Chapter 144 - You're Jealous, Aren't You?

Chapter 144 of 329 chapters

“Young Master Qi! It’s Young Master Qi!”

“I can’t believe that Young Master Qi himself would appear. Who knew that he’d care so much about charity events like these? Like father, like son.”

“The old patriarch of the Qi family was known as the City’s #1 Philanthropist. The man always donates a large sum of money to the charity every year.”

The Young Master of the Qi family crossed his legs and smiled, enjoying the singing praises from behind him. However, he didn’t say a word in response.

Upon witnessing the scene from the stage, the auctioneer bounced on his feet. “Our Young Master Qi is so eager to contribute to a good cause at such a young age!” He looked around at the crowd. “The watch is one of a kind. Nothing like it is in the market, so don’t miss the opportunity!”

“We can’t fall behind Young Master Qi!”

The auctioneer waved his hand around. “Anyone want to bid even higher than 25 million?”

A person in the first row raised his hand. “You’re right.” His booming voice echoed across the stage. “Young Master Qi is so caring, so we obviously shouldn’t fall behind.”

“Chairman Liu also wants to contribute 35 million to the cause!”

As soon as everyone heard the price, everyone looked over at Chairman Liu in awe.

The crowd immediately burst into an enthusiastic applause.

After the applause had come to an end, the auctioneer grinned at the people. “35 million–a bit more, and we’ll finally be breaking the previous record we had in our Charity Gala!”

“Anyone want to bid even higher?”

The crowd began to whisper amongst themselves. The Young Master of the Qi Family even placed down his bidding sign, shaking his head.

Everyone turned to the stage.

The auctioneer took a deep breath, raising his gavel up in the air.

“Thirty-five million going once!”

“Thirty-five million going twice!”

“Thirty-five million…”

In the last few seconds, Cheng Yan raised his placard. His melodious voice echoed across the stage.

“50 million!”

He didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Was 50 million nothing to him?

Qin Hao, who had been sitting at the side, couldn’t help but glance at his old friend. His jaw dropped. He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t find it in himself to mouth the words.


The crowd immediately went into an uproar. The entire venue looked like it was about to explode as everyone erupted into gasps and claps.

The auctioneer on the stage was ecstatic. “Is there anyone who wants to raise the price?” he yelled, but there was no response.

“50 million going once!”

“50 million going twice!”

“50 million going thrice!”

“Sold! The lady’s watch now belongs to the young gentleman. Is there anything you want to say, dear sir?”

The host was filled with smiles.

“I want to donate this watch in Miss Yao Tang’s name. I hope that the amount will help millions.”

Cheng Yan smiled.

“All right! All the money would be donated in Miss Yao Tang’s name!” He clasped his hands together. “Thank you, Sir, for your contribution to the Charity Gala.”

“Everyone, please give a warm applause to this gentleman in the front.”

The venue erupted into another thunderous applause.


As soon as the auction had ended, Cheng Yan was already waiting by the entranceway.

He stood on one side of the road that was overlooking the view. From time to time, he’d turn to the people coming in almost carelessly.

He was staring at his phone, which showed the messages he had with Yao Tang.

As soon as Yao Tang walked out, she immediately spotted him in the sea of people. He looked extremely handsome. The streetlight only brightened his features even further.

Not far away, Sheng Ting was sitting in the car waiting for his assistant. However, when he turned to the side, he saw Yao Tangwalking toward another man.

The man looked quite powerful.

Yet, upon seeing Yao Tang, it was as if something in the man had changed. He took the bag from her hands and opened the car door for her.

There was a certain calm aura reverberating around them.

They looked quite compatible!

Sheng Ting gripped his phone even tighter when the two of them disappeared into the car. Within a few seconds, the car had already driven away.

The assistant next to him, who had just arrived, was silent. He gazed at Sheng Ting’s dark expression and lowered his head.


“What do you want to eat?” Cheng Yan handed the milk tea he had prepared to Yao Tangas soon as they reached the car.

However, as soon as her dance flooded his mind yet again, he couldn’t help but feel a little sour in his heart.

He had known Yao Tang for so long, but this was the first time he had ever seen her dance so softly and wantonly before. He gripped his arm wrest.

Not to mention that she was dancing with Sheng Ting!

He sighed. Sometimes, he really wanted to shield Yao Tang from the world so that no other man would find out about her.