Chapter 173 - Invitation Card

Chapter 173 of 329 chapters

A large and flashy gold chain hung around the man’s neck. He sported a shaved head and a suit that did nothing to salvage his unflattering figure.

Any member of the high society could tell at a glance that this man was part of the nouveau riche.

Yao Ran’s gaze grew sharp as she watched her parents’ expressions shift to disgust. She promptly added fuel to the fire. “I also heard this person calling Sister by her nickname. I’m not sure whether she got into his car after the event or not, but it was obvious that their acquaintance is far from ordinary.”

Qin Man let out a derisive snort.

“It certainly isn’t! I’ve given Yao Tanga lot of things myself, but did that cultivate any form of affection between us? Give it some time. That man will get tired of her soon enough. She’s a shallow idiot for falling for some trinket and a few sweet words.”

She turned to Yao Ranand looked the girl in the eye. “Listen closely,Ranran. You must never be like her. Don’t be so easily blinded by a man’s riches. No matter what, you have to marry into a family of good standing.”

“I will take your words to heart, Mom,” Yao Rannodded obediently. “I won’t associate with sleazy men as Sister does.”

Satisfied, Qin Mannodded and patted her hand.

But then Yao Yuanspoke.

“Ranran. You should find a way to persuade your sister to come back home, or we won’t be able to explain things to the Qin family. We need to make an effort to rein her in.”

“What do you mean, make an effort?” his wife snapped in the next second. “Do you honestly think that we can still salvage that girl’s reputation? The Qin family is bound to find out about her indiscretions sooner or later.”

Yao Ran pursed her lips. “I’m sorry, Dad, but I’m afraid it won’t be easy for me to persuade Sister to do anything. You know how stubborn she is, and she already hates me enough as it is.”

Both the mother and daughter were clearly averse to the idea of Yao Tang’s return to the household.

Yao Yuan turned his attention to the tea tray sitting on the living room table, and casually poured himself a cup.

“You don’t have to worry about any of that,” he said after taking a sip. “Just make sure she comes back home. I have my ways of ensuring that she gets along with the Young Master Qin just fine. But first, we need to have her back, or we would constantly be on edge. She’s a ticking time bomb, and our priority is to contain her and keep her under control.”

Qin Man glared at him with utter discontent. “That brat has bullied ourRanrantime and time again, and you still think you can reform her? Don’t be ridiculous! Don’t you feel sorry for our precious daughter at all?”

“Besides, if someone has to marry into the Qin family, then Ranranis obviously the better choice. Who in their right mind could resist someone so kind and pretty? Just forget about that damnedYao Tang!”

“She’s a curse to our family, a black mark to our name!”

Qin Man was breathing heavily with her impassioned speech. Giving voice to her thoughts only made her more furious than she already was.

They already had Ranranby their side, so why should they bother withYao Tang? Even if that girl crawled back home,Qin Manwould never welcome her!

Yao Yuan sighed. “All right, calm down. I’m just discussing our options on the matter, what are you getting so worked up for?”

Despite the current standing of their relationship, he recognized the glaring fact that Yao Tangwasn’t someone to be trifled with.

If they managed to get her on their side, she would surely serve as a useful weapon for the Yao family.

Qin Man took a deep breath and regained her composure. Even so, she stood her ground. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to expect so much from that good-for-nothing rascal. We should just letRanrantake her place.”

Something occurred to her then, and she excused herself to fetch something from her purse. When she returned, she was holding a pink envelope with gilded letters on the back.

Qin Man sat back on the sofa between her husband and daughter. Then, with much delight, she opened the envelope and took out an invitation card.

“What is it?” Yao Yuanasked curiously.

The card had a simple design, but its material and craftsmanship were undeniably exquisite.

Qin Man beamed as she held it up to show them. “Don’t worry,Ranran, you’re finally getting your chance! I bought this from a colleague. It’s an invitation to Miss Qin’s birthday party!”