Chapter 215 - Dragged Outside

Chapter 215 of 329 chapters

Someone from the crowd clicked their tongue. “Well, this is unexpected.”

“It all makes sense now. So she was expelled from the sect.”

“I mean, even her conduct just now was totally improper. Cheng Weiwas targeting this young lady, and she purposely misled us about the situation.”

“She must have done something wrong, right? She used to be so arrogant when she was under Dr. Yu’s protection. It always puzzled me, because I believe that one must have a pleasant temper in order to be a good doctor.”

Each word was like a dagger plunging into Cheng Wei’s heart. Her face was burning with humiliation. This time, she fully acknowledged her need to escape.

Just then, a phone rang, startling everyone. One of the security guards answered his phone and engaged in a brief, murmured conversation.

After hanging up, he pointed at Cheng Weiand shouted, “Director Jiang wants us to drag her out! She isn’t allowed here.”

The security team instantly rushed forward and surrounded Cheng Wei. Two of the guards grabbed each of her arms and began to pull her towards the door.

“Yao Tang!” she screeched as she went. “Just you wait! I will get you for this, or my last name isn’t Cheng!”

She flailed and screamed as she was dragged away.

A few people flinched at the vicious glares she was throwing at Yao Tang. Gone was the demureCheng Weithey knew; at the moment, she was no different from a fish vendor getting into a brawl at the market.

It took the guards all of two minutes to throw her out of the conference hall.

Once she was gone, the crowd turned to look at Yao Tangwith renewed expressions. Those who had previously ridiculed her sank into their seats and lowered their heads in a mix of shame and fear.

For all they knew, the guards might drag them out next.

Yao Tang narrowed her eyes atYu Jing. “Hmm,” was all she said before she headed to her seat. She plopped down and began flipping through the report that had been placed on the table earlier.

Yu Jing sighed, then trudged back to the stage with his shoulders slumped. He still had to give an opening speech, after all.

He felt as though dealing with his errant pupil had somehow sucked the life out of him. Yu Jingresolved to be more careful in choosing his people in the future. He certainly couldn’t take anotherCheng Weiunder his wing.

With all of this said, however, the best he could hope for was that he would be able to redeem himself in his master’s eyes.

Yu Jing took the microphone and delivered his speech, and the conference commenced as originally planned.

The guards dragged Cheng Wei all the way to the entrance of the building, where they all but threw her to the ground.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also whipped out their batons and glared at her in silent threat.

Liu Liang jogged over. Apparently, he had been following her all this time. “I’m awfully sorry about this, Miss Cheng. We are only following instructions from the higher-ups. I assure you that I am not a part of this. It was CEO Jiang himself who contacted the head of the security department. There is nothing that a minor director like myself can do about it.”

He apologized profusely and offered Cheng Weiseveral bows. “Please, allow me to treat you to a meal to make up for it. Why don’t you call me when you have some free time?”

Cheng Wei scoffed and patted the dirt out of her dress. “TheJiangdong Grouphas really gone too far this time! Who do you think you are to insult someone from theCheng family? Let’s see if you don’t end up groveling at my feet one day, begging for forgiveness!”

With one last glare at the two guards, she turned on her heel and stomped out into the driveway.

“Miss? How come you’re leaving so early?” the chauffeur asked as she approached.

He had spotted her striding through the doors, so he had hurriedly jumped out of the car to assist her.

This prissy young lady was not easy to serve.

If it weren’t for the handsome salary, then he wouldn’t work another day at this job. As it was, the Cheng familypaid their personal drivers several times more than any other organization out there.

“What does it have to do with you?” Cheng Weisnapped. “Just do your job and stay out of my business! Now get in the car and drive me home!”

She was visibly fuming. She forcibly opened the door to the backseat and slammed it shut once she was inside.

The poor chauffeur rubbed his nose and pressed his lips together.

He quickly got in the car and started the engine. Soon enough, they were speeding away from the conference hall and out into the highway.