Chapter 143 - Twenty-five Million Yuan!

Chapter 143 of 329 chapters

“Brother Cheng, you’re not jealous, are you?”

Cheng Yan scowled in response. “Get lost,” he snapped, glancing back up at the stage, only to see that Yao Tanghad already left.

He picked up his phone and sent another message.

“I’m here at the Gala. Are you free later?” Cheng Yan took a photo of the stage and sent it over to affirm his location.

Yao Tang immediately responded, “Yes.”

Cheng Yan’s heart raced in his chest upon seeing the reply. He nodded at his phone, looking like a young kid who had just been told that Christmas came early.

Who would’ve thought that he’d actually bump into Yao Tang here? It was really a pleasant surprise? Thinking that he could actually, finally be able to see her, his entire mood brightened.

“Now that the beautiful performances are over, it’s time for our auction. I’m sure you’re all looking forward to this part–now, why don’t I start with the first item from our collection?”

The host clasped his hands together.

The charity gala soon began.

On the big screen on the stage, they could see an exquisite traditional Chinese painting. On the corner of the painting was small and detailed calligraphy. It looked beautiful.

Everyone started to discuss animatedly.

The auctioneer stood in the center of the stage, motioning his hand to the screen. “Now, if you’d bring your eyes onto the projector, you’d see a beautiful art donated by one of the gentlemen who had attended today.”

“This was in an effort to support the city’s charity, hoping to contribute to a better future.”

“Now, if I may introduce the starting price of this landscape painting donated by our one and only Mr. Yao Yuan. 300,000 yuan! Any takers?”

The crowd erupted into a series of whispers.

It didn’t take long for someone to raise his number plate.

“I bid 350,000!”


After a series of back and forth, the collection had been sold for 500,000 yuan.

The auctioneer was speaking so fast that his entire face had turned bright red. He almost jumped upon closing the first item as he waved at the bidder.

“Congratulations, Mr. 167–the painting is yours.”

The venue interrupted into enthusiastic applause.

After the first collection had finally been auctioned off, the atmosphere around the area brightened. They all looked like they had just entered the rave–all excited for the next bid.

The next collection of items were even more precious than the last. There were customized bags, jewelries, and even paintings–none of which could be found anywhere else.

The prize also couldn’t be found anywhere else.

As soon as the last item of the collection had been auctioned off, the audience was chatting even more animatedly. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the last time–the very last item that would close this entire auction.

After a few minutes of preparation and anticipatory drum beats, another man brought a small box onto the stage. Everyone leaned in a bit closer.

There was a few seconds of silence when the auctioneer tore the cloth off the box.

Everyone gasped.

It was a lady’s wristwatch. It glinted across the highlight, highlighting the diamonds and sapphires encrusted into the surface. It looked extremely beautiful and exquisite.

The entire auditorium was practically singing in praise for the watch.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“Damn, that collection is probably going to be worth a lot.”

“I wonder who will get it!”

“I wanted to get it.”

The last item was always the one that had been sponsored by the organizers of this Year’s Charity gala themselves. According to the current market, the price was around 13 million!

“Ladies and Gentlemen! The collection is sponsored by the organizers of this year’s Charity Gala. I believe that everyone here already knows what this wristwatch is worth, so I won’t be going more into detail. Shall we begin?”

“Place your bids!”

The auction finally began.

The watch was from a big brand, but it was a part of a limited collection. In fact, if they knew better, they also knew that the design for the wristwatch was one of a kind. No one had one like it!

All the men present were practically scrambling to place their placards high up in the air. Even the ladies manage to push the price up even higher. Everyone was very enthusiastic about the watch, and they certainly aren’t lacking money.

The price of the collectible had been immediately raised to 10 million in a span of a minute!

Two minutes later, it broke through to 15 million!

When it reached 20 million, the price had already exceeded the value of the watch itself. Yet, the people still didn’t stop bidding, raising the price even further.

Within another minute, the price was now at 23 million.

At this time, the bidding finally slowed down, and only a few people continued to raise the price.

Qin Hao leaned back. “Brother Cheng, are you still going to bid?”

Among the people who had just participated in the bidding was Cheng Yan. However, he had only raised his sign once. He was staring almost complacently as the price went even higher.

He gazed patiently at the glinting watch.

He obviously wanted to bid for the watch, but he still needed to wait some more.

“Let’s just wait.”

Cheng Yan leaned against his seat.

His gaze was fixated on the stage. No one knew what he was thinking.

Just then, a man raised his sign. “25 Million!”

The man’s voice was slightly higher. Everyone turned to the direction of the voice, instantly recognizing him when they saw who he was.