Chapter 179 - A Sugar Baby

Chapter 179 of 329 chapters

Yao Tang mentally calculated the total cost of everything she planned to purchase.

Qin Man continued with her tirade, but the girl didn’t hear a single word.

These ramblings were nothing more than the futile barking of a futile dog. There was no need to pay her any attention.

The shop assistant looked over at Yao Tangworriedly.

Qin Man’s loud screeching had attracted a crowd, and they were trickling into the store, surrounding Yao Tangand pointing fingers at her.

They didn’t even know what the fuss was all about, and just presumed that it was a matter of a wife catching her husband’s mistress.

There was so much drama, it was ridiculous!

“If you continue down this path, I’m afraid there won’t be any place left for you in this world. People are going to spurn you and eventually drive you away!

Mark my words. Everyone is going to despise you the moment they learn of your obscenities!”

At this point, Qin Mantook a deep breath and looked down her nose at Yao Tang.

“As your mother, I can’t let you keep on living like this. I’ll give you one last chance to return home. Let’s see if you make the right choice, or one that you will regret for the rest of your life!”

The mockery and disdain in her tone were unmistakable. She sounded nothing like the concerned and generous mother she was making herself out to be.

A buzz went around the nosy onlookers.

“No way! So they’re actually mother and daughter?”

“What the heck? I never thought a mother could say such things to her own child.”

“Oh, my God, what a plot twist!”

“When I first walked in, I really thought that she was confronting her husband’s mistress. To think that she was speaking to her daughter all this time… That other girl is her daughter, too, right? Gosh, that woman’s favoritism is just outrageous.”

“Did you hear what she said, though? From what I gathered, it seems that the two girls are complete opposites. What a pity.”

They speculated among themselves without reservation, as if the people concerned were not right in front of them.

Yao Ran’s lips curled at the corners as the discussions around them grew louder.

She felt like her chest would burst with excitement any moment now.

“If you have any self-respect left, Yao Tang, then you already know what you need to do!”Qin Mancontinued, her eyes flashing wildly at their audience.

“Come to your senses and don’t disgrace our Yao familyany further than you already have!”

Yao Ran took that as her cue and took a step toward Yao Tang.

“Sister, don’t be stubborn, okay? I understand that you want to enjoy your youth, but you shouldn’t risk your future for temporary pleasures.

It may look like those men care for you, but it will only take a year or two before they get tired of you and move on to someone else.”

A collective gasp came from the crowd.

“So that’s how it is!” one of them exclaimed.

They had almost believed that the mother was simply favoring one daughter over the other, but it appeared that her sentiments were not unfounded.

So the prettier girl was, in fact, making money with her body…

Was she some rich man’s sugar baby, after all?

All at once, their pity turned into disgust, though there were some who felt regret on Yao Tang’s behalf.

Someone so young and beautiful had no business getting into such indecent activities just to survive.

A handful of boys who had initially wanted to approach Yao Tangnow ducked their heads and retreated to the back of the crowd.

Qin Man stared atYao Ran, marveling at her eloquence.

She had been alarmed by the unfriendly gazes she was getting just now, but her daughter had managed to turn the tide in their favor with just a few words.

Indeed, her precious Ranranhad grown up to be a very sensible young woman!

With this, even if Yao Tangreturned to their household,Qin Manfelt assured that their family would not suffer in the hands of the damn brat like they had in the past.