Chapter 141 - A Very Popular Song

Chapter 141 of 329 chapters

“Yao Ran, that was amazing!”

“That girl plays so well. As a piano teacher myself, I’ve never seen someone play with so much passion and expertise,” one whispered. “She has the potential to become an even greater pianist one day.”

“Her temperament is very good too. By the time she’s older, I’m sure she’d be even more of a charmer.”

“A top student in No. 1 High School–who wouldn’t be? Not only is she talented, but she’s also beautiful. She has absolutely everything.”

“Such a pretty girl.”

“Such a genius!”

Everyone in the forum was singing praises for Yao Ran the live show was practically flooding with compliments for the young woman.

They all had something good to say.

There were also a few people who claimed to be Yao Ran’s fans and even posted live pictures of her in the comments section.

They were even crazier than the fans of these C-List and D-List celebrities.

“You’ve already hired that social media company you had been talking about?”

After Yao Ran had finally left the stage, Qin Man glanced at her manicured hand before looking back at her husband. The Social Media Company had promised that they’d leave continuous spam comments–all of them praising Yao Ran’s intelligence and beauty. They’d assist in turning the tide of people’s perception of her, with the addition of boosting her posts.

Yao Yuan nodded. “I’ve already hired them this morning. All of them are in the live broadcast room,” he motioned to the screen. “They’re quite effective too–no one can tell whether they’re real or not.”

His smile widened.

This time, his daughter would be able to rise up from the adversities. With such popularity, people in school would love her once again.

His own child would rise to the top.

“Make sure they’re fast. If someone were to slander her again, we must immediately divert their attention.” Suddenly, something occurred to her and she clapped her hands together. “We can use that Yao Tang as a shield!”

She smirked.

Finally, that wrench finally had some value in her life. Every time one would bash Yao Ran, the other commenters would simply speak of Yao Tang’s misfortunes to divert their attention.

“I’ll inform them right away.”

Yao Yuan immediately sent a message to the social media team.

Sure enough, amidst all these meaningless praises, a few people came to light. “Ergh, she’s so vain,” a few had said. “But why am I so surprised?”

Following the comments were screenshots of the posts from two days ago.

At that point, the perception of the live broadcast forum started to shift.

Luckily, Yao Yuan had already informed the social media team to drag Yao Tang into the mess and push all the blame on her. If she didn’t want to be of use, then they’d simply have to make use of her on their own.

“Everyone, you may not know this, but I’m also a student at No. 1 High School. Yao Ran only bore the blame to help her cousin.”

“Yeah, how was she supposed to know that she’s being taken advantage of by those evil people?”

“By evil people, you mean Yao Tang, right? Damn, that girl’s famous around the school. Not only does she argue against teachers, but she also bullies Yao Ran for fun. Horrible!”

“God, that’s horrible. Yao Ran looks like an angel that’s descended from the sky. How could she be treated like this?”

“Yao Tang should be accountable for her actions.”

Different comments piled up on the forum, burying the screenshots that had Yao Ran’s name.

The social media team were quite aggressive with their responses.

“Yao Tang, get out of No. 1 High School!”

“Yeah, don’t bully Ranran!”

For other people who didn’t know Yao Tang, they couldn’t help but go along with the stories that had been fed by other comments being left in the forum.

“I think Yao Tang’s just jealous of Ranran’s beauty. I mean, she’s from the countryside after all–she probably doesn’t have much.”

“That’s just pathetic.”

“Yao Tang shouldn’t even be mentioned! Ugh, I hate her!”

“She’s just a clown. Let’s kick Yao Tang out of No. 1 High School for Miss Ranran! That way, she wouldn’t have the chance to bully her anymore.”

No matter how noisy the live broadcast forum was, the charity gala was still continuing on.

After her performance, a few talented girls also came up to stage.

However, they were all ordinary. None of them were comparable to Yao Ran’s performance. In fact, the pieces they all played were too simple, and average–at least, in the eyes of the elite.

The second to the last performance was the young violinist. While his talent was quite exquisite, he still wasn’t able to surpass the impact Yao Ran had brought to the stage.

Just like that, they have finally reached the final act.

The host smiled as he walked back onto the stage. His eyes were crinkled in excitement. He glanced at the notecard in his hand and practically jumped in both surprise and anticipation. “Forgive me, everyone,” he apologized. “I just couldn’t contain my excitement. And I believe, once you know who’ll be performing, you wouldn’t be able to either.”

Everyone shared looks, furrowing their eyebrows.

“Now, why don’t we the performance segment with a bang? Let’s welcome the superstar of the music industry, Sheng Ting, and his dance partner Miss Yao Tang to bring us a legendary dance to be remembered for the ages.”

“Let’s give a round of applause and welcome the singer!”

After the announcement, everyone stared in interest. There were a few screams from the back, especially from the younger generation. All of their gazes were trained to the stage, far too enamored to turn away.

That was Sheng Ting!