Chapter 194 - Young Master Cheng Has Arrived

Chapter 194 of 329 chapters

“Miss Yao Tang has saved our boss, and the Diamond Card is merely a small gift to showcase his appreciation. I hope that everyone here does not misunderstand her intentions.”

“We hope that you would all stop spreading these foolish rumors.” Zhang Yi spoke with conviction, shoving his hands into his pockets. “If we hear another word about this matter, Tian Run Mall would have no problem in suing you.”

As the words slipped out of his lips, he glanced at Yao Ran and Qin Man.

Qin Man froze, staggering back. Just the sight of his glare was enough for her to feel as if she had fallen into a freezing pond, and she couldn’t find it in herself to say another word.

Yao Ran had also turned pale.

With the General Manager speaking out for Yao Tang, how could they say anything else? His words were like slaps to their faces, and they could only suffer in silence.

No matter how outraged or aggrieved they felt, they were unable to speak against that man.

“Miss, I don’t think I’ve seen these two ladies from the Yao Family on the invitation list. What should I do?”

At this moment, the butler walked up to Madam Qin. His words echoed across the hall, and everyone’s eyes widened in surprise.

These people had snuck in?

They weren’t invited? Seriously?


“The Qin Family didn’t invite them, yet they shamelessly crashed the birthday party! No wonder they kept spreading these rumors. It was to divert our attention!”

“Kick them out!”

“They shouldn’t be welcomed here!”

“What kind of people are they? Decent people wouldn’t have the gall to crash another person’s birthday party.”

Everyone chimed in agreement, shaking their heads in disgust. Did they have no shame?

Yao Ran shivered.

“That’s right, I didn’t invite the two of you at all.” Qin Jing arched up an eyebrow. “How did you two even get in?”

She was the birthday celebrant. Not only had these two people crashed her birthday, but they even managed to cause trouble and spread rumors about her friend. Did they think she was some pushover?

“I…” Yao Ran trembled, looking as if she was about to cry. Her nose was splotched red, and her hands pinched the ends of her skirt.

The men in the ball couldn’t bear to see her like this.

While she was in the wrong, she still looked pitiful in that state. Would Qin Jing really take it even further?

“Who says we don’t have an invitation?” Qin Man demanded, hugging Yao Ran. She rubbed her back and glared at the young woman. “We do have an invitation!”


If the Qin Family themselves said that they hadn’t invited them, then where on earth did they get their invitation? It was strange.

At that very moment, Cheng Zhou stepped into the banquet.

As soon as he heard of the celebration, he immediately rushed in with gifts. After all, the Cheng Family had very good relationships with the Qin Family. It was only expected that he would come.

Cheng Yan came up to Cheng Zhou with one of his hands in his pocket. He was handsome, with his broad shoulders and tall figure. The two of them standing together was very pleasing to the eye and immediately attracted the attention of almost all the ladies present.

However, this whole time, Cheng Yan’s eyes were fixed on Yao Tang only, and the corner of his lips twitched upward.

The Cheng Family always sent a gift to the eldest daughter of the Qin Family every year.

Cheng Zhou was the messenger representing his family.

The women at the party immediately erupted into a ball of excitement and anticipation. They all struggled to push through the crowd, gazing at Cheng Zhou with shining eyes. Being the Young Master of the Cheng Family, he would likely inherit the fortune!

It was like a blessing from the heavens!

“Young Master Chen has arrived!”

“I can’t believe he’s here. I haven’t seen him around as much in the city.”

“If I get the chance to marry him, I’d be living the best of lives. I can have everything I could ever dream of.”

“Even the person next to him is handsome! I’d take either of them.”

Their gazes followed the two men in interest as they neared Qin Jing.