Chapter 155 - A High Score of 719!

Chapter 155 of 329 chapters

Yao Tang took Cheng Yan’s words as a sign to step forward. She placed her medical kit on the ground and approached his grandmother with ease.

The old lady stretched out her hand in response.

Pressing her fingers on her wrist, Yao Tang nodded slowly. “Your body has recovered well,” she stated. “But you still must pay closer attention to your health in the future, all right?”

As she neared, the Cheng Matriarch could get a closer look at her delicate features. The seemingly roughish girl seemed quite soft and enchanting if she wanted to be.

“I heard it’s thanks to you that I’ve recovered so quickly,” she responded. “Thank you.”

The old lady observed her a bit more before pulling away, turning her attention to the man standing from across the room.

It was obvious as to whom he was paying attention to.

“I have something to tell you in private,” the old lady started. “Please take Miss Yao to the living room first.”

Cheng Yan hesitated for a moment. However, before he could say another word, Yao Tanghad already spoken up. “I’ll wait in the living room first,” she stated, waving her hand in dismissal. “Please continue.”

She picked up her medical kit and walked out of the room.

After all, she wasn’t the type to drag things out.

As soon as she had already disappeared from the stairs, the old lady turned to look at him. “I have heard that you recently took a liking for a graduating student, and even took her out to eat?”


Cheng Yan nodded.

“I also heard that this girl would occasionally partake in fights. I’ve heard how fierce she was, and how you’d often step in to protect her.”

The old lady tilted her head. There was a certain wariness in her gaze. “Am I right?”

“Whether you are right or not, I’ve already grown up. I have the right to choose who I associate myself with.”

Cheng Yan’s face was fierce, but his tone was gentle. Yao Tang flooded his thoughts as the words slipped past his lips.

Knowing that there was nothing else that would get to him, the Cheng Matriarch simply waved her hand in response.

“Just go and take her for a walk,” she said lightly. “I’m tired.”

Now that her grandson had already grown up, she didn’t really have much of a right to meddle in his other affairs. He was no longer the young boy who used to cry on his shoulders.

Ah, how fast time flies.

Cheng Yan shot her a deep look before nodding. “Rest first,” he stated. “I’ll come back to see you in a few more days!”

Without another word, he walked back.

When he had already gone downstairs, he saw Yao Tang waiting for him right by the door.

“Please don’t take her attitude to heart,” he said quickly, looking at her.

He had already brought her here to help his grandmother, yet she had been completely ignored since she got here.

“It’s fine.” She waved her hand. “She needed to talk to you.”

As soon as they got off the plane, Yao Tang glanced down at her phone. “I have an appointment in a few hours with a friend of mine,” she said. “I won’t be having dinner with you.”

“What? Are you sure?” Cheng Yan’s face was automatically filled with regret.

Upon seeing this, Qin Hao stood up. “Then, why don’t we have dinner together. Invite that friend of yours–it’s my treat!”

“There’s really no need. My friend has a social anxiety disorder She doesn’t like being in crowded settings,” she replied before turning around to leave.

Qin Hao furrowed his eyebrows. “I can’t believe this,” he murmured, before shrugging helplessly at his friend. Well, he did try!

Cheng Yan’s deep gaze followed her retreating figure.

That night, after Yao Tang and Lin Shuangfinished their dinner, they returned back to the dormitory.


Things had reverted back to normal after the city-wide exam. They all had normal classes after, with the exam having gone to the back of their mind.

However, on the third night, the teacher’s office had already released an announcement–the results had already been uploaded into their accounts.

Yao Ran was the first one to know about the news as she rushed down the corridor. There was a certain excitement to her step. After all, she had been waiting days for her official results.

She walked into the office and knocked on the door.

Luo Hua, her adviser, immediately waved her over. There, she could see a group of students who had also been inching closer to the screen. “Ranran,” he called out. “Come on in.”

There were also a few students who had rushed in right behind her. As soon as everyone had heard the news of the release of their scores, they all raced toward their adviser to check the results of their tests.

Given that they didn’t have their phones with them, that was the only choice they really had.

Yao Ran smiled and stepped inside.

Her heart was racing at the thought of finally seeing her score.

“You still remember your account and password?”

Luo Hua hurriedly gave up his seat for her, his eyes dancing in anticipation.

“Yes, Sir.”

Yao Ran sat in her teacher’s seat and entered her password, taking a deep breath.

Everyone was also waiting for the top student to share her score. After all, not only was she predicted to get the highest score, but she was also the school’s pride and joy.

They all watched the loading screen, waiting for it to load.

Luo Hua also stuck his head out and stared. Tension flooded the room.

Within a few seconds, the screen finally loaded.

The score was out!

Yao Ran had gotten a total score of 719! It was two points higher than what she had previously calculated.