Chapter 210 - The Seating Arrangement

Chapter 210 of 329 chapters

“I don’t think so. I mean, hosts should be dressed nicely, right? And she looks so casual. Isn’t the conference about to start? She should’ve changed by now.”

“She’s so beautiful.”

There were a group of male doctors secretly glancing in Yao Tang’s direction. They couldn’t help but share glances.

They were quite young. In fact, they looked like they were just in their twenties.

Some may even say they looked like residents who had just been pulled out by their seniors. All of them stared in anticipation, wondering who she was.

Yao Tang tilted her head and took a step toward them. What she didn’t expect was for them to avert their gazes and pretend nothing happened.

“You can go on ahead. The 19th seat in the second row is Mater Yu Jing’s seat. The seat right next to it will be yours.”

The assistant bowed his head before walking right out the door.

“All right.”

Yao Tang walked toward her seat. However, as she did, there were a few people glancing in her direction—still, very much amazed.

Unbothered by the new attention, she sat down on her assigned seat.

Whispers erupted amongst the crowd.

“Hey, isn’t the second row only supposed to be occupied by well-respected doctors?”

“The young girl looks extremely promising.”

“She looks quite young too. I didn’t expect her medical skills to be comparable to us old men,” the other murmured. “She must be a prodigy.”

“I wonder who had trained her.”

Cheng Wei, who had been playing with her phone, couldn’t help but hear the discussions all around her. With a raise of her eyebrow, she shoved her phone into her pocket.

She was Master Yu Jing’s disciple!

Was there really any other doctor who was more amazing than her?

The older woman glanced around the room, only to see that they were discussing the woman sitting right in front of her. Who was she?

Cheng Wei tilted her head forward.

There was something so familiar about the young woman. Her high nose bridge, arched eyebrows, fair skin…she had seen her before. Narrowing her eyes, Cheng Wei looked a bit closer and gasped.

It can’t be.

It was Yao Tang!

Wasn’t she a high school student? She didn’t even know a thing or two about medicine. For someone who had not even graduated from medical school, how could she attend one of the most exclusive events of the Jiangdong Group?

Could she have relied on her good looks to sneak in?

She wasn’t even worthy!

Cheng Wei’s ears were red with anger as she staggered up from her seat. Unable to help herself, she pointed at the young woman.

“What right do you have to sit there?” she admonished. “Who even are you? Are the organizers seating just about anyone in the second row?”

The people around her began to discuss even more animatedly. Right, why would Yao Tang—a young woman—be seated in the second row.

Despite this, Yao Tang still didn’t look disturbed by Cheng Wei’s presence. Instead, she continued reading the report, turning a page.

The older woman sputtered in outrage.

“Hey, you!” she called one of the organizers before pointing at the girl. “Why is the girl sitting next to my Master’s seat? Did you invite him over just to insult him?”

“I…” The organizer immediately hurried over. Cheng Wei truly shouldn’t be provoked, being Yu Jing’s last disciple. He couldn’t afford to offend her.

He walked over to Yao Tang and bowed his head. “Miss, do you mind handing us your admission card?” he asked. “We’ll check the seat you’ve been assigned to.”