Chapter 172 - A Jinx

Chapter 172 of 329 chapters

There was no way that Yao Ran would have cheated. She was a student achiever to begin with, so it was perfectly normal for her to get a high score in the national exams.

How could Yao Tang even prove her accusations to be true?

Yao Ran was tearing up again. “After that, the teachers asked me to take another batch of tests, thedifficultylevel of which was just the same as the original exams, so I was able to convince them of my innocence. They dropped the matter altogether.”

She looked up at her parents with wide, pleading eyes. “Even so, I was humiliated. I’ve never experienced something like this before…”

She ended her words with another choked sob.

Qin Man quickly gathered the girl in her arms and gently stroked her head as she whispered words of comfort and assurance.

Yao Yuan, on the other hand, was about to burst in a rage. “That bumpkin needs to be taught a lesson! This is the second time she’s sent Ranranhome crying. It’s clear that she’s purposely making things difficult for our daughter.”

Qin Man sneered in resentment. “We shouldn’t have let her attend No. 1 Middle School in the first place. I knew it was the wrong thing to do, and nowRanranis suffering all because of your stupid idea!”

To his credit, Yao Yuannodded and sighed in defeat.

“You’re right. It’s all Dad’s fault, Ranran. I am deeply sorry, okay? But what’s done is done; we can’t bring back time. All we can do now is to make the best of the situation.”

“What do you mean by that?” his wife frowned.

How could they make the best of this wretched setup?

One should know that Yao Tang was a bullheaded demon.

Besides, she had barely stepped foot in the Yao Residence for some time. How could they hope to keep her in check when she wasn’t even here?

They couldn’t allow her to continue bullying Ranran.

Indeed, it was easy to invite someone to your home, but much harder to send them away.

Qin Man realized that she shouldn’t have takenYao Tangin from the very beginning. The girl was like a magnet for misfortune; so much disaster had befallen their family since she had come to live with them.

Back then, a fortune-teller had told Qin ManthatYao Tangwas a blessed girl, and that taking her home would ensure the preservation of their family wealth and legacy.

Contrary to that prophecy, however, Yao Tang’s presence had robbedYao Yuanof his chance at a promotion, and had even causedYao Ranto be bullied at school.

Their family hadn’t had a day of peace since she had arrived. In what universe was she considered blessed? A jinx, more like.

‘That’s right,’ Qin Manpursed her lips. ‘She’s a jinx through and through!’

She shook her head in regret.

“Yao Tang has always been at school, that’s why we never had a chance to educate her,”Yao Yuansaid, turning pensive. “I think we should persuade her to go home. We need to nip it in the bud and correct her ways once and for all.”

But what he truly wanted was to keep Yao Tangunder their careful supervision. This was the only way to stop her from making any more trouble.

Otherwise, she just might do something that was beyond their resources to fix.

“What did you say?!” Qin Manshrieked, her eyes flashing sharply. “After everything, you still want that girl to come home to us?! You can’t be serious!”

Yao Tang would only sow even greater discord within their household!

Qin Man refused to let that happen.

Yao Yuan turned to her and frowned. “You’re being too short-sighted! Don’t you get it?Yao Tangwould never dare to make any trouble under our watch. We need to keep her close in order to know her weaknesses!”

Seeing that this wife was still unconvinced, he continued, “Everyone has a weakness, don’t they? And so does Yao Tang, for sure. Once we discover it, it would be easy to deal with her in the future.”

Yao Yuan seemed oddly confident about this, like he already had a plan in mind.

Yao Ran wasn’t pleased about this development, though. Out of the three, she was the one who didn’t wantYao Tangto come home the most. If the other girl returned, it would only create an opportunity for her to win their parents’ love and affection.

After all, Yao Tangwas their biological daughter.

Yao Ran considered her options for a few seconds and finally came to a decision. “There’s something else, Dad,” she said in a timid voice while intentionally averting her gaze. “But I’m not sure whether to tell you or not.”

Yao Yuan peered at her. “Go ahead and tell me. We’re family, there’s nothing to hide between us.”

“The thing is, when I attended the charity gala last time, the finest and most expensive piece was bought by a gentleman under Sister’s name. I happened to pass by the backroom area, so I heard them discuss the transaction. I even managed to take a photo of the buyer.”

With that, Yao Rantook out her phone.

She flipped through her gallery for a few seconds and finally found the picture she was looking for. She held her phone up for Yao YuanandQin Manto see.

On her screen was a pudgy, middle-aged man with a bulbous head and a face that was anything but attractive.