Chapter 21 - The School Bully Meng Yang

Chapter 21 of 329 chapters

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“Meng Yang, what happened?” Despite what had happened, Yao Ran still kept her composure and stared the guy down. Concern rushed across her features as she took another step closer. “Your eyes, they’re so red…”

If this were any other boy, she would’ve left a long time ago.

However, this boy was no other boy, but the young master of the Meng Family – one of the most powerful families in existence, way more powerful than the Yao Family. If she could only bear the humiliation and make him fall in love with her, then she’d definitely climb up the ranks.

When she climbed that far up, she’d have no problem trampling that Yao Tang slut under her feet!

Despite this, Meng Yang seemed indifferent to her concerns and blabbers. Instead, he sneered. “It’s none of your business. Haven’t I told you that I’m not interested? Now get out of my way.” He adjusted his sleeves.

“Don’t you know how to listen?”

“I…” She paled almost immediately as she staggered back. Her eyes misted with unshed tears, and she looked away from him. For outsiders, she looked like a puppy that had just been kicked to the side.

Despite this, Meng Yang didn’t even look like he cared. Seeing that she was still in his way, he pushed her aside and walked right past her trembling figure.

“Damn, brother Meng’s really heartless.”

“Dude’s got no feelings, I’ll tell ya that.”

“Now, the school belle’s going to cry over him again.”

A few whispers sounded right behind her. With bloodshot eyes, she turned to the students walking down the stairs. Even if they were wearing the regular school uniforms, there was something about the way they had worn them that made it seem so…impressive.

Not only were they handsome, but they were also quite tall too.

Friends with Meng Yang, they all came from rich and prestigious family backgrounds. Usually their daily activities included eating, drinking, playing, fighting, and sleeping in. It didn’t help that every single one of them was a sucker for the ladies, being players themselves.

Tears slowly slid down Yao Ran’s cheeks, and she lowered her head.

“U–uhm, sorry,” she stuttered out, wiping them away.

One of the boys stepped forward. His hands were shoved in his pockets as he regarded the girl with pity. “You shouldn’t cry over him,” he comforted. “That’s just how Meng really is. He also had a bad day today too.”

“Ah, right. He’s been called by Old-timer Luo to his office again. You know how that old man is good at giving people a lecture.” The other rolled his eyes. “Who’d be in a good mood after that?”

“Yeah, don’t mind him. He’s probably just in bad mood after the fight he had.”

The few boys had an okay impression of Yao Ran, plus they weren’t as cold as their friend Meng Yang. As soon as they saw this beauty crying, it was only natural for them to reach out.

“He got into a fight?” Her eyes widened in worry. “Is he hurt? I –”

“Of course not! That is Meng Yang we are talking about. How could anyone hurt him?”

“The other guy was the one who’s been sent to the hospital.”

“Yeah, Meng’s really not this hot-tempered,” one of them said. “Besides, I’m sure he is actually being quite nice to you. You should see how he usually treats other girls – they wouldn’t even get a chance to get near him.”

“Speaking of the guy, want to join him in the Luo’s office?” Another guy rang out, and soon enough, the attention of the gang was steered back to their old friend. Hollering, they immediately went to look for Meng Yang.

Yao Ran was alone yet again.

She finally looked up. This time, her tears were completely gone, and there wasn’t a trace of pity painted across her face.

In the Principal’s Office of No. 1 High School.

Principal Kong held the phone in his hand, as he felt his insides turn upside down.

“What? Director Cheng is coming? Now?” “Yes, sir.”

Panic stirred in his stomach as he crumpled the paper in his hand. “But it’s so short noticed,” he whispered to himself. “Could this be a surprise inspection or dawn raid?”

Upon hearing a vague answer from one of Director Cheng’s men, he took a deep breath. “Of course, I’ll get prepared right away.”

Even when he had hung up the phone, he was still quite surprised.

Although the Meng Family was the one funding the school, the Cheng Group still held very considerable influence over the school’s decisions. After all, they held one of the strongest companies in the city, and their successor also held the position of the head of the school’s board of directors. At least, for the year.

His name was none other than Cheng Yan, CEO of the Cheng Group.

Cheng Yan had actually studied at No. 1 High School. After he had taken over the Cheng Group, he was immediately invited back into the school to become an honorary special lecturer.

Three former school directors had done the same thing.

But he rejected.

“I’d like to live a private life,” he had said back then.

Now that the school had given up on this objective, he decided that it was time to come over?

Maybe it really was a dawn raid. Was it because of the teacher who had gotten sick? Was the Cheng Group concerned about the current management?

No matter what the reason was, Kong Yao wasn’t going to disappoint.

After all, the Cheng Family was not a family to be trifled with.

They were a family who should never be provoked unless, of course, one wanted a death sentence.