Chapter 199 - Do Not Touch Her

Chapter 199 of 329 chapters

The response he got was a few more knocks. It didn’t sound urgent at all, nor did the visitor seem inclined to afford him with a verbal reply.

Cheng Zhou finished packing up and walked to the door.

He wasn’t worried about getting assassinated, not here. This was the Qin Residence, after all, and the young lady of the house was so treasured that the place was positively teeming with security personnel.

He stepped out into the hall and spotted a servant standing a few feet away. Cheng Zhouswung the door closed, only to findCheng Yanleaning against the wall next to the door frame.

He took a drag on his cigarette and blew out a smoke ring. He raised an eyebrow at Cheng Zhou.

Despite his silence, Cheng Yanwas able to convey his sentiments.

He was not happy.

With anything, at all.

“What? Are you afraid I would have your pretty little girlfriend investigated?” Cheng Zhousmirked, and it lit up his perfectly cut features.

The Cheng familyhad exceptional genes, and their good looks were passed on from generation to generation without fail.

Even those in this lifetime were all blessed in terms of physical appearance.

Cheng Yan took another drag before speaking. “If you understand, then I see no reason why you would bother acquainting yourself with the people around her. I’m warning you, she is under my protection. No one can touch her, or there will be hell to pay.”

Cheng Zhou froze, his eyes wide.

He had been teasing just now, but it appeared that his presumptions had always been true. This was quite new, and extremely fascinating.

As attractive as they were, the members of the Cheng familywere unfortunately fickle-minded. They rarely settled their eyes on anyone, at least not to the point that they would actively ward off everyone else.

Cheng Zhou looked the other man up and down, careful not to show even a hint of animosity. He might be considered the most capable and accomplished person in the family’s current generation, and would likely inherit the bulk of the family business, butCheng Zhouknew the real score.

He was enjoying the top spot only because Cheng Yanwas not around.

If Cheng Yanhad somehow decided to stay with the family instead of building his own empire, he would surely be the golden boy, notCheng Zhou.

A slight tension crackled in the air between the two men.

After a moment’s silence, Cheng Yanturned to look atCheng Zhou, and realized that the latter had been staring at him in a daze. He looked rather silly, and it remindedCheng Yanof the little boy who used to look up to him so much.

The thought made him smile, and his tone softened when he said, “Xiao Zhou, remember not to touch her. You can do whatever you want with everything else, I don’t care.”

Cheng Yan then turned on his heel and headed for the stairs without waiting for a reply.

It wasn’t until his footsteps faded away that Cheng Zhoufinally snapped out of his stupor.

He shook his head, his eyes flashing with something akin to an epiphany.

The servant, who had been waiting for them to finish their conversation, took that moment to step forward. “Young Master Cheng, please give me your dirtied suit. We will be taking care of them. I promise you, you will get them fresh and clean by the end of the party.”

Cheng Zhou nodded and handed him the bag with a smile. Then he took out his phone and made a call.

“I’m so sorry about that, Sister Tang! I had no idea that those two would be crashing my party. Otherwise, I would have had guards stationed at the gates.”

Qin Jing was holding on toYao Tang’s arm and shaking it back and forth.

She had deployed her big, puppy eyes, hoping that they would help her earn forgiveness.

“It’s not your fault,” Yao Tangsaid nonchalantly.

It seemed as though she didn’t care about the ridiculous episode at all.

“Oh, wow! Miss Qin has actually apologized to someone, what a momentous event!”

Meng Yang sauntered over, grinning. He was holding a glass of red wine, which he handed toYao Tang. “Here,Sister Tang, it’s your favorite. I looked for it especially for you.”

Yao Tang took the glass and sniffed at the drink. Her soft lips curled into a smile.

The sight of a beauty enjoying a glass of wine was particularly eye-catching, and sure enough, a group of boys a few feet away stopped whatever they were doing and just stared at Yao Tang.

Cheng Yan watched everything from a distance.

A scowl darkened his face, but he quickly quelled his jealousy as he approached Yao Tang.

He managed to give her a tight smile. “Do you have plans after this?”