Chapter 161 - The Investigation Has Started

Chapter 161 of 329 chapters

One minute had passed, and Yao Tang was still reading her book.

If Luo Hua had not been here to catch her in the act, he would have assumed that Yao Tangtruly did nothing wrong. He sneered.

As the senior year director, everyone was afraid of him. In fact, just the mere mention of his name was enough to make everyone bow their heads in respect.

Yet Yao Tang was a total exception.

“Teacher Luo,” Xi Yan finally interrupted. “Everyone had already left. May I ask why you’re here?”

If Luo Hua wasn’t the grade director, she would’ve already silenced him with her own arguments. Yet, his position was far higher than hers. As such, she had no other choice but to allow him to investigate this matter.

“Ah, are they all gone?” Luo Hua glanced around to see that there was indeed no one else.

Other than Xi Yan and Yao Ran, Yao Tangwas really the only person in the room. Yet, she still had the gall to appear disinterested.

Yao Ran gazed worriedly at her.

Even Xi Yan appeared confused about the current predicament.

Seeing that no one had moved an inch, Luo Hua walked over to Yao Tang’s side and knocked on her table. “Yao Tang, we need to search your desk and your bag,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“Based on your recent academic achievement, we have reason to believe that you have received a leak from this exam to be able to achieve the grade you had.”

Even without proof, the old man already regarded her as a cheater.

While Yao Ran appeared worried, even she couldn’t hide the glee in her eyes. Finally, the bitch was going to get what was coming for her!

Xi Yan pursed her lips. “Not everyone believes such,” she snapped. “I – I believe in you, Yao Tang, but I have no…”

Given that she was the class adviser of Yao Tang, she had practically no say in this investigation. In the end, the only thing she could do was stand up for her student.

As long as Luo Hua found no evidence, everything would be fine.

“What are you shouting for?” Yao Tang finally took off her headphones and raised her head to look up at Luo Hua.

While she appeared relaxed and casual, her gaze was as dark as ever.

Luo Hua bit his cheeks. “You little rat shit!” he spat, unable to help himself. “Are you really going to play stupid this time? If you hadn’t come to No.1 High School, our reputation wouldn’t have sunk like this! You’re nothing but a stain in this school’s image!”

“Do you really think a country bumpkin like you could manage to get full marks? Do you really think of us as idiots?”

As he was speaking, he threw the pile of papers onto her desk.

Everyone gasped.

All of Yao Tang’s previous test papers were scattered on the ground. They were test papers from her previous school before she had arrived at No. 1 High School. She had scored zeroes in all of them.

One look at the test papers and anyone would assume that the test papers belonged to an academically challenged student, not a student who had now continually scored the highest in all of her exams.

Luo Hua gritted his teeth. There was no way that such a student could improve that quickly.

She even got a zero! A zero!

“Fine, search me.”

Yao Tang casually stood up. She didn’t bother to look at the test papers that were now scattered all around her. Instead, she simply motioned to her desk.

“Ha! As if I needed your permission.” Luo Hua rolled his eyes and walked toward her seat.

She simply leaned against her desk and watched him perform his investigation.

Yao Tang glanced at Yao Ran. As soon as their gazes met, Yao Rancould not help but turn away. Her hands trembled slightly at the sight.

What was there to be cocky about?

Whatever, she was going to learn her lesson in a minute.

All of them surrounded Yao Tang’s seat.

Luo Hua took his time flipping through all the books. Besides the textbooks, he could see a pile of foreign books piled on top of her desk. At the sight, his lips curled in disdain. He also searched through all the open snacks.

Within half an hour, the search on the table was completed.

“Teacher Luo, please, when you search under her desk, you have to be careful,” Xi Yan reminded. “All of these are Yao Tang’s personal belongings. We don’t wish to mess up her belongings, do we?”

“Hmph.” He nodded reluctantly and squatted down to look inside the drawer.

The drawer had all sorts of different things from power banks to even a box of candies.

However, just as he was about to give up, he saw a book hidden under the appliances.

Not only did it stand out, but there was something suspicious about the placement of the object. His expression darkened as he pulled the book from the drawer.

It was a reference book.

It had a green cover, and there were a bunch of notes and scribbles shoved into the pages.

Luo Hua flipped through the book, and a bunch of appears fell right out. However, amongst the different notes, there was one piece of folded paper that caught his eye.

The piece of paper was formatted like the recent test they just had, but it was folded into a size of a phone. What was this? His eyes narrowed.

Luo Hua read through the paper, only to see that all of them held identical questions from the original test they had taken!