!”

“What did you say?”

Yao Ran had intended to look away at first, but when she caught sight of the caption in bold, block letters, her eyes widened in disbelief.

She grabbed the phone and swiped at the screen to find hundreds of comments criticizing her and calling her names.

“Yao Ran, just go and die already!”

“You’re a curse on this campus. Instead of doing your dirty tricks, why don’t you just admit that you’re jealous of Yao Tang?”

“You fake witch! Don’t ever appear in front of me, or I swear I’m going to beat you up!”

Yao Ran hadn’t even fully read the post yet. Her attention was focused on all the vile comments calling her out for her hypocrisy.

She had always been perfect and well-behaved in the eyes of others, and had been the campus belle since she was young. As such, she had never experienced this kind of treatment, much less expected it.

Her eyes immediately welled up, and her face was filled with grievance.

“Don’t cry, Ranran! I believe in you! I know that you’re not the kind of person they say you are. You’re going to get through this, just stay strong!”

The girl reached out and patted Yao Ran’s shoulder.

“Thank you, but I… I don’t think I’m feeling well. When the teacher comes later, please tell him that I had to go home!”

Yao Ran wiped the tears from her face and sobbed.