Chapter 142 - Was He Jealous?

Chapter 142 of 329 chapters

As the only person in the music industry who had been able to keep his songs at the No.1 spot on the Charts, Sheng Ting was naturally a legend amongst the people.

Since his debut, the man had won countless of awards. In fact, it was easier to count the awards he had lost than the ones he had taken home.

At least half the people present in the Charity Gala were fans of his.

And around 99% of everyone present had heard his most popular song people.

It was a huge surprise that such an idolized pop star would make an appearance at the Charity Gala–definitely something they had not expected.

Even the ones in the first row couldn’t help but whisper to one another. The smiles on their faces couldn’t be hidden.

Zhang Lei, the host of the show, couldn’t help but bob his head in satisfaction. He called over to the photographer beside him. “Hey, you better take some awesome pictures for posting later, got that? We need all the angles.”

“You got it.”

The young photographer nodded repeatedly before focusing his attention on his camera.

Soon, the lights on the stage dimmed,

Even in the darkness, everyone was leaning forward, intrigued by this surprise performance. They were all silent, waiting with bated breath for the appearance of the legendary superstar.

In the live broadcast, however, hundreds of people were flooding the comments section.

“Hey, did the host just mention Yao Tang’s name?”

“But isn’t Yao Tang a country girl? Why would she be dancing with someone like Sheng Ting? Maybe they just had the same pronunciation? Maybe it’s Yao Rang?”

“But I’m sure I heard it right! Damn, I didn’t expect Sheng Ting to make an appearance at the event though.”

“Wait, I don’t get it–isn’t Yao Tang the school bully? Why would she be there?”

Everyone was confused by the sudden announcement.

However, as soon as the lights had been illuminated, everyone lost their ability to speak. They stared blankly at the scene in front of them, too mesmerized to even turn away.

A beam of light shone on a young woman standing on the stage.

The woman had on a black tube top with pieces of diamonds scattered across her upper body. They glittered under the lights, highlighting her small waistline.

Even her skin was perfect. The people in the front couldn’t help but gape at the sight.

There was a red plum flower painted on her forehead, emphasizing her soft gaze and red lips. Gone was the hardened image she had painted in school, and it was soon replaced with a charming and flirtatious young woman they had never seen before in their entire lives.

She stood there–her gaze, strong but sweet. Everyone caught their breath, finding themselves frozen at the sight.

Just then, another beam of light shone on the audience.

As soon as the music had been played, Sheng Ting slowly walked up from the side of the stage. He had his hands in his pockets, with a soft look on his face. At the sight, the audience exploded into screams.

Even the comments section were buzzing with curiosity and excitement.

Gasps sounded around the room.

Even the reporters had already picked up their cameras to take photos of the scene.

“Ah, Sheng Ting!”

“Oh my god, who’s the woman? She looks so beautiful!”

“Is she an actress? Where can I follow her?”

“Yao Tang! Yao Tang!”

As soon as the two had stood together on stage, the music started playing. A soft melody filled the stadium as Sheng Ting offered his hand to Yao Tang. They didn’t waste any time as they move with the beat.

It was obvious that this wasn’t the first time they had cooperated for a dance number before.

Yao Tang danced to her heart’s content on the stage. Every sway of her hips, nod of her head, and raise of her arms had been calculated to his song. She allowed his soft music to lead the way.

Although she was a backup dancer, she still somewhat looked like the star of the show.

A few minutes later, Sheng Ting’s song had finally came to end.

The man twirled her around, and they finally faced the mesmerized crowd. “Thank you,” they said, with the bow of their head.

A round of thunderous applause had immediately rang across the stage, lasting for a full three minutes. There were even a few who stood up, wanting to get a better look of the performers.

The dance had truly surprised them all.

Qin Man, who was sitting below the stage, couldn’t help but stare blankly at Yao Tang. Her jaw dropped.

It had been a long time since she saw her.

Her biological daughter had lived her entire life in the countryside. She had obviously not received any good education for this matter, so she didn’t deserve her attention.

Instead, she simply focused on making Yao Ran her golden child, her only child.

However, upon seeing Yao Tang on stage, a different feeling rose up in her chest. Her lips quivered. Who would’ve thought that she’d feel that way?

It was a sweet feeling that she had never felt whenever she was with Yao Ran?

It…It felt like as if she was seeing her daughter, her actual daughter.

“Hey, Manman!” Yao Yuan shouted in confusion. “What’s wrong with you? Did you see the person who had just walked on stage? She looks a lot like Yao Tang, doesn’t she?”

He didn’t know if he was just imagining things, but the girl on stage really looked like her.

“It’s her,” she exhaled.

Five rows away from them, there was another man who was surprised from her sudden appearance. That man was none other than Cheng Yan.

Cheng Yan had been staring at the stage this entire time. He couldn’t care less about the chatting people beside him.

However, upon seeing the way Yao Tang and Sheng Tinghad danced so passionately and gracefully, his gaze deepened.

Just the thought of them inching even closer and touching each other, he turned away. Instead, he fixated his gaze on the screen.

Qin Hao tilted his head in intrigue. “Isn’t that sister-in-law? She actually came here too!”

That really was Yao Tang on stage!

When he glanced at Cheng Yan, however, he noticed that the man had already averted his gaze. At the sight, a smirk played on Qin Hao’s lips as he leaned back.